21 Dec 17

Sherrell House Recruitment Leaflets

We are pleased to announce the winner of the best selfie competition goes to Paul, Linda Lewis and the team at Sherrell House who delivered recruitment leaflets to over 60 local businesses.

Well Done All, great work and good to see you in the festive spirit!

13 Dec 17

Cambridge United share memories in Brook House

100 Years of Coconuts, in partnership with Cambridge United Community Trust, continues to spread the story of the U’s to all sectors of the community, including older people.

One morning last week saw Coconuts volunteers and Trust employees visit Brook House care home in Cambridge to chat to residents about their memories of United, football in general, their lives and their memories of Cambridge.

They took with them photographs, memory cards and other aids to reminiscence, including pieces of football kit from yesteryear – goalkeeper Rodney Slack’s 1950s boots proved especially popular.

Andy Farrer, Health and Inclusion Officer at Cambridge United Community Trust, said ‘It was a brilliant morning hearing stories from the past, singing songs and laughing about old memories with the football club and Cambridge in general. We are looking forward to sharing these memories with other care homes in the local area.’

27 Nov 17

100th Birthday Celebrations

100th birthday celebrations are becoming a regular occurrence at Sherrell House and this week we celebrated May Deferry’s 100th birthday. May was joined by all her friends and family for an afternoon of fun and dancing with a classic pub sing along.

Our superb catering team put on a lovely spread with an amazing cake which everyone enjoyed.

10 Nov 17

Brook House Remembrance Day 2017

A young boy was born in 1920.
His father worked for a building firm but due to England being in the restraints of war the boy’s father was sent to France to fight for the British army.

In 1929 when the boy was 9 years old his father died in battle. He was 31 years old and was a Snr Junior Officer. His father always knew he wanted to be in the army and originally tried to enrol when he was 16. At this time the army’s minimum age was 18 so he was soon sent home to his mother. At 18 he re-enrolled and served many terms until he sadly passed away.

The boy’s mother was left without a husband to support her and with a 9 year old boy to care for. It was recommended to her to speak to the Royal British Legion to ask for assistance. During the time of war they were a resource that was in high demand, but one that always helped whenever they could.

When the boy reached 14 years old in 1934 the RBL supported him with an apprenticeship in Bricklaying which he completed however on August 19, 1940 the young man wanted to follow his father’s footsteps by fighting for his country and paying back the RBL. and joined the British Navy where he served 7 years for the collars regiment and 5 with the reserves.

The Royal British Legion played a big part with financial support and other factors for a lot of our resident’s lives who lived during WW2.

During discussions with our residents we talk about what events they feel are important in an annual calendar and everyone always agree to make sure Remembrance Day a day that is respected. We always opt to sell RBL poppies and this year we decided to have a bake sale to make more funds for a charity that has affected the lives of so many of our own residents and is still so active in supporting families and soldiers of our British Army.

Each year we try to make and display a memorial in our garden. For the last couple of years we have encouraged our residents, relatives and staffs to ‘Paint a Poppy with pride’ on a pebble which we put at the front of the garden and we feel is a fantastic way to honour the people who gave their lives.

*The resident wanted to share his story but remain anonymous.

7 Nov 17

Stanley Wilson Lodge

We had a lovely day in October when some Pigmy Goats and little Chicks visited us; the goats were so well behaved and loved having a hug and falling asleep on the laps of the residents. The little chicks were a joy to hold, so sweet and cuddly, we managed to get around to most of the residents in the home, and they all want to see them again soon.

Our local cinema (Saffron Screen) organised some days of popular films for persons who have dementia. The idea is for those in the community who are caring for their family member and residential homes to come along to the cinema and enjoy an afternoon out.

The films our residents went to see were “Singing in the rain” with Gene Kelly and “Summer Holiday” with Cliff Richard. The organisers provided a free cup of tea and biscuits before the film which went down well.

The afternoons were a success, the two films were thoroughly enjoyed, and we are waiting to see if any others will be programmed soon.

We have some exceptional volunteers who visit us on a regular basis here at Stanley Wilson Lodge and love helping the residents where they can and raising money for the resident’s fund is one of them. Kathy Woodhouse and her friends decided to provide a jumble sale one Saturday in October, in her local community and raised £684 which was a fantastic amount.

The residents were all treated to fish and chips from the fish and chip shop with some of the money, and a pub lunch to The Plough in Great Chesterford has been organised to take the residents this week for an outing.

We would like to thank our volunteers for all their hard work they provide for us.

7 Nov 17

The Saffron Club

The Saffron Club has been a hive of activity over the last few months. We have had a few days sitting out in the Garden on sunny days and watching many birds feeding on the bird table.

Members have also joined in with new activities that the staffs have devised and many a laugh has been had.

Club members have enjoyed the Tombola which has been taking place for the last few weeks, which had lots of lovely items for Christmas to win.

We have enjoyed some great Entertainment and had our Halloween party on 31st October with the ever popular, Beany singing for us.

