Windsor SMILE Team bring the races to Lime Court Care Home

The Windsor Learning Community “SMILE” team at Harwich and Dovercourt High School took a trip to Lime Court Care Home this week to take part in a ‘Horseracing afternoon’ with residents.

The set up was simple – roll the dice and move your horse that many spaces towards the end on the track until a winner crossed the finish line. The race was tense with some friendly competition involved but number 2 ‘Wonkey’ ended up surpassing his name and finishing the race first.

This wasn’t the biggest highlight for residents though, as communicating with young people in the local community and finding out about their ambitions and goals really brightens their day. It also helps to give residents a greater sense of purpose as they pass on knowledge and advice they have learnt throughout their life. This really helps to connect the community and positive experiences like this are attracting other schools in the region to take up similar schemes.