12 Feb 14

Milk Bottle Tops

The staff at Excelcare head office were only too keen to help a local school in their call for Milk Bottle Tops.

The staff at Ertosun House set up collecting boxes in each staff kitchen with the aim to collect as many bottle tops by Easter to help raise funds for a young lad who needs a specialist wheelchair. A target of 100 bottle tops has been set for Excelcare

10 Feb 14

Report got it wrong…our care home is great

I’ve setlled in very well

Desapite being devastated when her family told her she had to move into a care home, Rose Symmons, has got nothing but praise for Goldenley.

She moved in last year and is now having her room decorated, to add a personal touch.

Her children and grandchildren are regular visitors, and she still enjoys days out and weekends away.

Mrs Symmons, 86 said: “At first I was upset, but i’ve settled in really well.

“Everyone is very friendly, the food is lovely and they give me my medication on time, which is brilliant, because I always used to forget when i lived on my own.

“Of course I miss home at times, because that is only normal, but I’m happy at Goldenley.

“There is a very friendly atmosphere and there’s never a dull moment. I like the entertainment and I’ve made some brilliant friends.”


It feels like home…after 4 months

When Beverley Herbert was looking at nursing homes for her mum Peggy, nowhere matched what Goldenley had to offer.

Mrs Herbet, 53, from Southend instantly fell in love with the “family feel” of the home. She said: “I have nothing but praise for Goldenley. The girls have been like a second familt for mum. She lost my dad last year and she gets really upset, but I know she’s safe and well looked after.

“I’ve had terrible doubts about sending her to a home, but as soon as I walked into reception to look around, someone was taking their mum out for the day and told me how much they recommended Goldenley.

Mum Peggy Tyrell, 82 moved to Goldenley four months ago and has already settled in.

She has said “Everyone is friendly and there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions.

“It feels like home”


Watchdog has safety concerns at Goldenley, but residents say nothing could make it better

A care home has come back fighting after a health watchdog raised concerns about the safety of residents.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission ordered Goldenley, in Richmond Avenue , Benfleet, to improve after an unannounced inspection last month.

But residents and their families believe there is nothing which could make the home better than it already is.

Staff understand moving into a nursing home can be a harrowing experience for elderley residents and their families.

The team of 45 try their best to ensure residents hae all the entertainment, comfort and care they need to make Goldenley feel like home

The 39 residents, many of whom suffer from dementia, share the care home with pet cat Lucky, fish and a budgie.

Daily entertainment includes a knitting club, card games, exercise sessions and music.

Chris Webster became home manager seven years ago.

She joined Goldenley, which opened more than 40 years ago, as a carer in 1999.

Mrs Webster said: “Music is really stimulating for people with dementia and they also like a bit of gentle exercise.

“Some still like to play cardsm while other enjot Knitting. There is something for everyone, but no one is forced to join in if they don’t need to.

“Everyone is different and they need to be treated that way. We specialise in people with dementia, and that varies from those at the beginning of the illness to more progressed stages.

“I always tell the staff we have got to get into residents’ zone bevause they can’t get into ours. Their reality is different and we have to understand their way of thinking.”

Staff receive specialist training to ensure they know how to deal with individual needs.

In it’s report, the Care Quality Commission said staf refused patient’s requests to go outside for some fresh air and made decisions for them.

Wheelchairs with missing footplates were not taken out of operation and pressure mattresses were not checked daily, as required.

However, policies have now been put in place to ensure all essential standards are being met and an action plan has been sent to the health watchdog clarifing issues raised during the inspection.

Staff at Goldenley, which is run by Excelcare, claim broken equipment is never used.

Mrs. Webster said “I have worked here for a long time now and this is the first time we have never met all the standards. I think it is hard for inspectors to get a true image after spending just one day here.”

Her deputy, Jenny Heath, has been at Goldenley for 15 years.

Much like Mrs Webster, her dedication and commitment to the care home has seen her progress through the ranks to management level.

