24 Jul 19

Glennfield residents get active with chair exercises

Glennfield Care Home in Cambridge got active this week in a exercise session hosted by Extend Chair Exercises. These sessions feature moves that help to increase mobility and independence, with exercises that are gentle yet beneficial.

Shelly, who hosts the sessions, always brings a positive approach and encourages people to push their boundaries if they’re comfortable doing so. She provides a range of different moves and entertainment throughout the session, to keep the people taking part entertained and tailors the moves to the needs of the individual.

Some of the exercises that feature in the class include stretching and raising limbs, as well as variations of these using elasticated bands that stimulate muscle growth. Seated training is very effective and helps to ease pains, improve balance and decrease the chances of injury.

All of those who attend the class thoroughly enjoy it and always look forward to seeing Shelly for their next session.

24 Jul 19

Elvis joins Brook House for Music Therapy session

It was a day of ‘Rock and Roll’ at Brook House last week as the team were joined by special guest, ‘Elvis’ for a music therapy session. For most of the older generation, Elvis is an inspirational figure and someone they can all connect with. His songs help to bring back memories from their past and they all enjoy hearing his greatest hits while sharing personal stories relating to each track.

For people living with dementia, Music Therapy is extremely beneficial. The team at Brook House commented how inspiring it is to hear residents singing along to songs from the 1960’s, especially those who sometimes experience memory loss.

As well as all the positive benefits, the residents really enjoy these sessions. It gives them a chance to relax and be entertained in the company of friends and family, whilst maintaining their health and fitness levels.



23 Jul 19

Windmill and Limetree take a day-trip to Brighton

Excelcare’s Windmill and Limetree Care Homes joined together for a collaborative trip to the seaside city of Brighton. With fresh air and stunning coastal views, the seaside is always an enjoyable place for everyone, and helps to better their overall mood and wellbeing.

There was a friendly, happy atmosphere on the beach as residents enjoyed splashing water on each other, walking along the pebbles and dipping in the classic souvenir shops along the front. Throughout the day everyone enjoyed the opportunity to make some new friends from the nearby care home, who they are looking forward to staying in touch with!

Fish and Chips with a view on Brighton Pier made for an enjoyable lunch. One of the residents, who used to be a chef, commented on how nice the food was. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying each others’ company and making happy memories they could each take home. As the day drew to a close everyone finished their ice-cream, there was talk of more collaborative outings in the future.

Everyone agreed they had a thoroughly enjoyable day; one that certainly won’t be forgotten!

23 Jul 19

Etheldred House residents take a trip to Histon Village

The sun was shining as the team from Etheldred House arrived at Histon Village. Residents had the opportunity walk around the shops, see the sights and visit local pubs and churches that hold memories from their past.

A highlight of the day was a trip on a Trishaw Bike which took residents around the town and past the most memorable places in Histon. Some of the people on the trip who used to live in Histon, spotted friends whilst on the bike and were able to wave and say hello as they passed.

Trips like this really help residents as they enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and seeing people go about their lives. It gives them the opportunity to socialise with other people living in the community and really helps them to feel connected.

The people living at Etheldred House say it’s a regular outing that they never want to miss!

23 Jul 19

Buchan House barbecue returns due to popular demand

Buchan House hosted the first Summer Barbecue last week and to such success, that it’s returned on a weekly basis. The second in a series of summer barbecue’s was planned and ready to take place until the rain arrived to put a stop to things.

However, the team at Buchan House were determined to ensure the rain wouldn’t damper their efforts and so hosted the barbecue regardless of the weather. Head Chef, Mel was extremely committed to the cause and stood outside in the rain to prepare food for the residents.

Meanwhile, the people living at Buchan House were gathered in the Snowdrop dining area where they would be able enjoy the food together when it arrived. This gave them a chance to interact with people living in different areas of the care home and the opportunity to make some new friends.

When the food arrived, it was very well received with compliments going to Chef Mel and Second Chef, Emma, for their homemade Potato Salad and Coleslaw.

Thanks to the hard work of the team at Buchan House, the second Summer Barbecue was a great success and residents at the care home look forward to the next.

23 Jul 19

Goldenley residents get a taste of Hawaii

Residents at Goldenley Care Home got to experience a taste of Hawaii during a themed morning held by the Lifestyle Coordinators.

Fruit Mocktail making was the first activity of the day, where residents could blend their favourite fruits together and experience a small slice of island life.

Caribbean music played in the background while some of the residents danced along, dressed in grass skirts and flower garlands; they really felt like Hawaii had landed at Goldenley for the day.

Residents then spent time sewing, threading and chatting to the local nursery that had arrived for a visit. The residents really enjoy seeing the children and finding out what they have been up to at school, it helps them to feel more connected to the community and fills them with self-purpose.

