Primrose Croft Wins Excelcare’s ‘Story Behind a Song’ competition

Last month, care homes across the Excelcare group took part in ‘Story behind a song’, a competition which encouraged staff and residents to share stories about the songs that are meaningful to them. The care home that got the most amount of people on board and sharing their stories would be the winner and receive a range of different musical gifts including instruments, a music book, electronic tablet and headphones.

The scheme was aimed at showcasing the importance of music, especially for people living with dementia, to encourage reminiscence and highlight the fond memories that are held in each song.

Many people submitted entries across the regions, but Primrose Croft managed to share the most and so won the competition. Everyone at Primrose Croft had a great time telling each other their stories and writing them down for submission. It was great seeing people connect and listen to all of the happy, sad and emotional memories relating to each song.

June, a resident at the care home, submitted a story about, “I’m going to be strong” by Gene Pickney. This song reminds June of when she was growing up as Gene was her favourite artist. June said that Gene’s voice is lovely and brings back many happy childhood memories.

James is a team member at Primrose Croft, who submitted a story about Leona Lewis’, “Thank you”. James said he sung this song to his mother on her birthday and it brought tears to her eyes, so hearing the song reminds him of happy times together. He also thinks the lyrics are very meaningful and relatable for many.

After winning the ‘Story Behind a Song competition’, team members at Primrose Croft collated all of their entries and made a playlist out of them, so residents, relatives and team members can hear their favourite and most meaningful songs whenever they like.