Okeley Care Home help to raise awareness of Dyslexia

Okeley Care Home in Chelmsford, is happy to assist all of their team members and make any reasonable adjustments, to ensure everyone can deliver the best care possible for the residents. To help highlight this, team members wore green clothing for a week to support World Dyslexia Awareness Day, on 4 October, and encouraged people to have conversations about the challenges they face as well as the help they receive.

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that affects 1 in 10 people in the UK. It makes reading, spelling and writing a challenge and many who have Dyslexia said it has affected job prospects and caused other conditions to manifest, such as anxiety.

The Home Manager at Okeley Care Home, Shoenagh, has Dyslexia, so ensures that all team members, affected or not, feel supported not only in their career but outside of work too. Another team member, Kieran, also has Dyslexia and has been supported to develop into a senior role. With a couple of staff members affected by the learning difficulty, raising awareness about it means that other colleagues and residents can understand the challenges they still face.

The week not only encouraged the staff to discuss their life’s trials, but team members also had conversations with the residents to hear about the factors that they have to overcome in life. Sparking conversations about often misunderstood topics mean team members can constantly improve the care they provide. It also helps to highlight other small adjustments that could be made around the care home to better the lives of the people who live and work there.

After a week of raising awareness and open conversation, Kieran said, “I am so pleased to have a manager that supports me with this. It’s made a huge difference to my day at work and I’ve changed dramatically which my loved ones have all confirmed.”