We understand the difficulties faced when you need to look for nursing care for a loved one who is often in a hospital needing to move into a nursing care home, or indeed is already in a care home which can no longer meet their needs.Excelcare-Types-of-Care-Nursing-Care-Inside-Image.jpg

Our trained teams across our care homes are dedicated to making your search for the right home, worthy of caring for that important person in your life, as smooth and easy as possible. 

Within our homely nursing suites, we have qualified and skilled team members who provide care and support to people whose conditions require the specialist care of registered nurses. Support for complex health needs can include specialist medication administration and clinical procedures, as well as the careful monitoring of vital health statistics to enable early intervention and proactive management of someone’s diagnosis. Some of our care homes also provide specialist care for people with nursing needs who are also living with dementia and therefore offer nursing dementia care.

Supporting our registered nurses are a team of carers and support staff who provide help with other crucial elements of someone’s life within our homes such as personal care, accessing a range of activities and hobbies, laundry, cleaning and our homecooked meals.

Our nursing care suites include various specialist equipment to support independence and dignity such as profile beds and special mattresses which help with comfort and ease of getting in and out of bed, as well as hoists to support with mobility and continued access to the rest of the home.

Within all our care homes, we support residents to retain as much independence as possible, ensuring everyone has a voice on how the service is run and leads a high quality of life. This is achieved in partnership with friends and family, other health care professionals, by accessing advocacy services and by providing information in an accessible way. We are focused on nurturing strong relationships and bonds with the special people we care for, as well as those people who are important in their lives, enabling us to deliver person-centred care and provide a wealth of opportunities to enjoy every day.