7 Jun 19

Etheldred House resident enjoys trishaw bicycle ride

Resident Melba of Etheldred House was very excited recently as she found out that she would get the chance to ride around Histon village on a trishaw bicycle along with the support of Care Assistant Sophie. This activity was organised with the help of Neil Davies, who loves giving the chance to allow for residents to interact and socialise more in their local community.

A trishaw is a kind of bicycle with a sidecar, which is entirely controlled by the cyclists. Melba couldn’t stop smiling and enjoyed every minute of the ride, noting all of the nearby street names and landmarks. She said that she had an “absolutely wonderful” time, and would love to do it all over again soon!

7 Jun 19

Brook House residents enjoy participating in fun group activities

Brook House Care Home had a morning of group activities such as games and quizzes in which the residents and their relatives took part. One game they really enjoyed participating in was a target throwing game called ring toss. This utilises bean bags and is a fantastic way to keep residents minds and bodies active. They found this activity very stimulating and everyone was competing to try to get the best score on the mat. Later on the residents loved answering general knowledge quizzes with their relatives. Everyone left a winner and nobody left the room without having a well deserved cup of tea and some refreshments. One resident said “I really enjoyed doing that” afterwards.
At Brook House, coming up with engaging and meaningful group activities is important as it helps to enrich residents lives each day, providing opportunities for fun and social engagement. Games such as quizzes have been proven to provide a ‘brain workout’ for residents, research has found that playing games like ring toss can also help with coordination and dexterity, as well as to help improve visual recognition and short-term memory. It was a fun evening for everyone involved, and Brook House Care Home plans to repeat these activities again soon!

7 Jun 19

Hunters Down Care Home holds their annual Auction of Promise

During the weekend, residents, families and team members of Hunters Down Care Home gathered together in the reception area for their annual Auction of Promise. This has become the home’s biggest fundraiser and is a fantastic way of raising money for the residents comfort fund. Hunter’s Down had asked a variety of team members, companies and resident’s families if they could donate a gift for the auction. Before the auction had started, everybody enjoyed a glass of punch whether it was alcoholic or non-alcoholic. There was a lot to talk regarding what was on offer and what everyone wanted to bid for.
One of the local pubs named ‘The Lord Protector’ donated a bottle of whisky and a bottle of wine with the offer of a buy one get one free meal. Co-Operative Funeralcare donated a limousine ride to and from the winner’s chosen destination. A team member also auctioned off some of her own handmade cards and a stunning pot of plants for the garden. Natalie from the local Cottonbuds Florist donated an exotic bunch of flowers. Hunters Down’s in-house chiropodist, Lorraine King also gifted a free foot treatment to any guests. Other items gifted included two large Easter Eggs, Jules Wellington Boots, a handmade dolls house and a hamper of wine.
At the end of the auction, Lifestyle Coordinators Clare and Deannah added up the amount raised, which turned out to be £275 towards the comfort fund. The remaining auctions that didn’t get sold will be auctioned off on the Hunters Down Facebook page, so make sure to keep a look out for them! Everyone involved in the Auction of Promise said that the afternoon was incredibly fun and they look forward to having another one in the future.

6 Jun 19

Etheldred House residents commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day

Today the residents of Etheldred house commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day by gathering together to share memories of the war, and to honour those who fought for their country. The residents became very engaged in conversation about the war era. Resident Norman told stories about how he took part during the D-Day invasion. He told the other residents that he had to throw heavy smoke into the air to avoid being attacked by the enemies, as well as to protect their war ship from being seen. The residents were emotional about the loss of so many lives, but at the same time very proud of what had been accomplished by the allied forces.
Another resident called Mac had served in the Royal Air Force, and he used different aircrafts such as the Hampdens and Halifax. He had taken part in the first 1,000 bomber raid over Germany in 1942. He passionately described this experience as one of the greatest attacks ever set in aerial warfare. Mac had written a POW (prisoner of war) scrap book about his life during the war. Mac also mentioned that he had been seriously injured in France but he “would not be beaten by anybody or anything”. Overall it was an emotional morning for all concerned but also very interesting and extraordinary to hear all of the residents amazing stories from that era. On this day, Etheldred House Care Home would like remember all of those who fought for us during World War II, including many of their residents.

6 Jun 19

Home Manager at Glennfield overwhelmed by surprise birthday

There was much excitement on Tuesday at Glennfield Care Home as a secret birthday surprise party was held for their General Manager, Jude. Part of the home was decorated with balloons and other gifts. She was overwhelmed as the team surprised her with cards and presents and announced a birthday celebration in her honour. The residents and team at Glennfield partied away, with entertainment from a singer named Pride.

