5 Dec 18

Amazing progress for Betty at Sherrell House Care Home

Sherrell House Care Home are celebrating the amazing progress made by one of their newer residents, Betty. During her short time living at the care home, she has gone from not engaging with others at all, to attending and participating in several activities and even exercise classes taking place within the home. Group activities like this are extremely beneficial for residents like Betty who live with dementia, to promote and improve mental stimulation. Her progress has come from the staff’s continuous efforts encouraging her to interact with others around the home.

This week, she has been able to form full sentences which is a huge improvement compared to the few words she had managed to say last week. During entertainment she also enjoys getting up and having a dance around the room with her daughter.


4 Dec 18

Exercise morning at Sherrell House Care Home

Yesterday at Sherrell House Care Home in Essex, the residents took part in an exercise class. The residents had the chance to stretch their arms and legs while playing ‘catch’ with beach balls. The fun didn’t stop there though – they also played tennis and even ended the class with dancing the hokey-cokey! Although simple, the ball games that the residents played are an ideal, fun way to improve hand-eye coordination and increase mental stimulation, this is especially beneficial to those living with dementia.

Residents loved the chance to have a sing along to old war-time songs with the staff, while also having the chance to be more active and have expressed how much they look forward to future group activities.

4 Dec 18

A festive make-over for Peartree Care Home

Yesterday afternoon some of the residents and staff at Peartree Care Home, London came together and enjoyed an afternoon of Christmas decorating.

The residents enjoyed having a sing along to some Christmas music while helping staff to put up the tree and other festive decorations. Christina and Marva can be seen working together to decorate the tree, a great group project like this is especially beneficial for those who may find it difficult to take part in some of the other activities.

To see the photos of the wonderful decorations check the Excelcare Facebook page, or click here.


4 Dec 18

Bringing some Christmas Joy into The Willows Care Home

Earlier this week the Summerhayes community Christmas lights were switched on, but despite being just two streets down – many residents from The Willows may have missed out on seeing and experiencing the light display for themselves. That is why the grandson of two residents at The Willows Care Home wanted to bring some Christmas cheer into the home.  Daniel brought the project to life after both his Grandmother and Grandfather spent time living at The Willows in the past year.

Last year he wrote a publication which explained  how something as simple as light can bring the home and the community together. Taking insight and memories of the residents from The Willows, he wanted to create a bespoke neon sign which would capture the essence of community spirit and togetherness in one word. After some consideration and input from the residents themselves, it was decided that ‘Joy’ captured the spirit best.

The light has now been returned to the home for the festive season,  where it is displayed proudly for all to see and enjoy.






3 Dec 18

An afternoon of 1940’s Swing for the residents at Buchan House Care Home

Buchan House’s very own Ryan Hornett took to the stage to serenade the residents. He entertained them through the afternoon with an array of 1940’s Swing numbers.

Music is a great mental stimulant for the residents and studies have shown that it is particularly beneficial for those living with dementia. This is because the ‘musical memory’ is the strongest memory retained by the human brain and is often held with fond and happy memories. Music can also be used as a useful form of communication for those who may usually struggle.

Both the residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and look forward to future performances.



3 Dec 18

Excelcare HQ has been taken over by small people!

Oh no, it’s the naughty elves they have managed to find their way into our offices in Bromley over the weekend! We will have to see what chaos they cause in the weeks leading up to Christmas!

Let’s hope everyone’s timesheets get paid twice!

3 Dec 18

Decorating for Christmas at Longfield Care Home

Decoration day has commenced at Longfield Care Home here at Excelcare – What better way to get into the festive spirit?

Our Longfield Elves have dug out the Christmas CD’s to start their Christmas decorating.

The Longfield team is very grateful to the team of visitors, staff and residents who have volunteered their time to help make the home look FABULOUS for the festive period.

30 Nov 18

Primrose Croft gets into the Christmas spirit!

The residents at Primrose Croft Care Home had a marvellous afternoon at Scottsdale’s Garden Centre in Great Shelford. Everyone spent the day admiring the Christmas display and all the sparkling Christmas decorations. It really got everyone into the Christmas spirit!

They spent a couple of hours browsing everything Christmassy and looking at all the decorations and gifts that were for sale, followed by a treat in the coffee shop where everyone enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and a giant slice of cake!

30 Nov 18

Residents show off their creative side at Park Avenue Care Home

On Wednesday 21st November, the residents at Park Avenue Care Home had a crafts session; getting creative by making Christmas cards.

Everyone said that they really enjoyed the activity and some wonderful cards were made to be given out over Christmas!

30 Nov 18

Welcoming our new furry residents at Buchan House

Buchan House has just welcomed three cuddly guinea pigs; meet Peanut, Biscuit & Button!

Studies show that having pets can help to prevent loneliness in seniors, cheer them up, and improve their quality of life. The residents are really enjoying having the company, giving the guinea pigs lots of cuddles and also getting stuck in with helping Debbie, the Lifestyle Coordinator, with cleaning their cages!