5 Apr 19

Brook House residents have a fantastic time making Easter Bonnet hats

To prepare for the upcoming Easter holiday, residents of Brook House Care Home enjoyed decorating specially themed bonnet hats. For the occasion they were joined by relatives for the festivities. The residents love their arts and crafts sessions and any chance they get to show off their creative side. They really enjoyed putting their hats together and getting into the Easter spirit. After everyone had finished decorating their hats, they all had a good laugh and posed with their new creations. Those who were there had a lot of fun and were very pleased with the hats that they had made.

Arts and crafts and other creative projects can help alleviate boredom and keep seniors’ minds busy, and may even help prevent feelings of depression. Furthermore, arts and crafts help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration. Brook House Care Home had a wonderful day, and the residents can’t wait to show off their fantastic new Easter hats around the home!

5 Apr 19

Team Member at Windmill congratulated on completing Course

Windmill Care Home extended a warm congratulations to their staff member Precious, after the successful completion of her Senior Team Leader course. Yesterday she received a congratulatory basket of flowers from the team at Windmill.

With a grateful heart she said “I am proud and happy to have been working for Excelcare since 2012. I appreciate the love, care and high level of support that I received and am still receiving at Excelcare.  For me they are the number one company, investing in people, and with friendly and caring managers. Thank you to Josie and the Regional Team, my caring mentor Tandy, my caring manager Grace and my tutor Audrey. Thank you so much for your great support and for making the course possible. You have put a very big smile on my face.” Windmill Care Home would like to add that they hope to have Precious working with them for many years to come!

5 Apr 19

Buchan House Care Home hosts successful afternoon of Bingo

It was a ‘full house’ yesterday, as Buchan House Care Home’s Lifestyle Coordinator Debbie sat with a large group of ladies to play Bingo. This is one of the residents favourite pastimes and always attracts a large group whenever it is played. Debbie has integrated Bingo into the weekly ‘Buchan Buzz’ activities schedule, this is handed out to residents every Friday ready for the week ahead. This gives a useful reminder of when certain events are happening around the home.

Bingo in particular is one of the most popular activities at Buchan House. Their Bingo afternoon’s usually takes place every Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, either in the Snowdrop area or in the activities room depending on the size of the group. Bingo is great for helping with focus and social skills, and the ladies love nothing more than a good cup of tea and a natter over a few rounds. Most importantly, everyone’s a winner and comes away feeling positive afterwards.

4 Apr 19

Goldenley Care Home Residents enjoy Wonderful Afternoon of Pottery

Goldenley Care Home had a wonderful afternoon recently after they had organised a special Pottery Day. For the occasion they received a return visit from Matthew of Hazle’s Pottery Barn, which is based in Barleylands. Matthew always receives a very warm welcome from Goldenley’s residents, and is always eager to give a hand if needed. As it is now Spring, the residents really enjoyed decorating pottery items such as Easter bunnies and Mother’s Day Gifts!

Research shows that making pottery can help bring down anxiety in residents, as well as improve self esteem. It is also highly beneficial for arthritis, as it promotes joint movement. Goldenley Care Home says that it is wonderful to see how relaxed and invigorated they feel after these sessions. Matthew is always pleased that the residents have such a fun time getting creative with their pottery. Goldenley hope to see him make a return again soon!



3 Apr 19

Etheldred House Care Home enjoys afternoon of Cheese Tasting

Residents of Etheldred House Care Home were very much looking forward to an afternoon of cheese tasting recently. After enough residents had arrived and were comfortable, the team at Etheldred starting bringing out large quantities of cheese for them to taste. They were offered many different varieties as well as some white wine to compliment it! This is always an activity that residents eagerly anticipate, and has become something of a favourite around the home. The atmosphere was filled with high spirits throughout the afternoon with many of them chatting about how much of a variety there was to taste. Some of them mentioned how expensive cheeses were years ago, and were curious to find out about the origins of several of the different cheeses.

After the afternoon had winded down and the residents had ate their fair share of cheese, they finished off with a lovely cup of tea. Etheldred House always has a lot of fun with this activity, and can’t wait until the next cheese tasting event!


