25 Apr 18

100th Birthday at St Fillans Care Home

St Fillans Care Home celebrated a 100th birthday in the Home on Monday! George Norton was joined by generations of his family to celebrate his special day.

George received a birthday card from her Majesty the Queen, who had just celebrated her own birthday two days previously. St Fillans staff arranged the celebrations to mark George’s birthday. An Elvis tribute singer provided the entertainment and got everyone singing and dancing. This was followed by Champagne, a delicious buffet, and of course a cake!


25 Apr 18

Hunters Down Care Home Celebrate Care Home Open Day

Hunters Down Care Home opened their doors for National Care Home Open Day on Saturday 21st April. The British weather did everyone proud with blue sky for the first hour and then some cloud coming over for the second hour!

Staff at the Care Home arranged for their local radio station Huntingdon 104fm to broadcast live from 1pm to 4pm. The station kept the local community in the loop about the Open Day while it took place. This meant that listeners who could not make the occasion felt like they were part of the day’s events!

The Queen turned 92 on this special day. Helens Novelty Cakes from Alconbury made an impressive vanilla sponge cake decorated with an edible Union Jack flag bunting and sugar paste primroses, which is the Queen’s favourite flower. The deputy mayor Bill Hensley planted a tree connecting with the Queens Commonwealth Canopy. People living at Hunters Down have been talking about the television programme with Sir David Attenborough and Her Majesty.

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) challenge

Hunters Down also partook in the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) challenge for 2018. Everyone chose three Commonwealth countries and completed the 3 P’s challenge;

  • Provide food, which will encourage conversations.
  • Persuade folk to move and mobilise more by setting up unusual places to “visit” either within the home or in the community.
  • Post materials around that will tap into memories linked to the Commonwealth.

For ‘provide food’ the three Commonwealth countries chosen were Mauritius, Pakistan and South Africa. On the Mauritius table were vegetable samosa, yellow pea fritters, boiled roasted egg, baja fritters (dumplings), coriander and mint chutney and chilli and garlic paste. The Pakistan food table offered chicken and mince samosa and potato cutlets. On the South African table there was Melktert desert. The traditional British cups of tea with scones were of course on offer as well! There was a lot of different conversations throughout the event regarding all of the wonderful food.

As for ‘persuading folk to move and mobilise’, Hunters Down hold a weekly “Love to Move” session where there is always a lot of movement. In part of the session they go through the alphabet, making the shapes of letters and then thinking of a subject to go through the alphabet with. A couple of sessions were linked with things connected to the Commonwealth Games.

To ‘post materials’, the Care Home flew all of the Commonwealth countries’ flags. Various games and a flag quiz took place. Information about Commonwealth Games over the years was displayed for everybody to look at.

Fun and dancing at Hunters Down

Wyton and Brampton Military Wives Choir came and sang for everyone, ending their session with Happy Birthday to the Queen and The National Anthem. Everybody said how enjoyable it had been listening to all of the Military Wives singing. Sean the Banjo Man entertained the crowd with a variety of songs. He had the audience joining in by singing and swaying their arms. The Team Leader Indiana Senior is from Mauritius. Indiana showed everybody a typical Mauritius dance and many were up trying the dance as well.

The day was a great success which was reflected in the comment book that people filled in at the end of the day.

24 Apr 18

Care Home Open Day at Lime Court Care Home

Lime Court Care Home took part in the National Care Home Open Day event on Saturday 21st April. They opened their doors for the public to take part in the celebrations and meet everyone living and working at Lime Court.

The people living in the home, family and friends enjoyed live entertainment with singer Michaela Fulleylove. Everyone had a great time dancing and singing – some even got a chance on the microphone!

Visitors to the home were treated to homemade cake, teas and coffee. It was a warm sunny day, so everyone made the most of the lovely weather and sat in the Courtyard Garden to enjoy the sunshine.

Don’t forget to follow us this week for more updates on how our other Care Homes celebrated National Care Home Open Day 2018!

16 Apr 18

Ducklings at St Fillans Care Home take their first swim!

St Fillans Care Home has become the proud owners of six beautiful ducklings. Both the people who live at the care home and the staff there were all so proud as on Friday the flock took their first ever swim together!

Everyone watched the ducklings hatch and has seen them grow day by day. Everyone said how lovely it is to watch them playing in the water and having fun!

