12 Apr 19

Lime Court Care Home residents prepare for Easter with Decorations

At Lime Court Care Home, residents have been preparing for Easter with some colourful decorations.  Residents have been designing and making colourful Easter Egg patterned Bunting to be displayed in the home. Lime Court has said that it was great to see all the residents getting involved with the activities and enjoying themselves.

Activities such as this are not only a good way for the residents to celebrate Easter, but they also allow for them to maintain a level of physical and mental wellbeing. The finished decorations will be displayed at Lime Court Care Home, and the residents can’t wait to show off their work!


11 Apr 19

Park Avenue Care Home celebrates upcoming Easter with Seasonal Cards

Recently Park Avenue Care Home has started making seasonal cards. With Easter just around the corner, they have started to organise activities based on an Easter theme. Two of their creative residents in particular were very keen to take part in the morning session.

The home’s Lifestyle Coordinator Gladys has said that “we are very fortunate at Park Avenue as the home has a lot of residents full of creativity, so we are very much looking forward to coming up with new activities based around the theme of Easter.” The residents were reportedly very happy to take part in the card making activity, and said that they really enjoyed themselves. June in particular had a lot of fun designing her card.

Some wonderful cards were made by the home and the residents are quite proud of what they have achieved. These types of activities are a great way of helping them to express themselves, as well as being therapeutic and helping to encourage stimulation for residents. They were able to pick out exactly what they wanted for their cards and put them together in a way that represented their personalities. The residents of Park Avenue Care Home look forward to showing their creative sides over the Easter season.


11 Apr 19

The British Museum visited by residents of Castlebar Care Home

Residents of Castlebar Care Home got the chance to visit the British Museum last week, which offered them the opportunity to explore places of interest along with some of their volunteers. They enjoyed a great day at the museum, exploring a lot of culture and history from throughout British and World history. One of the most talked about exhibitions was the collection of Egyptian objects, which some of the residents said was the highlight of their day. As well as this, they also watched film clips explaining the different exhibits such as a 5,000 year old mummified body.

Looking around the museum, they saw the famous Rosetta Stone, which is part of a decree, and was the key to a modern understanding of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. During the afternoon, the Castlebar residents had lunch and chatted to members of the public and staff. Before they left, some of the residents also spent time in the gift shop observing different items. Some residents picked up magnets, pens and postcards to take back with them as souvenirs.

Everyone enjoyed perusing around the museum as the day went by. On the journey back home, there were some lovely comments from the residents who agreed that they had a fantastic day of fun and culture. Outings like this to museums or other places of interest can bring back positive memories in residents, as well as provide a new lease of life, a sense of freedom and wellbeing for the future.


11 Apr 19

Windmill Staff Member congratulated on completing Team Leader Course

It was with great joy that staff member Sijy of Windmill Lodge Care Home was congratulated on completing her senior team leader course. As a result of this, she received flowers in recognition of her hard work and dedication. Sijy was quoted as saying “I am proud to be working for Excelcare here at Windmill, I am grateful to my manager Grace, my deputy manager Tandy, my tutor Audrey, Josie and the Regional Team for giving me the opportunity to do this course and become a Senior Team Leader”.

The rest of the team at Windmill Lodge have added that they are very happy about Sijy’s success and achievements so far, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her!



11 Apr 19

Brook House Care Home enjoys an afternoon of Music Activity

Twice a month Brook House Care Home has a special music treat as a visitor comes to play a series of music based activities. Known as the ‘Music Lady’, Marilyn is a strong favourite with the residents. She encourages them to take part with the use of props and favourite songs. They are also given the choice of getting involved through dancing, chair based exercises and musical questions.

Physical exercise combined with musical activity can produce positive effects on cognitive function in elderly people. This is a great way to keep the residents stimulated and their minds active. They love to join in on Marilyn’s activities, and it brings them a feeling of great joy every time she returns! Brook House Care Home is already looking forward to her next visit.

