9 Apr 19

Aliwal Manor Care Home celebrates 20 years of service milestone

Aliwal Manor Care Home has recently celebrated a milestone anniversary for team member Donna, one of their very valued Healthcare assistants. She has been working for Aliwal Manor for 20 years now, and they felt that they had to commemorate such a momentous occasion. Her team gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to mark the event, and as a way of saying thank you for all of her hard work over the past few decades. They also added, “We are so proud of her at Aliwal Manor and appreciate all she does and her loyalty to the home.”

Very thankfully, Donna responded with ‘’I really like working at Aliwal Manor, I love the home and the people in it. I just could not imagine working anywhere else’’. Excelcare can’t thank her enough for her dedication, it is a testament to just how much love and care the staff members have in the homes, not just for the residents but for themselves as a team.

9 Apr 19

Longfield Care Home celebrates Mother’s Day with special meal

Longfield Care Home had two fantastic meal related events recently as they celebrated Mother’s Day and a resident’s sons birthday in close succession. Last Friday, Marion celebrated her sons birthday with another resident named J.S. The three of them enjoyed a fabulous dinner in Longfield’s music room. For Mother’s Day, Longfield Care Home had a large meal prepared for the residents. They invited families to come into the home to have dinner with their loved ones. The music room was once again decorated for the occasion, this time with bunting and flower arrangement’s in tea cups.
Residents were given a choice of beef or lamb, and the atmosphere across the room was fantastic. Gentle music played in the background as happy conversations occurred on every table. Someone said after they had finished their plate that the food was ‘glorious’. Longfield Care Home feels very privileged to be able to celebrate special occasions such as this with such a wonderful array of people.

9 Apr 19

Glennfield Care Home enjoy lunch on trip through Cambridgeshire

Recently, Glennfield Care Home took a few residents on their bus and treated them to a special trip out for lunch. They enjoyed their meal and spending quality time with the staff and other residents. They had a lot of fun and there was certainly a lot of laughter shared. Once they got to the restaurant, they loved being able to look at the different options available on the menu.

After they hungrily tucked into a nice meal, resident Maurice decided that he would serenade the restaurant with his favourite song ‘Run Rabbit Run’. This went down very well with all of the locals! A great time was had by all and a well earned nap was had for the journey back home.

These trips are very useful for residents as it allows the chance to be a bit more active and enjoy some quality time with likeminded people, as well as participate in stimulating conversation. It can also improve cognitive skills and coordination. Glennfield Care Home loves getting the opportunity to bring the residents to new places, and if the reaction to this day was anything to go by, they look forward to taking a return trip.


9 Apr 19

Goldenley Care Home residents visited by Nursery and PAT dog

At Goldenley Care Home a lovely morning was had by the residents as they received two special visits. One of these was a welcome return visit from their local nursery, and another was a visit from Val and her PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog that they have grown so accustomed too. It gave Goldenley residents much pleasure to welcome back the local nursery, particularly Tessa, who can’t always be there for every activity. But to see her smile upon seeing the children melted everyone’s heart. The children joined the residents for a fun activity which involved designing their own Easter Egg drawings. Both groups shared a lot of laughter at the designs of their finished pictures.

Goldenley Care Home was shortly afterwards visited by Val with her PAT dog Ellie. They’ve really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with the dog who they have grown to love, and together with the nursery visit these activities have brought many hours of delight for both the children and residents alike.

9 Apr 19

Easter Chicks at Hunters Down Care Home gets residents in festive mood

Hunters Down Care Home Residents got into the festive mood yesterday, by making some special Easter Chicks. Using baskets, ribbon, feathers and tissue paper, they got creative and made some cute chicks in a basket. During the activity there was much discussion about past Easter’s when they were children, as well as when their own children were young. The residents after some discussion, came to the conclusion that children of today seemingly have more arranged activities then were previously available. Examples they came up with included community Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Parties. Hunters Down residents said they just really remember the Easter Eggs that they use to receive for the holidays.

After they had finished making their Easter chicks, the baskets were put on display in the dining rooms and lounges for everybody to enjoy. The residents were rightfully quite proud of the work that they had put into them. Each of the Easter chicks they made seemed to have its own personality, which is all down to the residents wonderful creativeness. Hunters Down Care Home had a lot of fun with this activity, and the residents are very excited for the upcoming Easter celebration!