13 Apr 18

Hunters Down visit The Oliver Cromwell Museum

On Monday 9th April 2018 people from Hunters Down Care Home visited The Oliver Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon. The idea came from Hunters Down’s monthly resident’s activity meeting, where they spoke about local museums and whether anybody had been. It is so important to appreciate what is on our door steps!

Stuart Orme (Curator/Museum Manager) and Isabelle Craig (Volunteer Co-ordinator) kindly showed the group around and talked about some of the items.

Everyone said that they found the 350 year old recipe book that belonged to Mrs Cromwell very interesting. Isabelle said that she had tried the cheese cake recipe but had to scale it down as back then they cooked in large portions, needing around 40 eggs per cheesecake!

There were many fascinating pictures to look at and everyone enjoyed listening to the stories about them. The story of Oliver Cromwell’s hat which amused everyone too!


3 Apr 18

The Easter Bunny visits Sherrell House Care Home

The Easter Bunny came back to visit Sherrell House for the third year running! He was hopping around delivering eggs to the people living in the home, and although he came early to the home everyone enjoyed his visit and the eggs that he brought.

He actually thinks he is a member of staff, clocking in and out accordingly!

27 Mar 18

Banking Scam Awareness in Peartree Care Home

On 21st March, Peartree Care Home and Santander Brixton Branch came for a session of Santander’s ‘Scam Avoidance School’ launched by Santander in March 2018. The programme has been put in place to increase awareness about banking scams in over 60s. Research indicates that 53% of people over 60 in the UK have been targeted by banking scammers.

The informative session was carried out by Branch Manager Leonard Harfield accompanied by his colleagues Ana Matos and Jeyda Ayer. It consisted of interactive activities and a handout to take away, covered the tricks scammers use to reel people in, advice on how to spot email and text scams as well as covered contactless fraud and cashpoint fraud.

It was attended by people living in Peartree, staff members and visitors. People and staff said it was a very good session and that they were glad they attended as they were unaware of scams via mobile phones and emails. One person living in Peartree Care Centre said “if the banks know this is taking place, why do they allow it to happen?”

The session was made even more fun with the lovely cakes and teas served. At the end of the session, apart from having a sense of community involvement, we also left having learnt a lot more about new technology.

23 Mar 18

Excelcare Design a Card Competition Winners

Earlier this year, Excelcare held a Design a Card Competition, asking people living in our homes, their relatives/visitors and Excelcare staff to come up with some nice designs for our greeting cards for the year.

Originally we had planned to pick three winners but we had so many wonderful entries that we felt the need to create more greeting cards and also a colouring book just to show them off!

Click here to view the winning designs!

Congratulations to our winners who each received a £50 Marks & Spencer’s Voucher.

22 Mar 18

Nutrition and Hydration Week at Lime Court

Lime Court Care Home took part in Nutrition and Hydration Week, which ran from 12th March to 18th March 2018. The event aims to create a global movement that reinforces and focuses energy, activities and engagement on nutrition and hydration. Lime Court has signed the Nutrition and Hydration Charter. Nutrition and hydration is is an important part of quality care, experience and safety improvement in Health and Social Care Settings.

The care home had a week full of fun food and drink oriented activities, all focusing on Nutrition and Hydration;

  • ‘Smoothie of the Day’ proved very popular; every day there were different delicious and nutritious smoothies that the people living in the home could try.  Flavours included pineapple, mango and caramel.
  • Everyone played ‘Guess the Fruit’, ‘Today’s Menu’ and ‘Grub’ – games inspired by food and drink.
  • ‘Thirsty Thursday’, which promoted hydration in a fun and creative way.
  • ‘Fruity Friday’, where residents could use their senses to touch, smell and taste delicious fruits from around the globe.

20 Mar 18

St Patricks Day Celebrations in Essex

People living at our Goldenley and Okeley Care Homes in Essex went green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Okeley enjoyed a day of fun, music and a little Guinness. The staff dressed up for the occasion and the day was enjoyed by everyone. They had cupcakes decorated with Irish flags and leprechauns. One of the ladies living at the home said “it was great fun and the staff really made the day enjoyable for us all. I liked my little glass of Baileys!”

At Goldenley everyone enjoyed ‘The Famous Potatoes’, an Irish group who entertained everyone at the home. A few beers were also enjoyed and everyone made their own hats to wear on the day.