Residents from Park Avenue visit St Andrew’s Christmas Fair

John and Jo live at Park Avenue Care Home in Bromley and were recently invited to a Christmas Fair at St Andrews Church. The residents welcome any opportunity to attend community events and meet new people, so both jumped at the chance and started to get ready.

After a short walk, the pair arrived at the Christmas Fair where they were shown to a table. Before looking around, they both sat there, had a chat and enjoyed a hot drink as they pointed out things they liked the look of on the stalls.

John and Jo then made their way around to look at the different items they were selling. Jo loves to read and while looking at the stalls, spotted a historic book about ancestry that she bought. She was very happy with her purchase and surprised that it only cost her one pound!

There was lots on display at the fair including a stall containing bric-a-brac. John enjoyed looking at some of the older things on the table and shared memories from his past that were connected with the items.

John and Jo both had a great time at the Christmas Fair. This helped them to get in the festive spirit and both came away smiling and excited for Christmas!