8 May 18

Ashlyn Care Home’s Funeral Appeal

Ashlyn Care Home is appealing for mourners to attend the funeral of 104-year old Daisy Staines. Daisy had been in the care of Ashlyn since developing dementia in September 2010. She was the eldest person living at the Home.

Unfortunately Daisy does not have known friends or family. Her brother, Fred, who used to visit her at Ashlyn Care Home died at age 103 last year. Staff are hoping that people will hear Daisy’s story and attend the funeral, whether they knew her or not.

Daisy lived a colourful and vivacious life, having been a keen dancer and fan of music. Activity Co-ordinator Allison Armstrong speaks very highly of her: “”Daisy was a very keen dancer, she used to enjoy talking about dancing with her late husband and looking at old photos of them both.”

“She was such a character, she had a great sense of humour and she was also telling us stories about the war years.”

Her story features on Essex Live News.

Daisy’s funeral is at 10.45am on 18th May at the Parndon Wood Road Crematorium.


3 May 18

A fundraising skydive to help make wishes come true

Care home operator Ozzie Ertosun of Excelcare will be swapping compliance dashboards for the open skies with his 19-year old son Sami on the 18th July 2018, when they jointly undertake a 20,000 foot skydive to raise money for the Excelcare Staff Benevolent fund that has recently been set up to help terminally ill staff in their time of need.

Excelcare recently rated second best in the UK according to a nationwide ranking of the top 20 care provider groups in terms of their compliance with CQC (Care Quality Commission) however Ozzie said on the 18th July they will be checking their parachutes for Outstanding compliance.

Caring for others takes a special person, it is a very hard and demanding role; along with early starts and long hours to ensure that high standards of person-centered care is delivered along with a quality of life.

Our staff are not just staff to us, they are the Excelcare Family and unfortunately at some point of everyone’s life, we come across unforeseen circumstances or very sadly a terminal illness that may put us beyond financial limits or where we would like to create a lasting memory. The Staff Benevolent Fund has been set up to give back the care that our staff have always delivered by granting them a wish from the fund.

Please click here to view the campaign on GoFundMe.

27 Apr 18

Gymnastics for all ages with Hunters Down Care Home

On 20th April,  Hunters Down Care Home visited the local Huntingdon Gymnastics Club.  The sky was blue and the sun shining as they walked to the Club, situated only five minutes away.

Kim Hall from British Gymnastic Foundation runs the “Love to Move” sessions at Hunters Down Care Home.  The people living in the home got the chance to watch and join in her Baby and Toddler classes at the Gymnastics Club.

The first session was for toddlers with their parents and grandparents; and the second session was for the babies. Kim did some structured play using different size balls and parachutes with music and movement. Then the children went on the gymnasium equipment and explore.

People from the Home joined in with the nursery songs and played the musical instruments alongside the children. The youngest baby was 5 months old and the eldest adult was 101, making it a truly intergenerational event!

Both parties really enjoyed and benefited from the session – so this will become a regular feature on Hunters Down Activity Schedule!

27 Apr 18

St Fillans celebrate Care Home Open Day

St Fillans Care Home celebrated Care Home Open Day 2018 with a ‘Right Old Cockney Knees Up’ on Saturday. Events began with the Cor Blimey show, and a rendition of Chas and Dave.  Everybody was treated to to a variety of traditional London songs, including ‘Knees up Mother Brown’; ‘Lambeth Walk’; ‘Show Me The Way to Go Home’ and more. Everyone loved joining in singing the old pub songs! As a result, the Home was filled with song, dance and laughter.

Everyone then sampled traditional London recipes: cockles, potted shrimps, pie, mash and liquor followed off by apple pie, crumble and custard. All of this was washed down with a glass or two of something!

Lastly, everybody sang Happy Birthday to the Queen to celebrate her Majesty’s 92nd Birthday. The Home was also decorated with flags and bunting for the occasion.

26 Apr 18

Ashlyn Care Home Open Day 2018

Ashlyn Care Home held an afternoon cream tea to celebrate Care Home Open Day 2018. Family and friends of people living in the Home were invited to join in the activities, so the Home was nice and busy!

The sun shone throughout the afternoon, so everybody could sit outdoors in the garden. The tables were filled with delicious sandwiches, cakes, scones and fruit!

After tea, people got involved in a bit of Line Dancing, and some wore feather boas for the occasion! A fun afternoon was had by all – it was a great way to celebrate Care Home Open Day.

26 Apr 18

Little Angels visit St Fillans Care Home

St Fillans Care Home had a visit from Little Angels Pre-School last week.

