7 Feb 19

Glennfield Care Home Create Fairy Doors with Local Students

Residents from Glennfield Care Home recently enjoyed an afternoon of singing and dancing with their very own ‘Jazz Man’. They were joined by students from their local Meadowgate School, who came for their weekly visit. Over the last two weeks, students and residents have spent their mornings together, painting and decorating fairy doors which will be put in Glennfield’s gardens in the hope that they have the fairies come to visit this spring!


7 Feb 19

Etheldred House Care Home Visit The Zoology Museum

Residents from Etheldred House recently visited The Zoology Museum. During the trip, the group explored the museum, learning about different reptiles and mammals, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Everyone expressed how much they enjoyed the trip and said that they had learnt a lot about the new wildlife habitat at the museum.

Once residents had finished their tour, they headed over to the John Lewis Café where they had a well earned cup of tea or coffee with a lovely chocolate shortbread. Whilst sitting in the café, residents discussed their enjoyable experience that took place in the museum in Cambridge.


7 Feb 19

Marion Celebrates her 83rd Birthday at Sherrell House Care Home

On Monday, it was a very special day as Marion, a resident of Sherrell House Care Home, celebrated her 83rd Birthday. Everyone at the care home gathered together to share the special day with her, enjoying an afternoon of singing Marion’s favourite songs and dancing with her. The photo shows Marion blowing out her candles towards the end of an amazing day.

We would all like to wish Marion a very Happy Birthday!



5 Feb 19

Valentine Tree at Hunters Down Care Home

To decorate for Valentines Day, Hunters Down Care Home have created a Valentine Tree which looks wonderful in their reception area.

The Valentine Tree welcomes any of the residents, family and staff of Hunters Down to write a message to their loved ones on a heart-shaped card as a Valentine’s Day present. The photo shows the valentine tree and some messages that were put onto it for those living at Hunters Down.

5 Feb 19

Windmill Lodge Enjoy an Afternoon of Singing and Dancing

Residents of Windmill Lodge had a treat they were visited by Guy, who entertained them with his auto-harp. The residents sang along with him as some waved their hands in the air as others clapped their hands to the fantastic live music.

One of Windmill’s residents, Trevor took to the dance floor along with a member of staff named Precious, as they danced beautifully for other residents! Staff from Windmill informed us that they had a great time dancing and singing along all afternoon and would look forward to similar activities in the future.

4 Feb 19

Burns Night Afternoon at Hunters Down Care Home

Hunters Down Care Home recently celebrated Burns Night by having a fun themed afternoon of entertainment and activities. Burns Night is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, the author of many famous Scottish poems.

The residents of Hunters Down were thrilled to hear the sounds of the bagpipes playing down the corridor followed by the chief who was carrying haggis on a silver platter. They enjoyed entertainment throughout the afternoon as Gary (the bagpipe player) was giving them a Special performance including the song ‘Amazing Grace’. Haggis was then served out to the residents, some of whom had never tried it before!

Some Scottish whiskey, ‘Famous Grouse’ was also offered to the group, who toasted to Robert Burns. After the toast, a few of his famous poems were read out as well as short History of his life.

4 Feb 19

Castlebar Enjoy Arts and Crafts with Creative Minds

This week at Castlebar Care Home, staff and residents were joined by Creative Minds; a group who host themed arts and crafts for people living in care homes. Castlebar residents were very keen to take part in the creative activities and show off their talents!

Residents enjoyed creating their own Chinese New Year themed artwork. This year is the Chinese year of the Pig. The group used inscribe pastels to blend colours together, experimenting with different art materials to create some wonderful pieces. Throughout the afternoon, each and every resident got involved with the various activities and at the end of the day, had a lovely time showing off their master pieces to one another.

Everyone who took part told the staff team that they look forward to more sessions with David, from Creative Minds.

4 Feb 19

Birthday Celebrations and Creative Activities at Dovecote Manor

Dovecote Manor Care Home have been very busy enjoying a range of different activities.

Ruth (shown in the picture) celebrated her 81st Birthday last Friday. She was thoroughly spoilt, spending her day opening gifts and receiving lots of beautiful flowers! She told staff that she was very grateful for all that made her day special.

Christine, who is also a resident at Dovecote Manor enjoyed an afternoon of colouring in therapy colouring books that her family kindly donated to the home. Everyone agreed it was wonderful to see Christine enjoying herself as she finds colouring very relaxing.

