Sweyne Court residents enjoy some indoor gardening

The residents and their relatives at Sweyne Court Care Home have recently requested to take part in more gardening activities. With Winter in full swing and the weather getting colder, team members have been looking for ways to bring the activity inside and give residents something to be responsible for.

During their search, they stumbled across an indoor flower pack. This ticked all the boxes as it initially engages residents by asking them to build the garden, before planting the seeds provided. The garden set is small and manageable, making it perfect for the residents to keep in their rooms and look after.

Residents love gardening as it’s a calming activity that always boosts wellbeing. It’s also rewarding as after planting the seeds and spending time looking after them, they’re left with a beautiful and colourful display.

Pauline is one of the residents at Sweyne Court who is taking part in this activity and said she had great fun building the set with team members. She also enjoyed planting seeds and alongside others, has been encouraged to look after it in her room. Pauline was happy that she had something new to take care of and has left it growing on her window sill alongside some other treasured possessions.

This has been really enjoyable for the residents and very self-fulfilling, as they now have something they can personally look after on a daily basis. This will also give individuals something they can do from the comfort of their bedroom when they want some time to themselves.

We look forward to watching the seeds grow and witnessing the positive impact this has on the people of Sweyne Court.