16 Apr 19

Hunters Down enjoys the taste of Chocolate for upcoming Easter Weekend

As it is very quickly approaching Easter Weekend, some of the residents of Hunters Down Care Home had been looking forward to eating a little chocolate in the lead up towards Sunday. One of the residents daughters Gill, came to the home in the afternoon to make it for the home’s residents. The chocolate was then moulded into bunny and egg shapes, with the residents helping her out with the decorating.

The residents then wrapped the chocolate into brightly decorated foils and then put it into smaller bags. These bags were then tied together with a ribbon as a finishing touch. Many of the decorators couldn’t resist have a taste test beforehand.

Eating chocolate has been said to have benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. The Hunters Down Care Home residents really enjoyed helping to decorate the chocolates for this activity, although many of the treats disappeared before they could all be wrapped up!

16 Apr 19

Brook House Care Home enjoys a relaxed afternoon of singing

Residents of Brook House Care Home had a relaxed afternoon of singing recently, one of their favourite past times. Residents love to sing and Brook House’s Lifestyle Coordinator loves to remind them that there are singing opportunities throughout each week. Some people joined on the singing and some sat and watched, but everyone had great fun listening to the residents singing along to some of their favourite songs. These activities can have very positive psychological, physical and social effects on the residents.

Ongoing research has shown that regular singing can lift your spirits, increase your immunity and provide a workout for your brain and your lungs. These benefits are significant for those experiencing mild to moderate dementia. Brook House Care Home always encourages residents to show their musical side as much as possible.

15 Apr 19

Etheldred House Care Home receives a visit from the Zoolab Animals

Etheldred House Care Home recently received a visit from an “animal handling experience company” called Zoolab Animals. The residents were very excited to see some of the creatures that the handlers had brought in with them. These included animals such as reptiles, snakes, spiders, rats and millipedes.

They were told all about the different animals, as well as information about their normal living habitats. Some of the residents couldn’t resist holding and feeling the creatures in their hands which gave the animal handlers a chance to show them the best approach to bonding with the animals.

Some of the residents told the handlers about how and where they had previously met and seen some of those animals in the wild, telling some amazing stories in the process. Residents of Etheldred House had an unforgettable experience with this activity, and particularly getting to pet the animals and being able to spend some time in their company. Everyone left with a smile on their face! Eheldred House Care Home would like to say thank you to Zoolab Animals, and they hope to see them again soon.

15 Apr 19

Longfield Care Home has a wonderful day making Flower Arrangements

On Friday, Longfield Care Home had a volunteer flower arranger named Heather from Whittle College visit the residents to help show them how to do some of her lovely arrangements. This is something that the residents had been wanting to do for a while. As a result, Lifestyle Coordinator Paula had added it to the ‘Wishing Washing Line’, which was how the volunteer contacted them. The Wishing Washing Line is a collection of wishes from people living in care homes, displayed in local areas such as supermarkets.

Heather said afterwards that she had really enjoyed working with the residents and told them that she would really love to visit again. The residents were full of smiles and had a great time creating their flower arrangements, telling the team at Longfield Care Home that they are really looking forward to doing it again soon.

15 Apr 19

Entertainer gets residents of Buchan House Singing and Dancing

Recently, Buchan House Care Home has had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful entertainer Pat Sawyer, who performed for their residents and staff. After diving into a few song performances he got everyone present into a sense of high spirits with his music. Soon, a crowd had formed, and team members Sharon, Veska and Natasha danced with many of the residents as the sun shone behind them.

Musical performances such as this are a great way to help residents forget about their day to day ailments and just enjoy themselves for the hour.  Not only is it good for social interaction, but it also improves moods and helps to calm agitation. It is wonderful during activities such as this to see the resident’s faces positively light up when they started to sing and dance along, with their smiles beaming from ear to ear! Buchan House Care Home would like to thank Pat for making an appearance and giving the residents a very enjoyable evening of fun.


15 Apr 19

Sherrell House take part in a relaxing Cake Baking Activity

Residents of Sherrell House Care Home recently took part in a relaxing cake baking activity. They spent the morning reminiscing about the past, particularly about the war era and rationing during the 40’s and 50’s. They spoke about their earlier days at school and how cooking had been taught to them as a subject. Some of the residents remembered learning how to make cakes and pastries back then.

