Respite care, or a short-term stay as it is also known, is provided across our Excelcare homes for people who find themselves in a variety of different situations.

Ranging from stays of a week or two to a few months, people on a respite stay receive a warm welcome from our kind and friendly team members, and support to settle into the home as quickly as possible.

Risk assessments carried out during the pre-admission period inform us of the needs of the person, coupled with our use of technology, and detailed admissions process, ensure we are able to deliver person-centred care and provide a safe, enjoyable and comfortable stay.

The type and quality of care, and access to a range of new opportunities to socialise, take part in activities and events, and enjoy lovely homecooked foods during mealtimes, is no different from our long-term, permanent residents. All that differs with respite care is how long someone stays with us.

We have care homes which are able to provide a variety of residential care, residential dementia care, nursing care, nursing dementia care and end of life care. Some of the homes have places which can be pre-booked in advance, and others which are able to provide respite care if and when they have a place available.

Short-term stays mean loved ones, who are often the main carer, are able to take a much-needed break to rest and rejuvenate, have time to see to their own health needs, or have adaptations and work done to their home whilst we provide 24/7 care for the individual who needs support.

Respite care is also an option for people following a hospital stay. It can be a great option to give them time and support from our dedicated team, to recuperate and regain some of their independence, whilst a community care package is put in place or until their needs have reduced so their carer can cope looking after them at home again.

It enables them to stay in a warm, homely environment and spend their time in a more suitable and appropriate setting rather than remaining in a hospital when they no longer need the specialist care of an acute team. 

Or indeed, others prefer to initially join us for a short-stay, prior to them moving into the care home permanently. This approach enables an individual, and their loved ones, to get a real feel for what it’s like living in one of our homes and how they will settle in, before committing to moving in there long-term.