Mrs Heath said: “I cared for my father at home and when he passed away I decided I wanted to do it as a job.

“I worked in other care homes first, but I only lasted a few months because it just didn’t feel right.

“As soon as I started at Goldenley I fell in love with the place and I have been here ever since. Something just clicked.

“This job is certainly challenging. Sometimes you can have a really bad day, but someone will say thanks or smile at you and it just makes it all worthwhile.

“You’ve got to really want to do this job.”


The staff are brilliant with our sister Nel

Monty Merrel and wife Violet are regular visitors at Goldenley.

Monty’s sister Nel Whiter, 82, first moved into the care home three years ago and since then, her dementia has worsened.

Nel did not want to go into a care home, but she quickly settled in.

Monty, 77 from Pitsea, said “We thought we were going to have a job getting her into a care home, but the staff helped us right from the beginning. Within two weeks she had settled in and seemed to feel at home.

“The staff are very friendly and they know everyone individually – there is a real personal touch. I think Goldenley is terrific.

“Nel suffers from dementia and can be challenging at times, but the staff are brilliant with her.

“Not everything is black and white and all the residents have different needs.”

7 Feb 14

Excelcare Statement

Excelcare wishes to make clear that the following care companies are not associated with our organisation

Please click here to view the comapnies we are NOT associated with statement

7 Feb 14

MK Job Show

The MK Job Show provided us with a high calibre of candidates that were suited to the roles we were offering. Footfall was high through the day with nonstop interest in our services. It was refereshing to see health care services represented in a positive manner.

A definite must for any employer with vacancies to fill. We will definitely be back in September

7 Feb 14

Straw Bear Festival

Aliwal residents enjoying themselves at the Straw Bear Festival. It is an annual event held in our town and dates back to medieval times. People travel from all parts of the UK to follow the Bear, including Morris Dancers, Molly Dolls etc, calling in at most of the pubs along the route.

7 Feb 14

Centenary Celebrations at Aliwal Manor

Flo has been a resident at Aliwal Manor since December 2009 and is well loved and respected by everyone who knows her. She is seen here, celebrating her centenary last month, where she was joined by five generations of her family, together with staff from the Home for her party.

4 Feb 14

Vintage Advertising Could Make Dementia Patients Happy

A leading confectionary giant has created reminiscence packs to help bring back the happy memories of dementia sufferers, made possible through a raft of advertising material the firm has produced over the years.

With the various forms of dementia affecting well over 800,000 people in the UK alone, it is important that research is carried out to help alleviate its symptoms and to help those who require specialist dementia care enjoy a far better quality of life.

The reminiscence packs have been created by Nestle with the help of the Alzheimer’s Society and are currently being tested by two groups who are carrying out activities with dementia sufferers and carers. Should the project prove to be a success, it is likely that these packs will then be made available on a wider scale.

Sweets to bring back memories with everything from Rowntree’s Fruit Gums and Smarties to Carnation Milk and Nescafé being included, it is hoped that the material, taken from the Nestlé & Ireland Archive, could help to trigger pleasant and happy childhood memories for dementia patients.

The pack contains plenty of material for products which are no longer in production, meaning that sufferers could use their memory to educate family and friends who do not recognise them.

When discussing the initiative, Alzheimer’s Society Spokeswoman Alison Cook said that it helps carers and loved ones to engage positively with people living with dementia. She added: “Even something as simple as an old sweet wrapper can bring back vivid memories from a happy time.”

James Maxton, a spokesman for Nestle, said: ‘We are keen to share the contents of the archive with as wide an audience as possible and we are delighted to use some of our favourite artefacts to produce this.’

If you are keen to learn more about the Reminiscence Pack from Nestle, click here.

Image Credit: Boston Public Library (Flickr.com)

4 Feb 14

Harry Emery Celebrates 103rd Birthday

Harry Emery celebrates his 103rd birthday by blowing out candles on his cake held by his daughter Margaret Ardley and son John Emery.

