Our dedicated teams at our care homes provide gentle and kind care to every individual who lives with us and compassionate support to their loved ones. This is acutely evident when someone is receiving end of life care.

Drawing from their own experiences of losing people they love, as well as our on-going training and existing expertise, such as our Gold Standards Framework accreditations in many of our homes, our team members provide high-quality, compassionate end of life care.

We believe, wherever possible, it is essential as part of our advanced care planning, to also prepare for end of life as it gives people the opportunity to voice what they want to happen. Whilst we understand it can be a very emotive and difficult thing to consider and discuss, we are here to help during those conversations with loved ones. 

Discussing what someone want to happen, where they would ideally like to be, who they want to see, and what they want to happen to them once they have passed, gives us important knowledge which then enables us, in partnership with other professionals, to do all we can to meet those wishes when the time comes.

We appreciate the importance of supporting friends and family, enabling them to still play an active role in their loved one’s life right to the very end, and providing emotional comfort to everyone during the extremely difficult time. 

Throughout someone’s time with us, our focus is on giving people a voice, respecting their wishes and rights, and providing high-quality care and support which enables them to live a comfortable, happy and fulfilling life as well as a dignified death where their wishes were respected.