29 Jan 19

The Nightingale Dog Show Entertains Park Avenue Care Home

Last week, Park Avenue residents were joined by some special guests. The residents were delighted as The Nightingale Dog’s Show put on an amazing performance!

One of the residents at Park Avenue, Anita, surprised everyone when she decided to steal the show by walking a beautiful dog named Leslie around. In addition to being skilled entertainers, Nightingale’s dogs are also specially trained therapy animals which has also been proven to be very valuable to people living with dementia.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed the show as well as interacting with the dogs and they look forward to similar future activities.


29 Jan 19

Abbot Care Home Celebrates Burns Day

Last Friday, residents at Abbot Care Home enjoyed a festive vibe as they all celebrated Burns Day.

The residents sang and clapped along to a visitor, Alex, who was playing the accordion. Alex played a lovely selection of Scottish songs throughout the day and family members of the residents also joined in with the celebration. Everyone agreed that this was a very enjoyable event!

24 Jan 19

Sherrell House Residents Enjoy Physiotherapy and a Pamper Day

Residents at Sherrell House Care Home recently spent a morning enjoying a physiotherapy session. This included arm and leg stretches and stamping their feet whilst using resistance bands whilst listening to music. Residents took part in various tests such as the sitting and rising test and the one leg standing test. Some residents got one to one time to help stretch their arms and legs. After the morning exercised, the group enjoyed a well earned cup of tea! Physiotherapy helps our residents to remain active and improves overall coordination as well as building strength.

On Tuesday, the ladies living at Sherrell House enjoyed a well-deserved pamper day; listening to relaxing music while getting their hair and nails done and enjoying a relaxing foot massage and foot spa. This week one of Marion, a resident, gave staff a hand with painting the other residents nails. Marion says she had a lovely afternoon and looks forward to helping out again in the future. This is a regular occasion at Sherrell House and the residents always look forward to their treat day!

23 Jan 19

Excelcare Celebrates 30 Years of Caring

In 1989 when our Chairman, Osman Ertosun proudly opened his first care home, Bowood, he paved the way for Excelcare’s future with a very important goal in mind; to provide high quality social care services for older people. From the day Ozzie opened Bowood, our group has always delivered exceptional residential, nursing and dementia care and a wide range of services for long or short stays. Our Care Homes combine luxury, modern facilities, with elegant, comfortable environments and employ carefully selected teams of professionals who are passionate about caring for others.

It is hard to believe that Excelcare will soon be celebrating thirty years since Bowood was opened. A lot has changed in those thirty years but more importantly, a lot has stayed the same. We still hold our family values close to our hearts and we still believe Excelcare could not have come this far without the loyal support and hard work of our dedicated staff, and their drive to put a smile on the faces of our residents every single day. We will be thanking each of our staff with a gift and recognising those who have been with us for many years in our 30th Anniversary Book, which is soon to be published.

We have invited all of our staff and residents to celebrate our 30th anniversary on January 31st, when many of our Care Homes are holding open days or 80’s themed parties. Please check in with your local Excelcare Home to find out more about what they have planned and please do come along to join them!

Throughout the group, our care homes are hosting our ‘Excelcare’s Got Talent’ competition throughout January, inviting our residents and staff to perform their acts and songs for star prizes, the winners from each Region will be announced on January 31st.

We also invite you to join in on our social media competitions which can be found on Facebook and Instagram for a chance of winning a special prize!

23 Jan 19

Glennfield Residents Look Back in Time with their New Project

This week, Glennfield Care Home started a new project. Residents and staff are looking back in time; finding old photographs of their town and how it looked in the early 1900’s, while comparing the photos to how it looks today. Staff from Glennfield described how their residents have thoroughly enjoyed this activity and it has opened up a lot of conversations about different memories.

Glennfield’s aim over the next few weeks is to extend their photographs so that they have memories from each residents home town. They are planning to make this a weekly activity by adding more pictures and learning from each other by discussing memories and photos.

23 Jan 19

Boxer Tommy Jacobs Grants a Wish at Lime Court Care Home

The FaNs Wishing Washing Line is displayed in Lime Court’s local Morrison’s Supermarket. The idea behind the display is to encourage both shoppers and staff members to read the wishes and if they are able to grant a very simple wish, they can contact the staff at Lime Court and arrange for the residents’ wishes to be granted. Lime Court resident Michael, 91, was in the army and served with the Kent Regiment. Whilst serving in the Army, Michael boxed and won various championships in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaya. Michael continued to box up until the age of 50. Michael’s wish on the FaNs Wishing Washing Line was to ‘meet up with another boxer’.

Professional Boxer, Tommy Jacobs heard of Michaels request and kindly granted his wish. Tommy spent time with Michael chatting about his time in the ring. They both looked through his photos and Michael enjoyed reminiscing about his boxing years. Tommy kindly brought his professional boxing belts along to show Michael, who was over the moon to have a good look at his World Boxing Foundation European and international titles.

Lime Court would like to thank Tommy for fulfilling Michael’s wish.


21 Jan 19

Musical Bingo & Kite Making at Sherrell House Care Home

Residents from Sherrell House Care Home, Essex, have been enjoying a range of activities.

The group always enjoy their regular bingo games, and so staff at Sherrell House thought they would give it a slight twist and play musical bingo! Residents spent a morning singing along to songs and winning prizes. Everyone commented how it was a lovely change from the usual bingo games, and that they are looking forward to playing again soon!

Another morning was spent decorating kites in preparation for kite flying day next month. On the 8th February (when kite flying day takes place), Sherrell House will gather in the garden to fly the kites they have created.



21 Jan 19

MP3 Players bring Joy to the Residents of Lime Court Care Home

Our residents at Lime Court Care Home have been enjoying listening to music by their favourite artists on their new MP3 players, provided by Purple Angel Music MP3.

One of the residents who has dementia was given the MP3 and headphones as staff set him up listening to his favourite artist; Elvis Presley. They could not describe the smile on his face as he sang through each song with tears of happiness. Staff also said that it was a very touching moment for them all as a team to witness residents enjoying themselves.

Another resident, who also has dementia, was given the MP3 player and ‘Was lost in the moment as she laid back with her eyes closed’, said staff.

A wheelchair bound resident who loves big band music and was thrilled with the MP3. He used to play the trumpet in a band and has been conducting from his chair. He personally thanked the staff at Lime Court for taking the time to choose the music and has already been asking if he can listen to it again!



21 Jan 19

65th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations at Primrose Croft Care Home

Last week, Primrose Croft Care Home held a tea party for Jean, a resident, who was joined by her husband Dennis in celebration of their 65th wedding anniversary.

They met at a church hall in Cambridge and married in the same church on 9th January 1954. Dennis explained that ‘It was love at first sight’!

Everyone agreed that it was lovely to see Jean and Dennis celebrating their marriage together over their afternoon tea. We wish them many more happy years of married life!


21 Jan 19

Drama Therapy begins at Hunters Down Care Home

The residents from Hunters Down Care Home were recently joined by Rosie, who is currently training at The Cambridgeshire School of Creative Interventions. She visited the care home yesterday to introduce herself as she will now be attending Hunters Down every Wednesday to spend time with residents using Drama Therapy.

Drama therapy consists of many techniques, using both verbal and non-verbal communication to allow emotions to be expressed and explored within a safe place. Drama therapists aim to work with stories and objects to encourage a therapeutic journey. They also facilitate personal growth and promote mental health in one-to-one sessions.

Both Hunters Down staff and residents look forward to welcoming Rosie back to the home each week and getting involved in this new and exciting scheme.