Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide personalised care and support to people who live and work in our services

  • Family values
  • Dignity and care
  • Respect and equality
  • Quality of life
  • Recognition and reward
  • Clean, safe environments
  • Investment in our staff

In Practice

We believe that an enhanced quality of life applies to everyone who lives or works in all of our services. In order to realise these values, people are made aware of them as soon as they come through our doors.

Everyone is respected as an individual with different experiences, wishes and needs. This applies to people who use our services, people who work in our Care Homes, supporting people units, homecare and in our offices.

This culture of respect can be felt from our Corporate Management Team through to our support and care workers. We believe that people who feel valued are happier and create positive environments in which to give and receive care.

Everyone has a say in the way our services are managed from the people who use them to the staff that audit them. We are totally committed to providing a quality service based on family values.