Residents wished her a happy birthday as they each enjoyed a glass of wine to celebrate with. One resident wished her all the best and said, “what a lovely occasion this is”. Later on the home enjoyed a lovely buffet that had been supplied by the Glennfield kitchen team. At the end of the evening Jude said “I am overwhelmed away by all of this, thank you so much for the wonderful surprise”. A great afternoon was had by the residents and all of the team at Glennfield Care Home.

6 Jun 19

Lime Court Care Home goes seal watching on an exciting boat trip

Lime Court residents went on an excursion boat trip recently, as the team thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for them to do a spot of seal watching. For this activity, the residents went on a wildlife boat trip around the beautiful backwaters of Walton on the Naze. This area is recognised internationally and is designated as a national nature reserve. The Walton Backwaters is an area of creeks, islands and other grasslands.

There are currently over 250 seals in the Walton area alone. They are best recommended to be viewed by boat, and the residents were very enthusiastic about getting to see them. Even a bit of rain did not dampen their spirits as the residents of Lime Court had a lot of fun and laughter on their seal watching adventure. A wonderful time was had by all!

5 Jun 19

St Fillans enjoy a visit to an organic farming community in Suffolk

Residents of St Fillans Care Home recently enjoyed a visit to the Old Hall community, an organic farm in Suffolk. The Old Hall was set up 45 years ago as a community farm to help enable people to live a sustainable life, teaching them to care for the environment and tend to the animals. A number of residents had previously spent time on farms, tending to animals such as cow’s, chickens, and lambs. Some of them even remembered collecting the freshly laid eggs. Residents were surrounded by birds and the sounds of nature. The weather was good too, and the residents enjoyed a good old sing a-long to songs that brought back fond memories and laughter.

The residents were accompanied by 95 year old Jo, who is still actively involved in farming within the community at Old Hall. Tea and Biscuits were enjoyed under the shade of the trees, the sun was shining, it was a great time to chat and talk to the people who lived in the commune. A bell was rang for a special lunch that was served in “Queen Anne’s Room”, the tables had been laid to welcome everyone to Old Hall. The residents enjoyed home-made soup, Spanish omelette, fresh organic vegetable’s, and cheese all made from produce grown and sourced on the farm.

It was a wonderful spread and very much enjoyed by all, with everyone tucking in hungrily. As the day drew to a close they made their way back to St Fillans, with fond memories to treasure, especially of feeding the baby lambs. The residents of St Fillans can’t wait to make a return at some point soon.

5 Jun 19

Limetree Care Home joins school visit to the garden museum at Lambeth Palace

Recently, seven residents from Limetree Care Home went to visit the garden museum at Lambeth Palace, which was the first museum in the world dedicated to the history of gardening. The residents met up there with the children of Sunnyhill Primary School who they sat next to and enjoyed chatting with throughout the day. Everyone enjoyed watching a short presentation on the history of games and activities that can be played with plants, as well as a history of the Royal Tradescant family who brought over a range of plants from abroad.

After the welcome and presentation, the children put all the flowers they had collected from nearby on the table and with the residents help, were given clay and rolling pins to mould the flowers into. The residents seemed to enjoy the process and were very happy with the final result. The clay was taken to a very hot oven to be baked. The residents of Limetree said goodbye afterwards to the school children and brought their lunches to the nearby Westminster, and enjoyed looking at the Houses of Parliament. The residents later said that they had very much enjoyed their trip to Lambeth Palace and found the garden museum very tranquil and relaxing.

5 Jun 19

St Fillans Care Home take part in their first Gentleman’s Club event

St Fillans Care Home held its very first ‘Gentleman’s Club’ event recently. This gave the homes gents a chance to have an afternoon of socialising and chatter. The residents enjoyed having a beer and snacks, as well as sharing jokes amongst each other. They talked about their memories, such as what they used to do for work, as well as plenty of discussion based around football and film.

Activities like this are a great way to get residents to relax around each other, as well as get them to know one another on a more personal level. It turned out to be quite a popular event and the gentleman very much appreciated the time spent in each others company. The first gentleman’s club event went down very well, and residents are already looking forward to sharing a beer together again very soon!

5 Jun 19

Evening of Swing celebration enjoyed by Etheldred House residents

It was a lovely treat for the residents of Etheldred House Care Home as they welcomed Care Assistant colleague and singer, Ryan Hornett to perform a celebration of classic swing music for their ‘May Ball’ evening party. Everyone was very excited to see him perform a selection of big band songs from the forties era. The residents were all in a great mood, as they sang and danced, many of them looking back fondly on past memories associated with the era.
Resident Mac, was particularly impressed by Ryan’s outfit, and told him about his time in the RAF when he had the same type of uniform. As the celebration went on the residents had a wonderful time reminiscing over the music, while enjoying some stimulating conversation and a few refreshments. Everyone left with a big smile on their face, and the whole team are already looking forward to the next time Ryan performs at Etheldred House.