The Sign Shop provides helpful environments for Excelcare Homes

In care homes across the Excelcare group, it’s important that the residents feel safe, secure and are encouraged to maintain their independence. Whether it’s washing up their own plate or choosing an activity for the day, these little things help to better the lives of people in our care.

However, residents who live with dementia can sometimes feel confused, disorientated or see the world differently. Team members are trained to help these residents find their way around, calm anxiety and enable them to live well, but it’s also important to encourage them to maintain their independence where possible.

To help people find their way around, we have implemented a helpful environment in each care home. One of the ways in which this has been done is through installing clear and effective types of signage, depending on its purpose.

To help deliver this accurately and consistently in Excelcare care homes, we have partnered with The Sign Shop.

The Sign Shop is a company that offer professional signage solutions to care homes and other organisations. Their approach is grounded in research and they know the best and most effective ways of communicating to people and those who live with different conditions.

They have recently launched a brand new division, specifically targeted at providing unique and interesting signage options to care homes in the UK. To discuss the new opportunities and offerings this has opened up, we spoke to Jamie, Owner and Managing Director at The Sign Shop.

“We first started the sign company in 1997, so have been operating for over 20 years. We cover a range of different types of commercial signage, office branding, vehicle signwriting and much more.


Most recently, we have launched a new, dedicated strand of our company that specifically aims at delivering effective signage displays to care home in the UK. We have a number of years’ experience creating and installing signage in care homes and wanted to have a separate focus on this as it’s so important and we recognise the correct signage can change a person’s life.


Our signage displays are also backed with research and case studies so we know they work. Our standard signs for care homes are round in shape and have a yellow background with black text laid on top. This type of sign has been proven to be most effective when communicating to people living with dementia.


We also produce encapsulating room and door themes, creating a more engaging and colourful display. This type of signage uses familiar pictures, icons and simple wording – meaning it serves a very clear purpose, whilst also making the wall brighter and more vibrant. This really help to transform a space and eases wayfinding, whilst enabling independence.”

The Sign Company has increased the independence of residents in our care, but also helped to transform and re-invent spaces within our care homes. We’ve seen the resident’s reactions when they see and instantly understand the function of each room – making their lives and the lives of team members just that little bit easier.

The Sign Shop has recently supported us with the interior refurbishment at our Park Avenue Care Home in Bromley and both the Manager and our interior project coordinator feedback on the professionalism and support provided by Jamie and his team. They helped to ensure the changes happened smoothly and without disturbance to the residents.

If you, or any organisation you may know could benefit from some updated and effective signage options, we recommend getting in touch with .