17 Aug 18

Hunters Down Residents Win First Prize in Carnival!

On Saturday 11th August, the town of Huntingdon held their annual Carnival, which was themed as “That’s Entertainment”. Hunters Down Care Home took the opportunity to get involved in the fun! They spent weeks preparing costumes for the carnival, so that they really looked the part!

Hunters Down arranged a limousine and driver to arrive in style! They had a huge team of 13 residents, 19 staff members, and family. Also joining the group was a Dalek created by Pearl, the Senior Activities Coordinator at the home!

Sue, one of the carers made fantastic Bill, Ben and Weed costumes from the 1952 TV programme . Some residents in the limousine had Sooty, Sweep and Sue puppets . They loved waving to the crowd with them on their hands, and seeing the crowd’s response! Other costumes were Blue Brothers, Flapper, Witch and Lion, Magician, Captain Hook, Alice In Wonderland, and many more!.

The weather was perfect – the sun was shining but everybody was kept cool with intervals of clouds.

At noon, the procession started its walk through Huntingdon. They finally ended up at the Riverside where the judging took place. Throughout the 15 minute walk the crowd clapped and waved at everybody in the carnival procession. The residents said that it was a wonderful emotional feeling which made them all feel very special like superstars (which everybody at Hunters Down know that they are!)

When the Mayor of Huntingdon announced Hunters Down as the overall winner for the carnival trophy, there was an almighty cheer, lots of dancing and jumping up and down! At last year’s carnival, Hunters Down were joint winners – therefore they will raise the bar next year to make it a hat-trick!

15 Aug 18

Sherrell House Celebrates a 104th Birthday!

Sherrell House had a wonderful time this week celebrating a special birthday! A resident named Lorraine turned 104, so staff threw a birthday party for the occasion.

Lorraine celebrated with residents, staff and her family. The kitchen staff arranged a lovely meal, and made an amazing 104th birthday cake! Everybody got together and wished Lorraine a very happy 104th birthday.

Lorraine was so grateful – she even made a speech thanking everyone for attending, and said she didn’t expect it at all! It was a lovely surprise.

Afterwards, Lorraine’s daughter thanked the staff for the party and the residents for attending. Everyone had a lovely afternoon.

We would like to wish Lorraine a Happy 104th Birthday!


14 Aug 18

Hunters Down Receive Donation from Waitrose

Hunters Down Care Home has very kindly been chosen by St Ives Waitrose for their Community Matters box scheme.

Waitrose customers are given a token at the end of their shop to place in one of three donation boxes. For the month of August, one of these boxes represents Hunters Down! The more tokens they receive, the bigger proportion of the £1000 monthly donation they receive.

The money raised will go towards the Residents Comfort Fund, which maintains the activities that the residents love so much.

Thank you very much to Waitrose and Waitrose customers!



14 Aug 18

Sherrell House Summer Fête – 25th August 2018

Sherrell House Care Home are holding a summer fete on August 25th 2018 between 12.30-3.00pm.

Entry is free, and all are welcome to enjoy the activities.

There will be a BBQ, Ice Cream, Henna and Nail Painting, Cake Sale, Games and more!

Please come along to enjoy the fun, and meet our fabulous Excelcare team at Sherrell House!

For more information call 0208 501 3389

13 Aug 18

Excelcare Recruitment Song & Dance

Forget X- Factor – This year we held an Excelcare Recruitment Song & Dance Competition!

We wanted to showcase the talent we have within the Excelcare Family, as well as show the world how positive and rewarding working in the care industry can be! We asked our homes to send us fun music videos filmed within their care homes!

We received seven brilliant entries from our fabulous teams at Etheldred House, Lime Court, Glennfield, St Fillans, The Willows, St George’s Court and Westport!

Our overall winner was Etheldred House with their fantastic video showing a day in the life in the home. Please click the link below to watch the video:


Click here to watch the video on YouTube!


If you are interested in working with our wonderful team, please check out our current vacancies on our careers website: https://careers.excelcareholdings.com/en-GB/



10 Aug 18

Rheola Care Home’s Riverboat Trip

Some lucky residents at Rheola Care Home enjoyed a beautiful day on the water this week! The home arrange a Ladybird Boat Trip each year, with a stop off for lunch! It was heavily raining on last year’s trip, however this year the weather was perfect! The residents were able to sit out on the deck in the sunshine, before stopping off for a fish and chips lunch in Godmanchester. Everybody had a wonderful time taking in the river views!

10 Aug 18

Intergenerational Gymnastics at Hunters Down

Last Friday, the British Gymnastic Foundation brought their pilot scheme, “Intergenerational Love to Move” to Hunters Down Care Home. This is designed and run by Kim Hall who started the popular “Love to Move” gymnastics scheme 3 years ago at Hunters Down.

The new scheme brings together the elderly and infants (0-15 months) in a fun-filled environment, to encourage movement and socialisation! The residents can watch the babies playing and interact with them.

Intergenerational activities are valuable as both the babies and residents can learn and benefit from the interaction. The parents really enjoy coming to the care home and meeting our lovely residents.

Intergenerational Love to Move will be held at Hunters Down for the remainder of the summer holidays. Afterwards, it will move to Huntingdon Gym which residents are already familiar with – they regularly attend toddler gymnastics classes there. Everybody looks forward to continuing this scheme!

7 Aug 18

100th Birthday at Rheola Care Home

Rheola Care Home have recently celebrated a special birthday! Thomas, a resident at the home turned 100 years old on 7th August.

Staff arranged an outdoor tea party to mark the occasion, and the sun was shining all day! Thomas’ family were invited to enjoy the party with him outside in the gardens.

Thomas really enjoyed his special day, especially when he received his birthday card from the Queen!

Everyone at Excelcare wishes Thomas a Happy 100th Birthday.

6 Aug 18

Hunters Down Brightens Their Gardens with Donated Artwork

Hunters Down Care Home have recently received some wonderful artwork to hang in their gardens.

The daughter-in-law of a resident in the home is the founder of Lincoln Art Ninja. She is an experienced art teacher, running groups of all ages and abilities who love to create and have fun!

The idea behind Art Ninja is to leave pieces of art in places where they will be found, in order to spread a smile! The people who find them can either re-hide the pieces, or keep them. The Art Ninjas kindly agreed to donate some of their fantastic artwork to brighten up Hunters Down’s gardens.

There are now twenty-seven beautiful and colourful pictures of flowers, patterns, beach scenes and more hanging on the fences. As a result, the gardens now look vibrant and unique! Residents have said how lovely the art looks, and that they will even be able to admire them in the winter from the windows.

Thank you to Lincoln Art Ninja for their hard work!

3 Aug 18

Dementia Comfort Boxes at Hunters Down

Hunters Down have created a ‘Comfort Box’ for those in the home living with dementia. This box contains items which trigger memories and help residents with way-finding. When residents are feeling anxious, talking about items associated with past memories can be comforting.

Hunters Down have filled the box with a knitted blanket, cosmetics, sweets, a teddy bear, music and more! Sound, taste and smell are particularly powerful senses for triggering memories. Having this box of familiar items can provide reassurance, as well as promote communication and socialisation between residents. The box has been received very well by residents in the home.