10 Apr 19

Etheldred House Residents take a trip to the Coton Orchard Garden Centre

Residents of Etheldred House Care Home had been looking forward to visiting the Coton Orchard garden centre for a while. In particular, they were very excited about getting to see the plants and flowers for the new spring season. They started out by having a look around the big shop, and saw many new things to see, try and buy like handbags, purses, soaps, clothes, garden materials and patio furniture. After that they all headed to the garden section which contained a wide variety of plants, flowers and pots.

One of the residents was saying that in her time working she had never seen anything like this place before, and how the centre’s had developed so much that they should help to encourage people to take a greater interest in gardening. The afternoon was finished off in typical fashion with a lovely cup of tea or coffee and a slice of delicious cake in the Coton Ochard Café. The Etheldred House residents enjoyed the trip very much and are already looking forward to the next one.

10 Apr 19

Excitement at Longfield Care Home as they are visited by Dancing Performers

There was excitement at Longfield Care Home, as they had two dancing related events happening in close succession. On the Friday afternoon, Longfield Care Home had a dancer named Lily in to entertain them with her wonderful dancing. The residents really enjoyed watching Lily perform. On this visit she was dancing to the music of one of the resident’s favourites, Frank Sinatra. Whilst Lily was entertaining them with her beautiful and graceful dancing, residents were singing along with the songs, and tapping their feet in time to the music. It was a wonderful occasion for the residents at Longfield, and they hope to see Lily make a return soon.

On the Saturday afternoon, Longfield Care Home had the Love2Dance dance troupe visit them for a second time. They first got in touch with the home to visit through one of the dancers being part of the UP Project at the end of last year. The projects main objective being to tackle loneliness and stigma in old and young people. The children took part in choreographed performances to both modern and then older music that the residents recognised.

Their visits have had quite a positive effect on the residents, as those with dementia have even asked a day or two later when they will next be making an appearance. At the end of the performance, the children also learnt a song to sing with the residents at the end, called “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”. The residents were full of smiles watching the children. Longfield Care Home hopes to see both Lily and the children from the Up project return again soon.

10 Apr 19

Creative Mojo gets ready for Easter Celebrations at Buchan House

Yesterday, Buchan House Care Home had their monthly visit from the lovely Jenny of Creative Mojo Ltd. She helped them prepare for the upcoming Easter celebrations; painting and decorating chickens, eggs and they even created their own chicken coop! The residents absolutely love the time they get to spend with Jenny, as it gives them an hour away from day-to-day life and these activities help them with their focus skills.

Creative Mojo’s visits are also a great opportunity for the residents to get together and engage in a social activity. Buchan House has placed the residents beautiful artwork displayed in the Sunflower dining room for everyone to appreciate, in preparation for Easter.

10 Apr 19

Queen’s Oak Care Home spends time making Mother’s Day Cards

For residents of Queen’s Oak Care Home, there is nothing better than being able to engage in their creative side. For Mother’s Day, residents prepared by making a homemade collection of cards. In the dementia care setting, Arts and Crafts is very important. Residents of the home like taking the time to be busy and to help keep their minds occupied. After every new piece of art is made, the residents are rightfully very proud to showcase their work to relatives and people who visit Queen’s Oak.

One of the residents said they “would like to do this art work everyday”. Arts and crafts serves as one of the best activities available for people who might be living with a form of dementia in the home. Drawing, painting and crafting can help to combat many issues in the elderly, such as isolation, withdrawal and depression.

10 Apr 19

A mobile clothes shop comes to visit Brook House Care Home

Brook House Care Home had a lovely surprise as Debbie’s Fashions visited the home with their mobile clothes shop. They offer a variety of tops, cardigans, underwear, jewellery, scarves and much more. Residents loved having the independence of choosing what they like, without having to go in to a busy town for shopping. So they found it fantastic to have the convenience of a clothes and accessories shop immediately available to them. With the help of mobile shops like Debbie’s coming to the home, it encourages residents to browse in a relaxed, non-pressured shopping environment.

Brook House residents are given the chance to browse the shop however they like, but there are also people on hand to present clothing for those who might prefer to be seated. Brook House Care Home hopes for Debbie’s Fashions to make a return visit soon.