St John’s School invite Primrose Croft residents to their Christmas Concert

Maggie, Mary, Peggy and Derek are all residents at Primrose Croft Care Home in Cambridgeshire, who were recently invited to attend the Christmas Concert at St Johns School.

The care home takes part in intergenerational schemes with the school, as the residents enjoy spending time with the children and they regularly take part in activities together. The school also links with other care homes in the community, so they invited residents from each home to come and watch their Christmas show. This included two other Excelcare Homes; Buchan House and St Georges Court.

As the residents arrived, children from the school were waiting outside to greet them and show them to their table. After everyone had taken a seat, the residents were offered and served drinks by the children which made them all feel special. The kids then went around to the different tables to meet the guests and introduce themselves. The residents all looked on proudly as the children took lead and made sure everyone had what they wanted.

After serving all of the guests, the show started and first up was the nursery children. The teachers told the audience that the children are currently practising for their school play next week, so they sang a selection of songs from it including, ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’ and ‘Away in a Manger.’

Next on stage was the Byron House Chamber Choir, who sang two songs they hadn’t performed before, but were very talented and sung beautifully together. During their performance, the residents noticed that the kids were doing actions along to the music and were impressed that they could remember both things at the same time.

As the children took turns to sing on stage, all of the residents were smiling and some had a tear in their eye because it was all so moving. Seeing children perform these songs is very powerful and often takes people back to their childhood, letting them relive special moments again.

When the show finished, residents gave the children a big clap and said they had a great evening. Derek, a resident known for helping out at Primrose, was clearing the tables and wiping them down. While he did this, he noticed his old friend Eddie sitting at St Georges Court’s table. Obviously surprised, Derek went over to see him and the pair enjoyed a catch-up as they told stories from recent weeks. The Lifestyle Coordinators at each care home said they will arrange for the pair to meet each other again soon.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The performances had a really positive effect on the residents and they felt honoured to be invited. Thanks to the team members from St Johns School and the children for including the residents in such a special event – we hope to see you all again soon!