11 Sep 18

Stray Cat Finds Home at Westport

As some of you may know, Westport Care Home is the proud owner of a cat! The home took in a pregnant stray cat two years ago, and would like to update everyone on her progress.

Ginger now has the full run of ground floor and the garden at Westport. She is often found at 7.30am waiting in reception to be fed! When it’s hot, she likes to lounge under the palm tree in the garden, where all she needs is a cocktail and then she is well on her way to a tropical paradise!

Ginger doesn’t care where she sits, as long as she is comfortable. The residents love seeing her wandering around, and the visitors often ask after her as well! She knows her food is kept under the reception desk – Caroline often gets a shock when Ginger sneaks under to ask for more!

She has such a gentle nature, and loves a good stroke and belly rub from anyone that gives it to her. For a stray who didn’t want to leave the garage, she certainly made herself at home at Westport!

11 Sep 18

Castlebar’s ‘Grease’ Party!

Castlebar Care Home held it’s yearly summer party on 11th August. This year, the theme was ‘Grease’ so everyone looked forward to going back in time to the 50’s/60’s with music and decorations in the home. The staff were all dressed up for the occasion in Pink Ladies jackets and silk scarves!

The fireplace was the centre attraction as people walked in, with posters, records, sunglasses and wigs setting the scene. Entertainment was provided by The Candy Girls, a glamorous professional vintage group who sang modern and classic songs! They have performed at many places such as Goodwood Revival Festival, Chelsea Flower Show and more, bringing joy to young and old! Everyone was singing and dancing along, and residents had the chance to interact with the singers.

As the party got started, friends and family arrived dressed up in wigs and sunglasses. One of the residents looked amazing in a white John Travolta suit, and his wife in a lovely pink dress.  During the day, everybody enjoyed unlimited ice cream with a  choice of different toppings! There was also a hotdog stand which went down very well with residents, as well as a buffet! Afterwards, a raffle was drawn with gifts from the local community shops. It was wonderful to see the residents as well as their guests winning gifts!

There was a lovely mood in the room with smiles and laughter as everyone enjoyed the music and food! Staff received some marvellous comments from the family members that joined them for the special event.




10 Sep 18

Limetree Care Home Visit Herne Bay

On the 21st August 2018, residents of Limetree Care Home went on an outing to Herne Bay!

In the morning, a picnic was prepared for them before residents excitedly waited for the coach and their relatives to arrive. After a slight delay, they eventually seated on the coach and set off in good spirits!

Once there, residents were able to walk along the bay and visited the band stand where they ate their picnic, had a hot drink and chatted away.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the residents, staff and relatives that visited! Mary, a relative of Jimmy, thanked the Lifestyle Coordinator that attended for a lovely day-trip. She said that it was an absolutely great day – Jimmy loved it!

10 Sep 18

Pottery Sessions at Castlebar Care Home

Last week, residents at Castlebar Care Home got their hands dirty in a pottery class! Kola Abiola is a visiting pottery teacher who works closely with residents at Castlebar and believes that pottery can be amazingly beneficial. ‘Clay is a great tool to communicate and be expressive with. It provides a blank canvas to help individuals create something they are proud of, that they can share with relatives and friends.’ Residents’ family members were also invited in to the home to work alongside their loved ones!

Pottery is a great way for residents to socialise, get creative and explore new or existing skills! It also promotes movement in the joints, thereby reducing arthritis pain. Residents have said that the sessions are relaxing. Visitors to the home can see their work proudly displayed in reception!





10 Sep 18

Flower Arranging at Limetree

Residents at Limetree Care Home have been busy making flower arrangements this week! This was a fun opportunity for residents to chat, relax and compare their efforts!

Regular activities are extremely beneficial for our residents, keeping them active and social.  This activity also allowed those who used to enjoy gardening and floristry to reminisce on those times.

Everybody did a great job creating stunning flower displays, which will really brighten up the home!


10 Sep 18

Wild Science visits Limetree Care Home

On the 7th September 2018, Limetree Care Home took part in an activity session with Wild Science. Residents were able to see, touch and hold a range of small animals, including Harry the Hamster, Reggie the Rat, Polly the Python and more!

Residents thoroughly enjoyed this experience, interacting with the trainer and each other whilst touching and holding the animals.

A few were sceptical when the python was presented, however were able to overcome their fears and feel her scaly skin!

Afterwards, residents were happily chatting to staff and each other about their visit. Harry stated that he loved the visit and Edith wanted to keep both of the guinea pigs! Arthur, who is visually impaired loved the texture of the guinea pigs and interacting with the trainer.

The residents were able to discuss their pets and reminisce – it was a great interaction and sensory exercise enjoyed by all!

7 Sep 18

Local Nursery’s Gift for Aliwal Manor

Children at a local nursery school have created a lovely banner for Aliwal Manor Care Home. The banner is all about what their grandparents mean to the children, and it will be hung up in the home for all to see!

The children and their families will be invited to Aliwal soon for cakes and sweets as a thank you. Their grandparents will also be invited to the home to see their grandchildren’s work proudly hung up!


7 Sep 18

Hunters Down Celebrate 100 Years of the RAF

On Monday, two residents from Hunters Down Care Home were invited by the Mayor to celebrate 100 years of RAF. Reg is a former RAF engineer, and Peter was Detective Sergeant for Cambridgeshire – so they were both honoured to be invited to the event!

The Huntingdon Town Council & RAF Wyton’s Parade took place on Market Square. It celebrated the close relationship between the town and RAF Wyton. The 3rd September is a significant date in RAF Wyton’s history – marking the first operational sortie of World War II to leave Wyton back in 1939.

After a one minute silence, there was a fly over of the operational sortie plane. The Mayor then presented the Station Commander an RAF100 Scroll. Finally, the Mayor received a trophy from part of a Mosquito plane!

After the parade was finished, our residents enjoyed a cup of tea in the Town Hall. They were also joined by many of the councillors, local civic dignitaries and RAF staff. Peter and Reg had a fantastic time and felt very special to be part of this event!

5 Sep 18

Darts Competition at Sherrell House

This week, Sherrell House Care Home held a darts competition for their residents! This was a special occasion for one resident named Sheila, because she used to be a keen darts player. Growing up, Sheila learnt to play darts in her back garden. Later on she joined a social club called Southend District Ex-Servicemen’s Darts League. She even entered competitions and won medals! It is a time Sheila looks back on fondly, so staff at Sherrell House decided to arrange this special activity for her.

Sheila’s daughter, fellow residents and their relatives were invited to the darts competition, which of course Sheila won! Everyone had a brilliant time, and staff have decided to make darts a monthly event, at the residents’ request!


30 Aug 18

Aliwal Manor Celebrate Marshmallow Day 2018!

Today was National Marshmallow Day, and Aliwal Manor Care Home had a brilliant time celebrating it!

Residents marked the occasion by drinking hot chocolates with lots of marshmallows in! They also made rocky road and melted chocolate with marshmallows as a fun and tasty activity.

It was a great excuse to enjoy some sweet treats – everybody had a marvellous time!