4 Feb 19

Pie Day Enjoyed by Residents of Glennfield Care Home

Residents from Glennfield Care Home recently enjoyed a ‘Pie Day’; residents sat down and tasted different pies including pork, rhubarb and apple.

The pie’s were purchased from Glennfield’s local bakers as a treat for the residents. Their kitchen staff also made a lovely fruit pie to have for pudding at lunch time. The different smells, textures and tastes were a big success and all residents commented how they enjoyed all of the different varieties of pastries. For those who eat soft food, staff liquidised the fruit pie with a fruit sauce so everyone had the chance to have a taste. Many of the residents asked for second and even third helpings!

Staff said that it was great to see all of the residents taking part in their pie day.


31 Jan 19

Excelcare; Celebrating 30 Years of Caring

A message to Excelcare staff from our Chairman, Osman Ertosun

Today marks our 30th Anniversary and I hope like me you are feeling proud of all the years that we as a family have made a difference to lives of others!

I know that many services are holding celebratory parties tomorrow and Head Office are off to bowling. I just wanted to send out a message to wish you all a great day and to let you know that token gifts are on their way to the services for all staff and residents

The real gift is for each of you to take a moment and feel proud as you are all very special, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference to the people we provide care and support to! Working in the caring industry is not a -normal job; it requires unique special people to deliver what each of you do daily, I feel so proud to have such an amazing Excelcare-family – long may it continue!

I also want to give special thanks to many of you that have worked for Excelcare for numerous years, which plays a huge part in ensuring we deliver consistent quality outcomes; your daily commitment does not go unnoticed.

Out of curiosity, I asked HR to run a report to see who had been the longest serving in the different roles that we have in the services and within each head office department and I was amazed that the results named 34 long-serving staff who’s service totalled over 500 years and so I wanted to give special mention to these colleagues below and hopefully they like their pearly special gift that has been sent and I look forward to having Afternoon Tea with all 34 in the coming weeks.

Head Office Departments / Teams

Longest-serving member of

Senior Manager

Sam Manning 25 years
Longest-serving member of the

Payroll Department

Sami Djevdet 20 years
Longest-serving member of the

Accounts Team

Mohammed Chowdhury 19 years
Longest-serving member of the

Lifestyle &Innovation Department

Sezen Cafer 17 years
Longest-serving member of the

Finance Department

Neil Whitehand 15 years
Longest-serving member of the

IT Department

Michael Caldecott 15 years
Longest-serving member of the

Income Team

Ariaratnam Sathy 14 years
Longest-serving member of the

HR Team

Osa Ogbeide 13 years
Longest-serving member of the

Business Support Team

Cherry Seymour 11 years
Longest-serving member of the

Quality, Governance & Development Team

Luminita Mandache 5 years
Longest-serving member of the

Recruitment Team

Aurore Kwedi-Seileu 2 years


Regional Team

Regional Director
Louise Jones 17 years

Peripatetic Manager

Yvette Owens 14 years

Head of Care

Gloria Read 12 years

Regional Co-ordinator

Joanne King 12 years


Care Home Team

Longest Serving
Emmanuel Johnson 20 years
Longest Serving
Team Leader
Marnette Bramwell 19 years
Longest Serving
Healthcare Assistant
Saraspadee Durmalingham 19 years
Longest Serving
Linda Coles 19 years
Longest Serving
Orica Mkandawire 17 years
Longest Serving
Domestic Assistant
Anita Buckle 16 years
Longest Serving
Home Manager
Grace Ale-Olurin 15 years
Longest Serving
Kitchen Assistant
Thant Lwin 15 years
Longest Serving
Home Administrator
Nicola Batterham 15 years
Longest Serving
Laundry Assistant
Nina Martin 14 years
Longest Serving
Lifestyle Coordinator
Susan Collumbell 12 years
Longest Serving
Care Manager
Teodor Sintejudean 12 years
Longest Serving
Jean Tyler 9 years


Longest serving maintenance team members

Longest Serving
Maintenance Supervisor
Steve Waller 16 years
Longest Serving
Maintenance Operative
Roy Hardwick 10 years


Longest serving Homecare team members

Longest Serving
Homecare Care Assistant
Asaduz Zaman 17 years
Longest Serving
Homecare Regional Manager
Kelly Tanner 15 years
Longest Serving
Homecare Manager
Vida Boamah 15 years
Longest Serving
Homecare Co-Ordinator
Adegoke Lamuye 15 years

Sincere and special thanks to everyone within the Excelcare family and I hope you all have great fun with the 30th anniversary events taking place across the services tomorrow.

Here’s to the next 30-years!