The children, aged 3-4 years old, spent time getting to know the people living in the Home. They chatted, sang and played on the piano! The children loved playing with the baby chicks and ducklings that hatched at St Fillans over Easter.

Everyone at St Fillans loved meeting the “Little Angels”, therefore they will become regular visitors to the Home!

26 Apr 18

Longfield celebrate Care Home Open Day

On Saturday 21st April, Longfield Care Home took part in the National Care Home Open Day. This happened to coincide with the Queen’s Birthday! They celebrated by throwing a regal tea party for everyone in the home to enjoy. Lots of visitors came to celebrate with the people living in the home. Anna, the brilliant chef provided scrumptious cakes which everyone enjoyed with cups of tea. The sun was shining, so people made the most of the weather and sat in the garden.

Longfield Care Home would like to thank all of the friends and relatives who made this a very special day.


25 Apr 18

Goldenley Care Home Open Day 2018

Goldenley Care Home celebrated National Care Home Open Day on Saturday, inviting family and friends to enjoy the festivities.  They had a sunny and fun-filled afternoon with everyone laughing and joking around.

Debbie the ‘Best of British’ singer provided the entertainment . She sang a variety of songs, from wartime songs to the Beatles, and finished with the National Anthem to honour the Queen’s 92nd birthday.  Everyone was then treated to a delicious buffet meal, and continued the celebrations in the lovely weather.

25 Apr 18

100th Birthday at St Fillans Care Home

St Fillans Care Home celebrated a 100th birthday in the Home on Monday! George Norton was joined by generations of his family to celebrate his special day.

George received a birthday card from her Majesty the Queen, who had just celebrated her own birthday two days previously. St Fillans staff arranged the celebrations to mark George’s birthday. An Elvis tribute singer provided the entertainment and got everyone singing and dancing. This was followed by Champagne, a delicious buffet, and of course a cake!


25 Apr 18

Hunters Down Care Home Celebrate Care Home Open Day

Hunters Down Care Home opened their doors for National Care Home Open Day on Saturday 21st April. The British weather did everyone proud with blue sky for the first hour and then some cloud coming over for the second hour!

Staff at the Care Home arranged for their local radio station Huntingdon 104fm to broadcast live from 1pm to 4pm. The station kept the local community in the loop about the Open Day while it took place. This meant that listeners who could not make the occasion felt like they were part of the day’s events!

The Queen turned 92 on this special day. Helens Novelty Cakes from Alconbury made an impressive vanilla sponge cake decorated with an edible Union Jack flag bunting and sugar paste primroses, which is the Queen’s favourite flower. The deputy mayor Bill Hensley planted a tree connecting with the Queens Commonwealth Canopy. People living at Hunters Down have been talking about the television programme with Sir David Attenborough and Her Majesty.

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) challenge

Hunters Down also partook in the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) challenge for 2018. Everyone chose three Commonwealth countries and completed the 3 P’s challenge;

  • Provide food, which will encourage conversations.
  • Persuade folk to move and mobilise more by setting up unusual places to “visit” either within the home or in the community.
  • Post materials around that will tap into memories linked to the Commonwealth.

For ‘provide food’ the three Commonwealth countries chosen were Mauritius, Pakistan and South Africa. On the Mauritius table were vegetable samosa, yellow pea fritters, boiled roasted egg, baja fritters (dumplings), coriander and mint chutney and chilli and garlic paste. The Pakistan food table offered chicken and mince samosa and potato cutlets. On the South African table there was Melktert desert. The traditional British cups of tea with scones were of course on offer as well! There was a lot of different conversations throughout the event regarding all of the wonderful food.

As for ‘persuading folk to move and mobilise’, Hunters Down hold a weekly “Love to Move” session where there is always a lot of movement. In part of the session they go through the alphabet, making the shapes of letters and then thinking of a subject to go through the alphabet with. A couple of sessions were linked with things connected to the Commonwealth Games.

To ‘post materials’, the Care Home flew all of the Commonwealth countries’ flags. Various games and a flag quiz took place. Information about Commonwealth Games over the years was displayed for everybody to look at.

Fun and dancing at Hunters Down

Wyton and Brampton Military Wives Choir came and sang for everyone, ending their session with Happy Birthday to the Queen and The National Anthem. Everybody said how enjoyable it had been listening to all of the Military Wives singing. Sean the Banjo Man entertained the crowd with a variety of songs. He had the audience joining in by singing and swaying their arms. The Team Leader Indiana Senior is from Mauritius. Indiana showed everybody a typical Mauritius dance and many were up trying the dance as well.

The day was a great success which was reflected in the comment book that people filled in at the end of the day.