Birthday celebrations have taken place for 103-year-old Harry Emery a day late – as usual.

It was only when Harry turned 100 that his family found out his birthday was actually January 30th and not the 31st, so they carried on marking the day in the way they always had.

Harry celebrated his birthday at the Hunters Down care home in Huntingdon where he has lived for the last four years.

His son John and daughter Margaret were at his side for a special party and there was a visit from Huntingdon deputy mayor Cllr Tanya Forster.

Harry grew up in Whitley Bay and is a big Newcastle fan.

Son John said: “He was adopted and celebrated his birthday on the 31st of January.

“It was when we looked at his birth certificate when he was 100 we found out.”

He said: “He is a wonderful man and a great father. He is a football fanatic and taught me to play football in the park when I was two-years-old.”

John said his father worked for Pickfords, both in its travel agency and removals business, before moving to New Malden, Surrey, where he worked for Harrods and was responsible for removals involving top people, including a president of the United States.

Harry, who lived in Fenstanton, was married for 60 years to his wife Constance who died in 2006.

John said: “He was very active into his 90s and still drove to the age of 94. He has always been self-sufficient was living at home until he was 99.”

28 Jan 14

British Red Cross Thank You Letter

The British Red Cross would like to thank Excelcare for your generous donation of £500 to help those affected by the devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan.

The 300 mile wide typhoon made landfall in the Philippines on Friday 8th November leaving a trail of destruction in its path. It is believed to be the most powerful typhoon ever to hit land and has caused catastrophic damage to a country whose inhabitants are already battling for survival following an earthquake earlier this year.

Philippine Red Cross volunteers have been on the ground since before the storm hit, helping with evacuation plans and warning communities. Now, they are getting urgently needed aid to the people who are most in need and preparing to help thousands more. The destruction of communication and transport links, with many roads into the affected areas completely blocked, has presented an incredibly challenging situation.

Reports from the worst hit areas across the archipelago tell of a catastrophic humanitarian impact, with over 5,000 confirmed deaths and 13 million people affected; millions of whome have been displaced and in need of basic provisions, food and shelter.

The Philippine Red Cross has already distributed over 13,000 food parcels, provided thousands of vital relief items such as tarpaulins and jerry cans and helped log over 25,500 tracing enquiries from families who have lost their loved ones.

The British Red Cross has been directly supporting the Philippine Red Cross by deploying a team of shelter and logistics experts to support the response, as well as contributing thousands of relief items including shelter kits, hygiene parcels, which include soap and toothpaste, and family tents to house those who have lost their home.

Thank you once again for responding so promptly and for helping us to provide assistance where it is needed most.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Schofield

Corporate Partnerships Team

13 Jan 14

Centenarian Elsie has used her 100 years well

A former apple picker has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Else Jefferies marked her centenary on Saturday with a visit from family and a birthday tea at Lime Court Care Centre, in Dovercourt.

Born on January 4, 1914, Elsie grew up in a little house in Parkeston.

She went to school in the village before starting work, aged 18, in the refreshment rooms on the railways at various stations.

In her spare time, she used to enjoy going to the dances at the Army Garrison, which is where she met her future husband, Corporal Roger Jefferies.

They married at Parkeston Church and moved to the army quarters at Colchester Garrison.

Elsie continued to work until 1942 when their first Child, Patricia was born.

When her husband was posted to Gibraltar they moved and continued travelling with the army, returning at the end of his service with a second child, Roger.

The family settled in Ramsey and after the children had grown up, Elsie went back to work on the land, harvesting potatoes and apple picking.

She moved to Lime Court Care Centre in 2004.

Sarah Meachen, activities coordinator at Lime Court, said: “Elsie has been here ten years and she has been a pleasure to have around.

“She is liked by all the care staff.

“She loves to be pampered, to have her hair and nails done.

“It’s always nice to be able to celebrate a 100th birthday with a resident and to see them receive their card from the Queen.”