12 Jun 19

Entertainer at Brook House Care Home delights with live music set

There was a lovely treat at Brook House Care Home over the weekend as entertainer Liz brought her saxophone along with her for an afternoon of live music. Everyone loved listening to her musical performance as they clapped along in time to the music. Many of the residents enjoyed singing or humming to the songs, quite a few of them getting up to dance along.

Physical exercise such as dancing combined with musical activity can produce positive effects on residents, not just in mood but also by improving balance and flexibility. Brook House Care Home would like to thank Liz for playing her live music set for the residents.







11 Jun 19

Buchan House welcomes back entertainer Peter from the Jukebox legends

Recently Buchan House Care Home was happy to welcome back entertainer Peter Day from the Jukebox Legends. He came into the home for a joyous afternoon of singing and dancing with the residents. Everyone rushed to the lounge area, ready and eagerly waiting for Peter to perform a selection of classic songs. Peter has always been hugely popular at the home and everyone always looks forward to his visits.

The Jukebox Legends singer really put a smile on everyone’s faces covering songs by the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash and Cliff Richard, residents got up to dance to the music, while others just enjoyed singing or clapping along. They also enjoyed a wide range of refreshments such as tea and biscuits. Buchan House Care Home would like to thank Peter for his wonderful performance, and they hope to see him again soon!

11 Jun 19

Queen’s Oak Care Home takes a trip to the Brighton seaside

On Friday, seven residents of Queens Oak Care Home took a special road trip to the seaside in Brighton. They loved having a chance to relax and enjoy the sunshine and glorious weather. The residents took a stroll along the pier where they enjoyed fish and chips for lunch, while team members of Queen’s Oak successfully chased off the seagulls, much to everyone’s amusement.

The residents particularly loved having such great views of the sea, beach and pier, and watching all of the young people and families as they walked by. Thankfully the weather held up very well throughout the day, and everyone had a chance to enjoy the best of what Brighton has to offer. “I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time!” one resident said. Everyone left on the coach back with a smile on their faces, and upon returning to the home, the residents shared their experiences and stories of their day at the seaside over dinner.

11 Jun 19

Glennfield Care Home opens a stall for National Cupcake Day

Glennfield Care Home recently held one of their monthly coffee and shopping mornings, which was followed by a cake stall in recognition of National Cupcake Day. Residents, team members and visitors enjoyed having the opportunity to browse the stalls that had been set up from local suppliers such as Bonmarche, Laurel & Reed and Lana Handbags. Residents were served tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits by local students from the Meadowgate academy.

Later on, Glennfield held their cake sale in aid of National Cupcake Day for the Alzheimer’s society. This special event often takes place on the 13th June although it can be held any day this week. It is held each year to raise money to help the fight against dementia. A fun and busy morning was had by all of the residents, and Glennfield Care Home is already looking forward to their next shopping morning!

11 Jun 19

Castlebar resident celebrates with wonderful 100th birthday party

Celebrations were well under way at Castlebar Care Home as resident Joy turned 100 years of age recently. For her centennial birthday, Castlebar put on a party which included an amazing cake made just for the occasion. The cake was designed with pastel colours and her name and age. They even placed butterfly’s on the corners of the cake.

Castlebar’s lounge was filled with friends and family for the occasion. This was a lovely surprise for her, and she was smiling proudly all day. Entertainer Andrew came in to perform pop songs from the fifties and sixties, whilst everyone including Joy had a great time waving their hands, tapping their feet and singing along. Joy said that her surprise party was “absolutely wonderful” and was very impressed with the afternoon festivities.

Joy loved spending the day with her family and friends, and especially enjoyed a wonderful cream cake as she sat opening her presents and cards. There was one special card in particular sent by the Queen wishing her many more happy birthday celebrations to come. One of the Castlebar team asked Joy what was her secret to looking so young, her response was to “keep yourself active, and never stop doing what you love”. Everyone then raised a toast and sang Happy Birthday to her.

June was born in 1919. She lived her early years in a lovely house that was design by English architect Giles Gilbert Scott. The house was at the top of College Road in Bromley where she lived with her sister during her younger years. Joy went to boarding school and left after she turn sixteen, she then started taking a flower arranging course and during the war she became an official driver for army officers. She meet her husband Peter around this time, and they got married on April 5th 1941.

Later in life Joy took part in many different jobs, she worked for a while as a successful nanny, and she was very fast on her feet! She also began to work with local Conservatives when she become a justice of the peace in Bromley and a chair of the Woman’s Association. Joy later had the chance to meet Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Joy was awarded a O.B.E. for her work with the Conservatives, and later did a lot of work for mental health. She even continued to drive her own car until the age of 96.