An enjoyable and rewarding experience for all!



22 Jul 19

Mary takes a trip down memory lane at the Kings Head Pub

Mary is a resident at Ashlyn Care Home who currently receives Dementia Care and can find it quite challenging to remember moments from her life.

Ashlyn is dedicated to the well being of those who live at the care home and has recently introduced an initiative where residents can leave their wishes on a notice board and the team will help to make them happen. This creates personalised experiences that are different and very rewarding for the individual.

Mary spotted the new offering and submitted a wish to have lunch at the Kings Head pub as she used to work their in the 1960’s. The team knew how much this role meant to her at the time and decided they would take her there with some of the other residents.

Although Mary was delighted to be out for lunch, she was unsure where she had been taken at first.  However, as Mary walked through the pub to sit down at the table, she suddenly pointed at a picture on the wall and said ‘I used to work there’. The image in question was a photograph of the Kings Head from 1960, the exact period that Mary had been a member of staff. After the team explained that’s where she was,  she started to understand and point out features around the room that had changed since she worked there.

The whole team were thrilled that one small trip had such a positive impact on Mary and excited that she was able to remember and re-experience some special memories from the past.


22 Jul 19

Fitzwilliam House celebrate ‘Outstanding’ award from Care Quality Commission

The team at Fitzwilliam House Care Home are celebrating their recent ‘Outstanding’ achievement following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Colonel Roger Herriot OBE DL was joined by his wife to reveal the award at the care home in Cambridge, where they shared their congratulations and joined the team for a day of celebrations.

The day started with Roger and his wife getting to the know the residents of the home, hearing stories from their past and compliments about Fitzwilliam House. Residents posed for pictures with the pair before being joined by Parish Coucillor, Christine Ward.

While the home was buzzing with excitement, the kitchen team had created an amazing display of food and BBQ recipes to compliment the sunny weather. Stuart Clements added to the feel-good atmosphere by playing some live music as everyone socialised, ate and drank.

The afternoon followed with a speech from home manager, Jayne, as she thanked the team at the home and handed out flowers to show her gratitude for their hard work in making the achievement possible. Jayne ended the speech by introducing the entertainment which included a selection of games and stalls where homemade items could be purchased.

The egg and spoon race proved popular with participants of all age groups and made for much laughter amongst the group. Seeing inter-generational groups taking part together was heart-warming and always helps to improve the well-being of those who live at Fitzwilliam House. A paper aeroplane contest followed with comedy provided by gardener Marcus, as he spent lots of time altering and perfecting his aeroplane, for it to nose dive shortly after being thrown.

After a day of celebrations, excitement and laughter for all, Roger had this to say, “I am very impressed by the level of care and consideration for the welfare of residents of Fitzwilliam House by the dedicated team working there.”

Congratulations Fitzwilliam House!


22 Jul 19

Care Assistant Ryan treats Buchan House to toe-tapping Swing

Care Assistant Ryan, is a member of the team at Buchan house. He spends his days caring for residents and tending to their needs whilst always ensuring they have a smile on their face. These aren’t Ryan’s only talents though; he is a swing vocalist in his spare time and recently came in to perform to everyone at Buchan House.

As a Care Assistant by day and swing singer by night, Ryan has a wonderful relationship with residents and everyone really enjoys his performances. As you can see, it provides an excuse for everyone to get up, dance and sing along.

Many of the songs Ryan sings are from the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s so his music is usually well-known by people at the care home. Performing music from this period is particularly beneficial to the people living at Buchan House as it’s a time that most hold dear to their hearts.

Music is a great way for all different types of people to connect and share something in common. It unites language barriers and encourages interaction between people so we always appreciate when Ryan offers to perform. For many of the residents, listening to music from this era brings back memories and helps to create new ones with their friends and family at the care home.


22 Jul 19

Lime Court residents get a taste of the Caribbean with themed keep-fit session

The team at Lime Court Care Home regularly invite fitness professionals to host wheelchair friendly keep-fit classes that residents of all abilities can take part in. The low intensity exercise helps to improve the health and well being of everyone who takes part and reduces the risk of falls around the care home.

This week, the keep-fit session came with a twist as a Caribbean theme was announced to help celebrate culture and bring some change to the normal exercise routine. New moves were introduced including limbo dancing, maraca shaking and beach ball throwing as well as a Caribbean inspired dress-code to help immerse residents in the theme.

Gfitness, who run the course each week, ensure that all exercises are compatible with the residents’ capabilities and more importantly, provides a fun, energetic environment for people to exercise. Changing the theme of the sessions and finding new ways for people to take part in exercise is encouraging and makes them want to keep turning up each week.

After the class had finished, participants were served freshly cut pineapple to quench their thirst and round off the Caribbean theme.