3 Apr 19

Sweet Readers programme at Castlebar has a promising start

Castlebar Care Home has recently enjoyed working alongside the Sweet Readers programme. This charitable organisation is involved with getting younger school pupils to help and learn with those that suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease over the course over several weeks. The Sweet Readers programme was founded in the USA in 2016. It arrived on UK shores when the local Alleyn’s School in Dulwich, London became amongst the first schools to take part. Castlebar Care Home residents with dementia have been early recipients of this programme.

On Monday afternoon, Castlebar residents with Dementia enjoyed taking part in activities with the students. The residents and students worked closely with colourful materials to create their own pieces of artwork. The residents made some wonderful pictures including Mosaic and Memory Boxes using paint brushes to create mixtures of colour. Team members at Castlebar have reportedly seen quite a bit of positive progress from them already! Castlebar Care Home believes the programme to have been very successful so far and the residents have enjoyed it very much. The home looks forward to seeing the pupils of Alleyn’s school make a return after they come back from there Easter Holidays.


3 Apr 19

Easter Church Service attended by Sherrell House Residents

Residents of Sherrell House Care Home were recently visited by the Gracelife Choir for a special Church service that had been planned for Easter. This gave those of a religious background the chance to sing hymns with the choir. Everyone that was there was made to feel very welcome. In between hymns, hot cross buns and cups of tea were served to the residents while the members of the choir individually went around and chatted to them.

Residents said that they enjoyed the visit from the choir and having the chance to celebrate their faith. This was especially appreciated as some of them find it harder to attend services in Church due to mobility. Sherrell House Care Home looks forward to inviting Gracelife Choir back into the home for another service soon!

2 Apr 19

Castlebar Residents take a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum

A group of residents from Castlebar Care Home enjoyed a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) this week. Some of the residents families and other volunteers also joined them for their outing. During the tour the residents explored some of the cultural treasures from throughout British history. This included many objects on display from iconic court galleries and 19th century sculptures.

The residents were very interested in looking at all the exhibits on show, and they enjoyed learning about the different items and the vast history behind them. The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s largest museum of arts and design, so there was much to see! The day went well as they perused around the museum, some of them stopping off to look in the gift shop. A few of the residents picked up some postcards on the way out so that they could be used for the homes ‘Reminiscence Memory Box’. Before the group left they had some refreshments and enjoyed the sunshine in the large museum garden.

2 Apr 19

Easter Play at Primary School enjoyed by Hunters Down Residents

Recently, St. John’s Primary School invited Hunters Down Care Home residents Jane and Joyce to come along and watch an Easter Play. This was called The Three Trees, and it was performed by the school kids from Years 3 and 4. All the children that took part played a role in the production, whether it was reading out a few lines of the story, singing solo or as a group, playing a musical instrument or even just standing as a tree. Many of the children’s parents/guardians were also watching the show, and it was easy to see they were very proud of their kids. After the play had finished, Jane and Joyce both enjoyed a nice cup of tea with a slice of cake. Many of the children gathered around the ladies to ask them questions. Their teachers said they had rarely seen the children chatting away so much before!

Jane spoke to one of the soloists afterwards and said how wonderful her voice was and that she came across as very confident. The young girl said she would love to be an actress one day, to which Jane replied “and you probably will be with your talent”. It was soon time to go home and Jane and Joyce thanked everybody and said they would love to come back another day to continue the conversations with their new friends. Hunters Down Care Home would like to thank St. John’s Primary School for inviting them to come and see the play.

2 Apr 19

Sherrell House have an afternoon of Mother’s Day entertainment

For Mother’s Day, the residents and families of Sherrell House Care Home got together for an afternoon of entertainment. Relatives and friends of the home dropped by to spend some quality time with the residents. Many of the visitors stayed for most of the afternoon so they could see entertainer Robert Jerome. This performance was followed by a buffet which was very positively received by both the friends and family. After the evening had winded down, resident Nina said that she had “a lovely time spending the day with my daughter”, and many of the residents enjoyed getting to meet each others families on this special occasion.

Sherrell House Care Home had a wonderful afternoon and always loves to see these types of events bring people closer together. It was certainly a special day, and one that will be remembered fondly by all who were present.