In October 2017 Joy moved into Castlebar and she is still keeping herself busy on a daily basis. The team at Castlebar Care Home would love to wish her the fondest of birthday wishes, and look forward to many more birthday celebrations to come!

10 Jun 19

Sweyne Court resident helps to put up their garden’s gazebo

At Sweyne Court Care Home, resident Peter worked together with Lifestyle Coordinator Benjamin to put up their garden’s gazebo, just in time to use as a display for their upcoming summer antiques show. Sweyne Court has a lot of BBQ’s during the summer, and the residents have requested many activities recently for the summer season such as a sports day, trips to the flower park and walks with the dog. Benjamin and Peter particularly wanted to do their best to get the garden looking summery for the residents.

Peter is a resident at Sweyne and he delights in helping out the staff with any odd jobs that he can take part in. Resident June was also a great help for the occasion, as she helped with the fresh flower arranging for the home on the day. Sweyne Court would like to thank Benjamin and Peter for putting up their gazebo, as well as June for helping with the flower decorating.


10 Jun 19

Hunters Down residents commemorates D-Day in Huntingdon

Some of the residents of Hunters Down Care Home recently commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day at Huntingdon town centre. The residents arrived at the site with a relative who had also come to support the outing. They took great pride and respect in appearing at the event, especially as the flag was flown and they listened to service men reading out soldier’s stories from the events of D-Day.

The group then followed the nearby crowd of supporters to the ‘Thinking Soldier‘ war memorial on Market Hill. On this site there were wreaths laid down for the soldiers. The residents were then invited into the town hall for tea and biscuits, which were enjoyed by all. The Mayor of Huntingdon later came and thanked the residents for being a part of the day’s service. Hunters Down Care Home would like to thank and remember all of those who fought for us during the second world war.

10 Jun 19

Glennfield Care Home enjoy afternoon activity of chair exercises

There was a fun packed week at Glennfield Care Home as residents were joined by Shelly from the Extend company for an afternoon activity of chair exercises. Extend are a leading fitness provider in the UK, and provide chair exercise routines aimed at improving posture and balance. Each class caters towards a range of abilities, and everyone is given a chance to take part.

Shelly is popular at Glennfield as she always gives time to each resident during her sessions. The residents love the mix of music on display and there’s always lots of fun and laughter had by all. Everyone who attends these sessions always leaves with a big smile on their faces. Glennfield Care Home would like to thank Shelly for consistently delivering a fun and relaxing social exercise activity for the residents to enjoy.

10 Jun 19

Etheldred House has a lovely afternoon at Denny Abbey

It was a lovely afternoon full of sunshine recently for the residents of Etheldred House, as they were very excited to take a visit to Denny Abbey. They had looked forward to exploring the farmland with a magnificent view of the nature of the rural life at the Abbey. For their first stop, they spent time exploring the remains of the 12th century of “The Abbey Church.”

The residents became very engaged in conversation amongst themselves which brought back past memories growing up around Cambridgeshire. Afterwards, they viewed the medieval tiled floor and arches in the great refectory, that local nun’s had used as a dining room as far back as the 14th century.

Later on, the residents looked around the farmworker’s cottage, and also the stone barn, full of farming equipment, tools and machinery. The residents were pleased and excited with their experience at the farm and all the knowledge that they had learnt there. Afterwards they topped off a perfect afternoon by having some refreshments in the Abbey’s garden. Etheldred House Care Home had a wonderful trip to Denny Abbey, and they hope to make a return in the future!

7 Jun 19

Ashlyn Care Home’s gardening club prepares for the summer

For the residents of Ashlyn Care Home, there was recently a wonderful flurry of events as residents enjoyed taking part in activities such as gardening, cooking and even going out to the cinema. They have really taken to their gardening club in particular, especially as it is nearly summer. Several of the home’s residents are avid gardeners and this club offers a therapeutic activity that provides them with a sense of calm and relaxation.
A few months ago they had planted flowers which were then cared for indoors. More recently, residents such as Peggy and Lenny have enjoyed moving the flowers into the garden. One resident said of the garden, “It’s going to look absolutely lovely”.  They enjoyed sharing cups of tea before planting the first ‘Forget Me Not’ seeds as part of the home’s activities for Dementia Action Week. The team at Ashlyn gave special thanks to resident Bob, who has an NVQ in gardening and loves caring daily for the home’s beautiful flowers. He is particularly excited about how the flowers will look in the upcoming summer months.
Other activities that the home has partaken in recently include their baking club, which Peggy in particular is a big fan of. The residents had also recently went on a trip to Harlow Cinema to enjoy a special screening of the original Mary Poppins, as a follow up to their activities for Dementia Action Week. We would like to thank Ashlyn Care Home for the dedication they put in for their residents, constantly making sure that there are always plenty of fun activities for them to take part in!