Rheola care home celebrates Peggy’s 100th Birthday

Peggy, a resident at Rheola Care Home, reached an important milestone this week as she celebrated her 100th birthday. In order to make the day special, the team had invited her close family and friends to join in with the celebrations.

In preparation for Peggy’s Birthday, the team decorated the care home and it’s garden with different birthday-themed items. A picture of Peggy with a ‘100th Birthday’ caption had been placed in reception so every visitor knew it was Peggy’s special day. In the garden, balloons and banners decorated the space making it a colourful and vibrant area.

Peggy had a big smile on her face as her family and friends arrived. She has a large family and 4 grandchildren, so she was excited to see them and find out what they had been up to. They enjoyed a catch-up over tea and coffee whilst sharing stories from the past with the rest of the group. Peggy’s grandchildren then handed her some unique, hand-made cards that included personal messages and pictures. This made her smile and they all got a big hug and kiss to say thank you.

At lunchtime, the kitchen team brought out a selection of different foods they had prepared for Peggy and her guests. Everyone began helping themselves and they enjoyed a nice chat over lunch with the team and other residents.

More surprises followed in the afternoon as Peggy was presented with a card from the Queen, wishing her a happy 100th birthday. The Chef used this moment to bring out the cake and they all sung Happy Birthday whilst Peggy enjoyed the limelight. As the day drew to a close, you could tell Peggy had enjoyed every minute.