31 Oct 18

Hunters Down join in at Annual 40’s Tea Dance

On Sunday 28th October 8 residents from Hunters Down Care Home attended the annual 40’s tea dance, held at St. Ives Corn Exchange. This event was started by organiser Kim Hall, in memory of her late father who had dementia and always maintained his passion for music. The event is a joint venture supported by the British Gymnastics Foundation’s Love to Move programme and the St Ives Dementia Friendly Community.

The residents enjoyed watching the professionals dance but also enjoyed joining in, dancing in their wheelchairs, especially Reg who enjoyed hitting the dancefloor with Pearl, the Senior Lifestyle Coordinator at Hunters Down.

There was a variety of songs and that everybody joined in singing to, and a wonderful assortments homemade cakes to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Residents said how it took them back to their own special memories of  when they would go to tea dances, and one resident asked when can she go back again as it had made her feel so happy!

31 Oct 18

The Boogie Girls Visit Brook House

Brook House Care Home had a visit from The Boogie Girls from Long Road College who delivered a dance/exercise class for their residents as part of their training! Classes such as this are very important as studies have shown that maintaining regular physical activity can help to improve overall immune function in older people, helping to keep them fit and healthy, as well as help with coordination and strength.

The residents had great fun and loved getting involved. Everyone at Brook House is very much looking forward to their next visit!

31 Oct 18

Fruity Fridays at Lime Court Care Home

Residents at Lime Court Care Home in Harwich enjoy regular Fruity Fridays which help to promote healthy eating. The team offered a wonderful selection of fruit including pineapple, melons, tomatoes, grapes and kiwis.

Residents use their senses touching, smelling and tasting the sweet and sour tastes and vibrant colours and textures of fruit from around the globe!

30 Oct 18

PAT Dog Visit to Lime Court

Lime Court had another visit today from Wanda the Therapy Dog for Canine Concern; a registered charity that provides visiting therapy dogs to homes and hospitals.

Lime Court’s residents always thoroughly enjoy interacting with Wanda. There were lots of petting and strokes and Wanda showed her appreciation by giving her paw back to them!

29 Oct 18

Peartree Celebrate Black History Month

On 24th October 2018, Peartree Care Home in Sydenham celebrated Black History Month in their care home.

The event was held to celebrate the extraordinary contribution of our Afro-Caribbean communities have made to the United Kingdom and all over the world. It honours the life, experience and history of people of afro-Caribbean ethnicity.

Staff and residents came dressed in ethnic outfits. The menu for the day included delicious food such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, jellof rice, plantain, fish curry, steamed fish, coleslaw, cheese macaroni, grilled chicken, rice and peas, sour sop juice, Guinness punch and much more!!

The in-house DJ played tunes from all over the world. 2 of our residents Armando Campos and Margaret Ridge indulged in a duet of Italian songs and later everyone at the event danced to ‘I am a Bajan’ and other popular tunes from all over the world. Residents and staff joined in for the cake cutting, the cake was delicious.

Everyone had a fabulous time day, including two guests who were invited from Park Avenue Care Home!

29 Oct 18

Etheldred House Celebrate Harvest

Etheldred House have been celebrating the Harvest Festival.

Residents have been exploring the grounds, and picking fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the home’s gardens.

With lots of help from residents, staff, relatives and the local green grocer, a beautiful and tasty hamper was made. This was donated to the local community church, who were overwhelmed by the generosity of the kind people who donated.

On behalf of Etheldred House and the community church, a big thank you is in order to those who supported the cause. Your help goes a long way to those in need.

26 Oct 18

Park Avenue Celebrate Black History Month with Peartree Care Home

Two residents from Park Avenue went on a trip to Peartree Care Home this week to join them in celebrating Black History Month!

Peartree put on a fantastic event, with music and dancing, which June loved. They tried food from all around the world.

Park Avenue has a special relationship with Peartree, as they have partnered up recently for a pen-pal scheme.

The residents loved visiting the home, and have already requested that they’d like to do it again soon!

26 Oct 18

Lime Court Residents Reminisce on their Wartime Memories

Residents at Lime Court have been discussing their memories and experiences during the War. Residents were invited to write their memories on poppy postcards, for a window display in the local Co-op supermarket. This display is for Remembrance Day in November, when people remember and honour those who died in the war.

As many residents lived through the war as children and young adults, they each had different experiences. Some residents enlisted into the armed services to fight during the war, and others as children were evacuated to new areas. They chatted to each other and to staff to reminisce on these times.

Some of the comments and memories were:

“I had a young family during the war, and stayed at home looking after the children whilst my husband was in the Army. I remember the blackouts at night and the ration books”

When I lived in Wales, the evacuated children came to stay with us in the countryside.”

“As soon as I turned 17 I joined the RAF and saw the terrible devastation caused by bombings”

“I was evacuated during the war to Brighton from my home in Hammersmith, London. The family I stayed with were nice and friendly. I can remember playing for hours on end outside.”

This was a great reminiscence activity for the residents, and also an opportunity for staff to learn more about those living at Lime Court.

26 Oct 18

Curry Night at Sherrell House

Last week, Sherrell House hosted a special curry night for residents, relatives and staff. Staff prepared a variety of curries including chicken, lamb, vegetable and chickpea, which were all served with rice and naan.

The curry went down so well with everybody, and many people went up for seconds and even thirds! The bar was also open for anybody who wanted a drink to go with their meal.

The night was a huge success, and the home raised £92 for their Resident Fund to go towards activities and entertainment. In Sherrell House’s next residents meeting, they will discuss how they want this money to be spent.

The residents have already asked for another curry night to be arranged, because they had such a great time!



26 Oct 18

Etheldred Celebrate Marshmallow Day

Residents and staff at Etheldred House Care Home enjoyed some yummy treats last month to celebrate Marshmallow Day.

They made marshmallow skewers with strawberries and melted chocolate, and drank hot chocolates! Everyone loved getting creative and making their desserts and enjoyed eating them even more!