Rupert Procter reads to the residents at Primrose Croft

Well-known actor and author Rupert Procter, visited the residents at Primrose Croft Care Home recently to read them a story.

Rupert has previously starred in hit films including, “Notting Hill” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” but more recently dedicated his time to writing a fiction novel for his daughter.

‘The Legend of the Goose Girl’ is a new folk story, set a long, long time ago. The sweet but unfortunate protagonist, Khalia, a feral four-year-old child, finds herself having to protect her beloved Geese from being captured and eaten by the despicable, Count Badomen; the man responsible for her father’s death. “Will magical rhyme be enough to fight a powerful source of evil?”

Although a fiction story, a moment from Rupert’s life inspired him to write it. He said it was down to his daughter specifically, as he went out to hunt pheasants locally and after returning with two, his daughter realised what he had been doing and looked at him in shock. He said he would never forget the look she gave him and it was enough to put him off hunting again. So, Rupert used this moment to inspire a new venture and started to write ‘The Legend of the Goose Girl.’

In his early years, Rupert attended Ampleforth College before joining the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol. He was trained by acclaimed teacher, Rudi Shelly, who taught film stars Peter O’Toole and Sir Anthony Hopkins to name a few. Rudi once told Rupert the key to being a good actor is that of story-telling, a comment that has stayed with him until this day.

With the book now finished, Rupert has been able to get it stocked in some large retailers and is also doing a tour of care homes and other institutions to read his story to them, get opinions and sell copies along the way. Primrose Croft was one of the lucky homes to get a visit and residents gathered around while he read his book. Rupert read the book with such enthusiasm and the residents really enjoyed the different voices he used for the characters.

It was great a day hearing about Rupert’s book and interesting life, the residents all felt honoured to meet him. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your stories with us; we wish you the best of luck with your book tour and hope it’s a huge success.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Rupert’s book, please click here.