9 May 19

Glennfield residents enjoy round of shopping with their morning coffee

It was another lovely day at Glennfield Care Home on Friday, as residents enjoyed some coffee with their daily activities. There was also the opportunity to do a bit of shopping from their regular stall holders. For a change, the resident’s regular shopping event was held on the same day as their monthly coffee morning where Glennfield is joined by students from a local school that volunteer with them every week.

The students make everyone a cup of tea or coffee and hand out delicious cakes to the residents, as well as playing games and chatting with them. The residents and students always greatly enjoy their coffee mornings. They get the chance to meet different people and love to chat with them all. For the shopping event, a regular visitor to Glennfield named Steve sold a fine selection of handbags, and Beth from Laurel and Reed had a chance to show off her lovely wax melts to the Glennfield residents.


9 May 19

Lime Court has a wonderful music session celebrating the best of British

Lime Court Care Home has a regular music therapy session with Gunni from Kiddleydivey, this week they celebrated with a ‘Best of British celebration’. Each session is themed differently, and this one was perhaps the most positive one they’ve had so far. Everyone waved flags, dressed up, played musical instruments and sung along to the themed music. The highlight of the best of British session was the residents each having a go at playing the drums!

Music Therapy activities always have such a positive impact on the residents. They are good for social interaction, they provide gentle exercise with movement to music and the residents never fail to be entertained by the ‘lady in pink’. Kiddleydivey has stated that the aim of their sessions is “educating, stimulating and connecting through music.”

8 May 19

Queen’s Oak receives special bank holiday entertainment from Musical Wonderland

The residents of Queen’s Oak Care Home celebrated the Monday bank holiday with live entertainment from a musical entitled ‘Musical Wonderland’. This was a live entertainment show produced by Tickled Pink Productions. This show has been described as “packed full of classic musical theatre songs from yester-year such as Singing In The Rain, Putting On The Ritz and True Love, Musical Wonderland contains fabulous tap routines and a romantic comedy story.” Residents and relatives joined in singing and clapping throughout this activity.

One of the residents shared tears of joy at the performance, and said that it reminded him of the days when he used to regularly go out to  concert venue’s such as the Royal Albert Hall to watch live shows. His daughter was there with him to sing along to the songs. Queen’s Oak Care Home had a fantastic time seeing this great performance, and wish the performers from Musical Wonderland all the best for their future shows! This will certainly go down as an unforgettable experience for the residents of the home.

8 May 19

Brook House Care Home has a return visit from The Music Lady

Brook House saw a return visit from ‘The Music Lady’ recently. She is much loved by the home’s residents and gets everyone in the mood for some dancing and singing. There were also a lot of family members present who enjoyed joining in for this activity. Singing and dancing therapy has also been found to alleviate anxiety and stress, and leisurely activities such as this have been associated with slowing down the effects of ailments effecting the elderly.

The benefits of these types of activities also include helping to maintain speech and language and enhancing quality of life. The residents of Brook House loved taking part in the activity and are already looking forward to the next visit from the music lady!

8 May 19

Brazilian guitarist plays to residents of Glennfield Care Home

There was excitement at Glennfield Care Home recently as they were visited by Estevao Devides, who is a Brazilian classical guitarist. He played to the residents in their bedrooms so they could enjoy the entertainment and feel relaxed at the same time. Esteveo played a variety of songs from the renaissance era, all the way to popular music of the 20th century.

The variety and variation he played at was dependent on the residents musical preferences, likes and dislikes. His versatile way of playing and the ease at which he made the residents feel comfortable won over everyone who saw him on his visit. He has already been booked by Glennfield Care Home to come back to play for the residents for the month of May.

7 May 19

Hunters Down has a book reading visit from local primary school

Hunters Down Care Home was recently visited by Huntingdon primary school, who had come in to visit the home’s residents as part of a book reading visit. The children all came prepared with a collection of reading books. There were ten school children who came to the home to read for the residents. As they told their stories, the children read so well that the residents all gave them compliments and words of encouragement on their reading skills.

The residents enjoyed this activity very much, with the children reading as many as four books to the Hunters Down residents. There was plenty of smiles and laughter from both parties as the children chatted with them about their school life and what they had been learning.

In return, the residents told the children a little bit about their lives, particularly about their experiences when they were at school. This was another amazing experience for all involved, one which the residents and the children enjoyed in equal measure. As they left, the children graciously thanked everyone for the experience they’d enjoyed. The team at Hunters Down are very much looking forward to seeing them make a return school visit again at the end of the month.

7 May 19

Etheldred House resident celebrates 105th birthday with tea and cake

Etheldred House Care Home recently celebrated the 105th birthday of one of their residents, named May, who everyone had to chance to have a cup of tea and a chat with. She was very surprised but happy to see what the home had organised for her special day. All of the residents wished her the very best, as well as enjoying some tea and cakes with her. She received a special card signed by the Queen for the occasion. The birthday cake had been lovingly made by the Chef, and everyone commented on just how good it tasted.

Residents lined up say nice things about May, not least of all Barbara who said that she “was still young, and it’s never too late to plan things ahead for the future”. Etheldred House wishes her all the best, and looks forward to many more fun filled birthdays to come!

7 May 19

Park Avenue resident receives encouragement for arts and crafts session

Park Avenue Care Home had another visit recently from Linda of Creative Mojo, and a resident received some strong encouragement during the session. Lifestyle Coordinator Gladys was on the verge of gathering the residents for their fortnightly arts and crafts class when resident Fred’s daughter happened to be visiting Park Avenue. Gladys invited her to join in on the session and she was more than happy to do so. Fred wasn’t feeling too great at that moment and having his daughter by his side assisting him proved to very beneficiary to him.

This really lifted up his spirits, and he produced some fine artwork as a result. Fred had a wonderful time painting with his daughter around, which shows just how important it is for residents to know that they are always being encouraged.


3 May 19

Jukebox Legend provides entertainment for Etheldred House Care Home

The residents at Etheldred House were full of joy and excitement as they received some fantastic entertainment from a singer called Peter, who is billed as a ‘Jukebox Legend.’ He performed a range of fifties and sixties hits, originally by artists such as Elvis, Cliff Richard, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash. All the residents of Etheldred got into the party atmosphere and started singing to some old favourites. They also expressed their love for the music by dancing along. The atmosphere in the room was said by the Eltheldred team to be “absolutely incredible.”

Music has always been extremely popular for the residents, and has always been encouraged by the Etheldred House team. Resident Lynda was a big fan of the music that the Jukebox Legend performed, and said “I’d love to see musical entertainment like this as often as possible!”

3 May 19

Lime Court Care Home has an egg-citing visit from local school

Lime Court Care Home had a recent visit from a few students from the ‘Windsor Smile Team’ of the local Harwich & Dovercourt High School. The kids chatted with the residents and hand delivered Easter Eggs to them. The residents were very surprised to see the gifts they had brought and were very appreciative, especially those with a sweet tooth! One of the residents said that it was lovely to chat to the kids, as they had a lot to talk about.
They enjoyed their Easter Eggs as they caught up on their weekend activities. The team at Lime Court would like to thank the students from the local school for their generosity and hope to see them again soon.