18 Jun 18

104th Birthday at Okeley Care Home

Hilda Parsons has just celebrated her 104th birthday on 8th June at Okeley Care Home in Chelmsford. Hilda has lived at Okeley for the past 18 months, where she is well-loved by staff. She is affectionately known as ‘Mum’ in the Home! Silvia, Hilda’s senior carer speaks highly of her – “She is a really nice and lovely lady. She is so polite.”

Hilda was born in London just before the First World War. During the Second World war she had two children, and moved her family from London to Essex.  In recent years, she has overcome pneumonia and a broken hip. Hilda’s family came to celebrate her birthday with her at Okeley with their families. Her room was decorated with birthday cards and bunting, and later everyone enjoyed the birthday cake. The family dog even came to celebrate!

Everyone at Excelcare wishes Hilda a very happy 104th birthday.


18 Jun 18

Dementia-Friendly Cinema Visit for St George’s Court

St George’s Care Home recently spent time at the Light Cinema in Cambridge, which has dementia-friendly screenings of films. They saw ‘Singing in the Rain’ and ate hotdogs, popcorn and fizzy drinks! Everybody loved the film.

Dementia-friendly cinemas are becoming more common around the UK. A recent study showed that 69% of people with dementia lack the confidence to go out. Cinemas can make changes suitable for people with dementia, for example with soft lighting, good accessibility and signs to make people feel safe and welcome. They also have an interval midway through the film. Everybody from St George’s watched “Back Two” singers perform during their interval.

St George’s plan to make future visits to the Light Cinema, as everybody had such a great time!


15 Jun 18

Elvis at Stanley Wilson Care Home

Elvis came to Stanley Wilson’s Day Club this week, to sing and swing his hips for the lovely club members. He sang a variety of songs, and had multiple outfit changes! This included a Hawaiian theme, a gold jacket, and of course the iconic white flares!

Elvis gave a rose to every lady and a scarf to every gentleman in the room. Some of the Day Club staff even helped him with different songs, and everybody was singing along! It was a very fun afternoon for all.

14 Jun 18

Queens Oak Care Home Shop On Wheels!

Queens Oak Care Home has a shop for those living in the Home to buy their favourite products. Having realised not everybody is able to go to the shop, staff decided to make it mobile!

The shop is now on wheels, meaning staff can go round the whole Home and to individual bedrooms. The products at the shop include toiletries, sweets and other goodies! Everybody in the Home can now choose their own products without having to travel from their bedrooms.


13 Jun 18

Ashlyn Care Home’s Lovely Lounges

Ashlyn Care Home held a competition within the home to name their lounges, corridors and dining room. The competition was run by Sandy Old, the Chairman of Ashlyn Resident Committee (ARC). This week, the winning room names were chosen and signs were put up around the home.

It is important to have the rooms named, particularly for newcomers to the Home, as it helps them to get their bearings! It is also lovely that the rooms were named personally by those living in the Home. The Woodlands, Tulip, Blossom and Petunia were some of the winning names – lovely summery choices!

One morning, everybody was treated to some entertainment in The Woodlands lounge. The Cats Pyjamas came in for a ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ performance, and gave a brief history of Eurovision from 1950-90’s. One lady named Shirley who lives at Ashlyn particularly enjoyed this, and even knew the newer songs! She kept saying how wonderful the singing was, and what an outstanding voice the singer had. Overall everyone had a lovely morning, and really enjoyed spending time in the newly named rooms!


13 Jun 18

Mad Hatters Party at Lime Court Care Home

Lime Court Care Home have been getting creative making a Mad Hatter Hat. This fits in perfectly with next week’s Excelcare and Guildmore Awards Ceremony, which is Alice in Wonderland themed!

The hat featured characters from the story, playing cards, flowers and feathers. Two work experience students helped the people living in the Home to make this wonderful creation. Everybody tried it on, and looked brilliant wearing it!

We will be holding a Mad Hatter Hat Contest for the guests at the Awards Ceremony next week, so we hope people will take inspiration from Lime Court’s creation!

12 Jun 18

Greenfingers at St George’s Court

St George’s Court Care Home have been sprucing up their gardens with fresh new plants and flowers for summer. Staff arranged this as an outdoor activity for everybody living in the Home.

Everybody got busy potting up plants for the hanging baskets, plant pots and flowerbeds. All of the new plants look beautiful, and one in particular was designated in memory of someone special.

Everyone enjoyed the activity so much that they spent all day gardening! Some people even ate their lunch out in the garden to admire their hard work. It was lovely to have the people living in the Home working together with staff,  getting active and improving the look of the gardens!


12 Jun 18

Pottery at Neath Hill Care Home

Everybody living at Neath Hill Care Home has been showing off their creative talent! Staff organised a craft activity for the people living in the Home to paint some pottery.

All of the plates and coasters looked very colourful and bright, with personal touches such as their names painted on. Some people chose an outdoors theme with flowers, plants and sunshine, whilst others went for a decorative approach. They all looked great!

Arts and crafts activities are really valuable in Care Homes, because they encourage social engagement, reduce stress and help keep the brain active!

12 Jun 18

Queen’s Oak Celebrate the Royal Wedding

Queen’s Oak Care Home held a marvellous party last month to mark the Royal Wedding. Staff decorated the Home with balloons and wedding decorations, so it was looking very festive and pretty!

There was a beautiful wedding cake decorated with white and pink flowers in the centre of the room. Everybody sat around the cake to watch the musical entertainment. Some of the people living in the Home got up to join in the singing and dancing!

Later, everybody enjoyed a tea party with hot drinks and delicious cupcakes. Overall, it was a very fun day and everyone loved celebrating the new Royal couple!



11 Jun 18

Reading and Music at Ashlyn Care Home

Ashlyn Care Home had a busy week of activities last week!

On Wednesday, schoolchildren from Tany’s Dell Primary School paid a visit to Ashlyn Care Home. Each week they come in to read to the residents, which everyone enjoys! The children love coming in and having a chat with the people living in the Home. It is also great for them to practise their reading to an audience outside of school!

A gentleman called Michael who is new to the home really enjoyed hearing the children read to him. The schoolteacher said that one child is particularly shy, so it was lovely to hear him confidently chatting with Michael.

Later in the day, Dennis the One Man performer came in to sing in the one of the lounges, in remembrance of D-Day. One lady in the Home named Pearl got up and sang ‘What A Wonderful World’ with Dennis. Pearl must be feeling particularly musical this month – she also joined in with visiting pianist John Goodall Smith when he came in last week!

The following day Ashlyn held their monthly bingo and pub night, which everyone enjoys each month!