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Choosing the right Care Home for yourself, or for a loved one, is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to face. We hope that this website will reassure you, give you all the information you need and help to make your task a little easier.
With 34 Care Homes currently and a wide range of high quality residential services, we believe we can always offer the right care to suit your needs. Please look at our regional Care Homes or contact us to find out more information about:

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  • Financial Issues
  • General Care Home information
  • Nutrition
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Financial Information

Excelcare can offer a number of ways of paying for your care:

Private Care

You can arrange and pay for your own care with no involvement from Social Services.

Social Services

Your local authority Social Services departments could refer you to Excelcare. You will be ‘means tested’ and if you are approved, you will not receive a bill from Excelcare but an adjusted bill from your local authority.

Direct Payment

Direct payments are ‘means tested’. Cash payments are given to you if Social Services departments assess you as needing support in place of Social Services provision.

Councils can make direct payments to you only with your consent. Since April 2003, local councils have had a duty to make direct payments to individuals who consent to use them. Department of Health guidance says that direct payments should be discussed as a first option, at each assessment and at each review.

Individual Budget

Unlike direct payments, (which only use money from a local authority social care budget), individual budgets combine resources from different funding streams. These vary according to your personal entitlement:

  • Local authority social care
  • Integrated community equipment services
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Supporting people for housing-related support
  • Access to Work
  • Independent Living Fund

Individual budgets are designed to give you choice and control in how you receive your care package. These can be in the form of a direct payment, services commissioned by the local authority or a broker who manages the budget on your behalf, or a combination of both.

The money can be spent on any product or service that achieves the outcome specified in the care plan. Your local authority still retains the primary responsibility for ensuring the appropriate range of support is available.

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  • Approach to dementia
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