30 May 19

St Fillans residents relax and unwind with chair yoga session

Residents of St Fillans Care Home enjoyed a relaxing “chair yoga session” with their friend Clare this afternoon. Clare is a regular visitor to the residents who helps to enhance the wellbeing of those living there by providing a whole range of holistic activities. Chair yoga is a variation of traditional yoga, which includes poses that can be adapted and performed while seated. The poses still maintain the basic body movements of classic yoga and are highly beneficial to older people, helping them to feel relaxed and also helping to maintain their mobility, as well as assist with flexibility, allowing them to carry out their daily routines more comfortably.

Yoga sessions with Clare also provide a great way for residents to socialise. St Fillans Care Home would like to thank Clare for hosting this activity for those who live there to enjoy.


29 May 19

Lime Court enjoys activities with the Windsor Community Smile team

Students from the Windsor Community Smile Team team of Harwich & Dovercourt High School visited Lime Court Care Home recently. The Windsor Community Smile Team are a group of Year 7-9 students that aims to help bring fun and laughter to those in their local community. They joined in with an afternoon of active ball games, to the residents delight. Students and residents enjoyed bonding together over a series of games which included basketball, balloon tennis and inflatable skittles.
As the day of activities progressed, their smiles lit up the room, as everyone took part and had a chance to enjoy themselves. Also popular on the day were various chair exercises which went down really well with the students, and the residents even taught them a few games they might not have known. A fantastic day was had by all who were present, and Lime Court Care Home looks forward to having the team back again next month for a ‘horseracing afternoon’.

29 May 19

Etheldred House residents relax with a leisurely evening of bingo

There was a wonderful atmosphere at Etheldred House Care Home recently as residents enjoyed a fun, leisurely evening of bingo. They were very engaged and competitive waiting to hear the call number to complete their lines. The residents were very happy to be involved in this competition. They ended up recalling memories of attending bingo games when they were younger. Afterwards, the three winners ended up getting some prizes, which they were quite proud of. All the residents were also offered chocolate treats and hot drinks to celebrate with.

The atmosphere was wonderful, full of excitement, with everyone enjoying the activity. The residents of Etheldred House are already looking forward to their next session!

29 May 19

Hunters Down takes part in spring gardening with help from volunteers

Recently, Hunters Down Care Home took part in a blissful spring planting session with the help of generous volunteers from the animal conservationists organisation, the Lion Learners. The care home also had some help from the Huntingdon town council and some of the residents relatives.

The volunteers spent the lovely spring afternoon in the gardens of Hunters Down, cleaning it up in preparation for the summer. New plants and pots were placed inside for all the residents to enjoy. Seeds were also planted in raised beds as well as tomatoes in pots. Some of the residents helped out too while others delighted in seeing the garden getting transformed for the new season. The residents of Hunters Down Care Home are very much looking forward to seeing how the garden develops over the next few coming months!


29 May 19

Park Avenue residents delight in family trip to Polhill Garden Centre

Park Avenue enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Polhill Garden Centre recently. A group of residents decided that they wanted to head to the centre to spend the day with family. This has always been one of the resident’s favourite places to visit because there is always plenty to see. Polhill Garden Centre is family owned and based in Sevenoaks, Kent. It has become known as a great place to meet up with loved ones.

The residents were mesmerised as they looked around the centre, taking in all the sights. As well as a wide range of gardening materials, residents also had a chance to peruse through a variety of items such as clothes, tableware, books and souvenirs. There was also a butchers, a green grocers, restaurants and an outdoor play area for kids that they enjoyed seeing. At the end of a busy afternoon there was even a cafe to unwind in afterwards and enjoy some refreshments. One of the residents said afterwards, “it’s been an absolutely lovely day”.


28 May 19

Entertainer at Goldenley delights residents by singing old favourites

Goldenley Care Home residents had a great afternoon of entertainment, singing along to some old favourites from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Singer Angie Gilbey encouraged the residents to sing and clap along in time with the music. Activities such as this are a great way for the home’s residents to express and enjoy themselves. They can also help to stimulate positive emotions, and increase physical wellbeing.

Later on, the residents and team members of Goldenley had a lot of fun playing along with the use of a Kazoo. This was a great source of entertainment for the residents, who had big smiles on their faces afterwards. Goldenley Care Home would like to thank Angie for performing some of their favourite songs for them, and for putting everyone in such a fantastic mood afterwards!

28 May 19

Pony visit organised for residents of Brook House Care Home

Residents of Brook House Care Home had recently requested a visit with a large animal as the home is full of pet lovers. So they were very happy when they received confirmation that a pony would be visiting the home! It was very hard to find a visiting larger animal who would come to Cambridge but with help from one of the mental health nurses from CPFT, (Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust.) Brook House managed to arrange for Jade and her gorgeous pony Pistachio to visit the home’s residents.

The residents were amazed when he walked around the home and into people’s rooms. The visit sparked so much conversation and everyone was grinning from ear to ear including the Brook House team who were just as excited to see Pistachio as the residents were. Brook House Care Home would like to thank Jade very much for her generosity in letting the home receive a visit from her pony.

28 May 19

Zoolab entertains residents of Rheola Care Home with small animals

Rheola Care Home was visited by Zoolab recently, they are an animal handling company that is experienced in bringing in small creatures such as snakes, reptiles and rats for the residents to get to see through their animal workshops. This activity was organised in honour of Dementia Action Week and was led by ranger Chris, who was fantastic at telling the residents all about the animals and where they were originally from. There was a real buzz at the home after they saw the wide variety of animals that had been brought in.

The residents loved all the animals, especially the more unusual ones. The lizards and rats in particular got a really positive response, which also prompted further discussions from the residents later in the day. Rheola Care Home would like to say thank you very much to Zoolab, and they hope to see them make a return soon.

28 May 19

Volunteering school students give a fond farewell to Glennfield Care Home

At Glennfield Care Home volunteering students from the local school Meadowgate recently came to visit for the last time. The team at Glennfield decided that they should hand out cakes for the residents at the home, which also gave them a chance to say goodbye to all the friends that they had made in the weeks they had been visiting.

The residents have very much enjoyed their company and the students have really taken a shine to them. One of the Meadowgate students said that he “wished he could come here everyday.” Glennfield Care Home would like to say a big thank you to student Sophie for the lovely card she made for the home. She told the team that Glennfield and it’s residents meant a lot to her after only a short time of volunteering with them. Glennfield are very touched and wish them all the best for the future!



28 May 19

Buchan House enjoys a sunny visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

A lucky group of residents from Buchan House Care Home recently got to spend some of the recent sunny weather at Shepreth Wildlife Park, a very popular destination to visit. The park opened in 1984 as a refuge for injured and orphaned animals. Since then it has become a major attraction with over 100 different species on exhibit, as well as raising over £300,000 for conservation projects worldwide.

The residents spent the day wandering around the enclosures, a highlight of which was having an up and close otter encounter! The otters had not long given birth to babies and everyone loved watching them run around and standing on their hind legs, being very inquisitive. Before the residents left they had the chance to enjoy a spot of lunch with the Buchan House team. They all had a fantastic day out and Buchan House Care Home looks forward to making a return to the safari park as soon as they can.