8 Apr 19

Residents of Queen’s Oak have a festive Mother’s Day celebration

Residents at Queen’s Oak Care Home had some festive fun recently, making Mother’s Day cards during their Art and Crafts session held on the third floor lounge. This involved painting, drawing and decorating cards with the assistance of their Activities Lifestyle Coordinator, Marilyn. Residents were also involved in decorating the area as well. A long table was laid out with flowers for the occasion. Not to mention a beautiful tray of cupcakes and a variety of nibbles for all guests. Finally, this was topped off with a variety of warm drinks.

The residents were seated according to their comfort and each received a red rose and a personalised Mother’s Day Card. Even those who weren’t there for the festivities were each gifted a selection of some lovely cupcakes and a card. As the fun continued through the afternoon, upbeat music was played, with a music set taking specific song requests from the residents. They enjoyed dancing and singing along, with some of them even getting up to have a special Mother’s Day themed dance.

8 Apr 19

Indoor Gardening enjoyed at Etheldred House Care Home

The residents of Etheldred House Care Home recently enjoyed an afternoon of indoor gardening. Residents coming from different areas gathered at the Cherry lounge to help each other plant some seeds for their vegetable garden. For the occasion, the staff decorated a table with compost, small pots, garden tools, a watering can and a variety of vegetable seeds.

One of the residents said that she used to own a very large garden which she had spent a lot of time looking after. She said that she was happy getting her hands dirty with the compost and wanted to show the group her own way of planting the seeds! The residents had a good conversation about the best time for germinating seeds and the best moment to plant them into the ground.

They arranged the flower pots on the window sill to get some sunlight and so they could monitor their growth. One of the residents took the responsibility to make sure the seeds were well watered. To help celebrate, hot cups of tea were enjoyed by all at the end of the activity! The residents of Etheldred House Care Home look forward to planting them in the garden soon to see how they will grow.

8 Apr 19

Brook House Care Home receive lovely Pets As Therapy dog visit

Brook House Care Home had a lovely visit on Friday as they welcomed back a friendly PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog named Mitzie. She visits the home every other Friday and enjoys interacting with the residents. She has made a lot of friends in the time she has frequented Brook House, and enjoys cuddling with everyone she meets. Mitzie visits the rooms of all the residents who want to see and pet her. Brook House loves her fortnightly visits, and in the few years that she has visited she has always managed to lift the residents spirits.

The Pets As Therapy charity was formed in 1983, their aim is to help enhance residents health and wellbeing through visits of trusted volunteers with their behaviorally assessed animals, as well as providing companionship. Brook House Care Home loves the work that they do, and looks forward to seeing Mitzie again soon!

8 Apr 19

Puzzle Completion competition hosted by Abbot Care Home

Abbot Care Home took part in a fun afternoon recently as residents set out to do a puzzle completion competition. The aim being for them to take on the challenge to see who could finish completing their puzzles the quickest. There were a lot of distraction tactics used, all in the name of fun. One resident sang lovely serenading songs, another tried to jokingly hide the picture of the finished puzzle on the box. They all had a good laugh over trying to distract each other from the game.

Abbot Care Home has said that it was nice to see residents taking on new challenges, and rising to the occasion. They had a lot of enjoyment out of it, and agreed that the puzzle completion competition was something they wanted to do more of in the future!

5 Apr 19

Park Avenue Resident discovers a love for Arts and Crafts

At Park Avenue Care Home, a resident named Ernest has recently discovered a love for arts and crafts. The team at Park Avenue were very happy about this as he has not always been present for the activities that the home organises. Lifestyle Coordinator Gladys had talked with his daughter who also believed it would be good for him to take part in more of their activities. It just so happened that Linda from Creative Mojo was teaching one of her regular arts and crafts workshops at the time. These are amongst the most popular activities taking place in the care home. Although Ernest admitted that he had his reservations at first, he was willing to take part.

The team at Park Avenue were very pleased to say that Ernest had such a wonderful time showing off his artistic skills and interacting with other residents, which helped to put a big smile on his daughter’s face. Park Avenue is glad to see that he has really taken to arts and crafts, and they hope he knows that he is always welcome to join in more activities. The team would like to thank Ernest’s daughter who encouraged him to attend the session, and Linda for helping to make him feel comfortable.