3 Nov 17

Happy Retirement To Margaret

On Friday 27th October, Staff at Park Avenue Care Centre wished a happy retirement to Margaret Coope who has been our housekeeper for over 13 years, that’s even before home officially opened! Ozzie surprised Margaret at her afternoon tea party and joined her in cutting her retirement cake. Staff and members of Margaret’s family were all present to wish her a happy and healthy retirement, and to shower her with gifts and cards. We will miss her.

1 Nov 17

Kim Hall runner up for the Local Hero Award at the European Commission’s #BeActive awards.

Love to Move is an age and dementia friendly seated gymnastics program e, which is transforming the lives of people living with dementia. Kim Hall has been a vital part of the program’s success, and has played a big part in ensuring participants get the most out of the sessions.

Hunters Down had the privilege to piolet this scheme which helped “The Love to Move” program become a success and very sought after. With the British Gymnastic Foundation giving Hunters Down Care Centre four years of funding for the program.

In October Kim Hall, Lead Coach for the British Gymnastics Foundation’s Love to Move programme, was a very worthy runner up for the Local Hero Award at the European Commission’s #BeActive awards ceremony in Marseille, France.

The Awards celebrated inspiring contributions to promoting active lifestyles in Europe, with the Workplace Award, Local Hero Award and Education Award all presented.

Research by Age UK in to the Love to Move program found that it ‘has a demonstrable benefit in the physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of older people’, but it also praised the Lead Coach of the sessions, Kim.

Age UK’s research found that ‘the dedication of the person delivering the session was evident by her remembering the older people’s names, taking the time to speak to each of them individually. Older people attending the sessions and staff members at the residential care homes all had praise and positive comments about the person delivering the session.’

Her efforts to ensure the success of the programme to date can’t be underestimated.

Patrick Bonner, British Gymnastics Foundation Manager said: “This fantastic recognition for Kim’s outstanding contribution to her local community is truly deserved! Kim’s work through the Love to Move programme, transforms the lives of people living with dementia and their families every day; and we are so proud of the work that Kim does!”

Kim said: “It was a real honour to be selected for this award and to be in the final 3. Everyone was very welcoming, supportive and excited about my work, delivering such an amazing program which has improved so many lives. There was a lot of interest shown.

“The other nominees were very special people and I felt very humbled to be nominated alongside them. The evening was a real celebration on how much sport and being active can improve the lives of everyone from any background and age.”

31 Oct 17

Hunters Down Auction

Hunters Down held there 3rd Auction of Promise. This has always been Hunters Down biggest fundraiser and this year the biggest yet raising £918 for the residents comfort fund.

Collecting donations for the bids from local companies such as Tesco, Medexpress Transport, and Wetherspoon. Resident’s families and staff donated handmade items such as cards, Christmas decorations and bird feeder. There were also wine and food hampers, Alpaca fingerless gloves, whiskey, and even a mindfulness course, having 28 donations altogether.

At the beginning of the afternoon there was wine punch for everybody to enjoy while perusing through the auction list to see what catches their eyes to buy. The room was full of residents and their loved ones.

Peter (a former resident family member) is our auctioneer and Richard Ewing who is the Senior Activity Coordinator husband assists by walking the items around the room. Their audience always enjoy their banter and the room fills with laughter throughout the auction.

Every auction was sold and one of the favourite lots was our Elvis impersonator (Pete Webb), to come and do a private show to the highest winner. A number of resident’s families and staff collated together so all Elvis fans could enjoy the show together. This one lot on its own made £110.

The highest lot went for £130 which was 6 bottles of red wine.

The £918 made for the residents comfort fund will come in very handy as Christmas is just around the corner.

12 Oct 17

McMillian Coffee Morning

Limetree Care Centre joined in the fundraising for McMillian Cancer research on Friday 29th September 2017. We successfully held our very own “Coffee Morning” which was a delight.

We ordered our Coffee Morning Kit from the Macmillan website and off we went to get organising!

In preparation people living in the home baked and decorated cupcakes ready for the day. For people with dementia, especially those who may be losing interest in food and participating in mealtimes, an activity that focuses on stimulating the senses could provide the key to encouraging them to eat or being able to enjoy food again. For some, an activity that encourages sharing of memories related to food may be a powerful and positive experience. Baking is an activity we can enjoy together and really get our hand dirty. Baking is a great activity with lots of different steps for people to be involved in depending on their abilities and preferences. By remaining active and continuing to do the things they once enjoyed, people with Dementia are able to maintain their skills and independence longer.

Once the cakes were ready we struggled to resist them! They all looked so beautiful and tasted just as delicious. We had some home baked lemon cupcakes and chocolate cookies too…

10.30am arrived and our perfectly decorated table of cakes was ready and waiting in the reception area. How could you possibly enter or leave the home and be able to resist this table full of yum!

As the visitors poured in, the hot drinks, cakes and money began flowing nicely. Some people donated purely because it was a cause they held close to their hearts. Others because they wanted to eat some of the delicious looking cakes!

This is definitely something Limetree Care Centre would love to participate in all over again next year… And all for such a wonderful cause!

In the end we all had a great coffee break and managed to raise a whopping £100.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Pass me a cake & a coffee please!!

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