At the residents request, Sherrell House staff gave out the ingredients to bake vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. These were soon brought down to the kitchen to cook while staff prepared the icing. Afterwards they were nicely decorated by the residents and then promptly eaten with a cup of tea. Many of the residents said that the cupcakes were delicious, and they wished that they had made more of them!

12 Apr 19

Colour, Light & Inspired Design!

We are so excited to share that our team have begun the renovation of Windmill Care Home in Brixton, London, creating an engaging and interactive environment with many features that will help the people who live there to think about their past, bringing back happy memories to help them to feel at home and to create new memories, in a beautifully designed home.

Our promise is to provide personalised care and support to people who live and work in our homes. Everything we do stems from our desire to create individual care & support for each person, in a happy, relaxed and high quality environment.

We know when we design for older people – that taking cues from Dementia Friendly environments throughout the building, ensures a design that will support everyone’s needs.

As with all areas of care; when we get Dementia Care right – we get all care right , therefore we strive to deliver excellence in our homes where people live with dementia – knowing that we will high quality everywhere.

We believe that the environment has the power to engage or dis-engage people who live in the home, therefore our designs are created to be of interest to everyone and encourages people to interact with the environment and each other.

Designing places for people to be together, to chat, to enjoy food and company as well as places where people can be alone to enjoy some peace & quiet – all form part of our design brief.

Please click here to see some before and after pictures of the changes so far – we are delighted to share these with you and look forward to showcasing this revitalising project as we continue on our quest to add colour, connection and comfort to each and every area of the home!

12 Apr 19

Residents of St Fillans have a nostalgic look back on Mothering Sunday

Residents at St Fillan’s took part in Mothering Sunday by sharing a nostalgic look back at some of their life stories past and present. Relatives and friends of the home attended to listen to some of their tales of reminiscence. In between they were also offered refreshments such as tea and cake. A running theme throughout their stories was hearing them talk about just how much strength and willpower their Mother’s had to have during the war time period.

As the residents looked back to the 1940’s, they told incredible stories of how their mothers urged them to sing songs to block out the noises of the bombs dropping during the air raids. They also mentioned tactics that had to be implemented during rationing, such as having to freeze butter in order to slice it thin and make it last longer. Some residents got nostalgic at the thought of using record players to play swing music from the 40’s and 50’s such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Thankfully there was a record player available in the room for whenever they wanted to hear their favourite sounds from the big band era.

After they had wrapped up their stories, their relatives gave some amazing feedback as a tribute to their Mother’s. St Fillans Care Home always encourages residents to look back on older memories, particularly as it is a good way to help keep the mind active. Let’s raise a glass to these remarkable ladies and the women that inspired them during the war!

12 Apr 19

Brook House Celebrate warm weather with Gardening Activity

Residents of Brook House Care Home have been enjoying the warm weather and in particular the positive effect it has had on the home’s garden. As a bit of fun, they recently took part in an indoor gardening activity where residents and family members planted sunflower, beetroot, tomatoes and forget-me-not seeds. These are being watered regularly and once the seedlings are old enough they will be planted in the Brook House garden, in their raised plant beds.

Gardening can provide a sense of accomplishment for residents of the home. Growing your own vegetables in a garden also provides healthy food with nutritional value. It helps to reduce stress levels and gives residents a chance to relax, which promotes better sleep for improved health. Brook House Care Home is very much looking forward to seeing how the garden develops over the coming seasons!

12 Apr 19

New Knitted Blanket finished by residents of Buchan House

On Wednesday, Buchan House Care Home held another one of their weekly knitting sessions. At this point the group are well on their way to completing their second blanket ready to sell, with all proceeds going to the Resident’s Comfort Fund. This week one of the organisers, Mary joined Buchan House, along with her daughter who both seemed to really enjoy the group, as well as regulars Liz & Maureen too.

One of the house’s friends and relatives, Judith, has organised the squares for a pattern so they can finish off the blanket, which will be on sale very soon. The project has already developed so much in just a short time, and the team at Buchan House Care Home is looking forward to seeing how it develops.