Sherrell House residents go to tea with the Mad Hatter

The residents, friends and relatives of Sherrell House Care Home celebrated Silver Sunday in style this week by hosting a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Excited for the day ahead, residents helped team members to decorate the pub lounge with balloons and sparkly items. With everyone helping out, the lounge was looking tea party-ready in no time!

To fit the theme of ‘Silver Sunday’, the tea party had a silver dress code meaning residents could fully immerse themselves in the activity. Music, games and a buffet had been set-up with special guest, Mrs Hatter, to provide a twist to the usual tea party which everyone enjoyed. The whole group were impressed with Mrs Hatter’s outfit and you could really see the effort the team and residents had put in to make this a success.

As the music played, residents began taking part in different activities with their friends. Some people opted for a more relaxed afternoon, playing board games as the music played, while others were on their feet dancing with Mrs Hatter. As the day progressed, team members brought around a wireless microphone, encouraging each resident to sing along to the music and engage with the environment around them. With all this exciting activity, there was a new wave of energy which swept the care home and had everyone in a positive mood.

After the tea party had ended, residents like Kath, pictured, took the opportunity to get a snap with Mrs Hatter, helping to encapsulate their happy memories at Sherrell House.