Residents at Primrose Croft make poppies for Remembrance Day

In preparation for Remembrance Day (11th November) the Lifestyle Coordinators at Primrose Croft hosted poppy-themed art activities with the residents this week.

Remembrance Day is something very close to the people living at Primrose Croft, as many lived through, served or were directly affected by the war. Some have close family members that unfortunately lost their lives, so we always make a point of honouring the day and allowing residents to engage with it in a light-hearted but respectful way.

Using red and black paints, residents began painting their poppies. Each person was handed one each, that when dry would be used to create a poppy wreath. After residents had finished painting the flowers, they put them to the side and began making leaves out of some green card.

When everything was dry, residents then began to assemble the wreath. The group decided they wanted to put a poem in the middle of the wreath when complete, so they began reading out different poems about remembrance day, sharing their personal experiences that related to each.  After some discussion, they all decided on a touching poem – “For the Fallen”, by Laurence Binyon.

It was great seeing everyone work together and collaborate on something that would have a personal meaning to them all.

The second activity involved creating a three-dimensional bunch of poppies, so residents picked their paintbrushes back up and began painting some more flowers and leaves. Team members then helped to assemble the flowers before placing them in a vase for display.

Everyone enjoyed taking part in these remembrance day activities, as they encouraged reminiscence and honoured their loved ones that were affected by the war.

The wreath and 3D poppies will be on display for all to see this Sunday, as we honour and remember the lives of many.