Queens Oak residents participate in music therapy morning

Every Tuesday morning, residents at Queens Oak Care Home participate in a music therapy class with Sophie, a visiting Music Therapist. The people who live at Queens Oak love listening to live music, so rather than putting on a CD, Sophie plays songs from the piano which everyone enjoys. This also encourages the residents to keep coming along and reaping the benefits that music therapy offers.

People from all areas of the care come together to take part in one of the large, communal lounges. They all take a seat around the edge of the room, relax and listen to the songs played by Sophie. Throughout the session, residents are also encouraged to sing or dance along to the music, providing a boost in concentration and confidence.

To help connect with the residents and make the session familiar, Sophie plays a mix of songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, eras that are memorable for the residents. This not only encourages reminiscence but means people are much more likely to engage with the class.

Studies about the benefits of music therapy highlight the positive impacts it has on the mind and body, as well as a person’s wellbeing. This is because classes encourage movement and thought, whilst enhancing mood through rhythm and melody.

All of the residents love taking part in this class and look forward to Sophie returning each week. Thanks for brightening our Tuesday morning and keeping the residents physically and cognitively active!