14 Mar 19

Sherrell House Care Home takes part in a Global Tea Party

Sherrell House Care Home recently took part in a ‘Global Tea Party’. This is a national event which takes place as part of Nutrition and Hydration Week. This event is celebrated across the country to promote improvements and raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and hydration across areas of health and social care. The staff organised a wonderful afternoon tea, which consisted of scones with jam and clotted cream, finger sandwiches, pastries and profiteroles. They had a selection of teas on offer, as well as sparkling babycham, prosecco and wine.

The group were joined by entertainer Smokey Joe, who provided an afternoon of fun and laughter. Residents and staff sang along to the 50’s and 60’s hits of Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and Frank Sinatra. Everyone had fun, clapping their hands and waving their arms to the music, some even got up to dance! After the evening residents and their families agreed that “this was a lovely idea” and that they all had a nice afternoon. Resident Nina said she enjoyed the afternoon with her family and friend Aida.

14 Mar 19

90th birthday celebrated with surprise party at Queens Oak Care Home

Rosina, who lives at Queens Oak Care Home recently celebrated her 90th Birthday at the care home! A surprise celebration was organised by Rosina’s family, along with Lifestyle Coordinator, Marilyn Ferdinand, who decorated the room beautifully in black and gold.

When Rosina and her family entered the room everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to surprise her. Rosina was thrilled and sang and danced to the music of the birthday song, joined by all of the residents who also joined in with the party. Rosina’s family had organised an entertainer for the afternoon, and everyone enjoyed his performance before sitting down for some sandwiches and cakes.

Rosina said “This was a beautiful day which I will never forget!”, and everyone who joined Rosina on her special day agreed they had a wonderful time!

13 Mar 19

Longfield Care Home celebrates Nutrition & Hydration Week 2019

The residents of Longfield Care Home had a lovely surprise this afternoon as part of their Nutrition & Hydration Week; staff had arranged for an ice cream trolley to come to the care home! They had many flavours on offer, from classic popular choices such as chocolate and vanilla, to some more unusual flavours such as bubble gum, cookie dough and peanut butter.

Longfield’s Lifestyle Coordinator, Paula Clarke, had made the ice cream trolley in her own time at home; the residents were very impressed with her efforts. “The most popular flavours were strawberry and raspberry ripple, as well as the banana split.” Explained Paula, “All of the residents participated. They were all very excited to try new flavours, with cones, sauces and even a flake if they so wished! All in all, the evening was a lovely success. This Nutrition & Hydration Week will stay with us as a result for a long time to come!”

13 Mar 19

Residents of Abbot Care Home take a trip down ‘nautical’ memory lane

As the weather has been getting a little warmer recently, the staff of Abbot Care Home decided to get everyone into the summer spirit by showcasing their new ‘seaside’! The residents enjoyed going down the care home’s adapted sea-themed hallway, named ‘Sea Lane’.

Many of the residents commented on how the new pictures brought back a lot of fond memories, which they shared with each other. One resident even described how he would take frequent visits to the seaside, taking his girlfriend out on his motorcycle with a side cart, come rain or shine.

The residents all had a wonderful time viewing the new feature!

12 Mar 19

Abbot Care Home enjoys a pancake-themed competition

Lots of fun and laughter was had at Abbot Care Home as they celebrated Pancake Day. The care home organised a fun activity for the day, by having the residents and staff compete in a game of flipping pancakes.

It was a close competition, but in the end the residents outshone the staff. Everyone had a splendid time, sitting down afterwards to enjoy some pancakes. With many different toppings available, residents tucked in to a wide range of options.

Everyone at Abbot Care Home agreed they had a great Shrove Tuesday, and are definitely looking forward to another pancake competition next year!


12 Mar 19

Stanley Wilson Care Home gets creative with flower arrangements

Residents in the Saffron Club at Stanley Wilson Care Home had a visit from The Flower Ladies last week, who led a flower-arranging activity for the group. The Saffron Club enjoyed their company, chatting away whilst learning all about making beautiful arrangements and everyone that saw them thought that they looked lovely.

One of the gentleman in the group proved he has green fingers; he was very pleased with his final flower arrangement. All of the visitors took their arrangements home with them and all of the wives were most surprised and pleased to receive them from their husbands! A great morning was had by all who were present and the smell from the flowers was lovely.

12 Mar 19

Bingo morning enjoyed by residents of Glennfield Care Home

On Friday, students from a local school visited Glennfield Care Home to take part in a morning of bingo. The residents love bingo mornings and there was certainly a full house for the occasion!

Residents enjoyed the students’ company and they all had a lovely chat, getting to know each other and helping each other when needed. The students were especially useful at helping residents with eating cakes and biscuits along the way!

The mix of young and older people at Glennfield Care Home is always a winning combination and it was heartwarming to see how they bonded.

11 Mar 19

Easter Chicks knitted in aid of residents at Hunters Down Care Home

With Easter almost upon us, residents of Hunters Down Care Home have seized the opportunity to make some Easter themed knitting patterns. Anne, the daughter of a resident from Hunters Down; is an avid fan of knitting Easter Chicks. She used to fill them with Crème Eggs and sell them at the care home, with the proceeds going into the residents’ Comfort Fund. Her mother, Joan used to love all of the activities, outings, entertainers etc. and being able to be a part of these events. Even though Joan has since passed away, her daughter Anne (pictured with her husband Geoff) still knits the chickens in aid of Hunters Down. She asked the local Morrison’s in St. Ives this year if they would donate the Crème Eggs, which they did very willingly.

Hunters Down would like to say thank you very much to Anne for continuing this wonderful way of contributing to the care home. It is due to the help of people like her that residents are able to enjoy even more activities, outings and entertainment!

If you would like to buy any of these knitted chicks with funding going towards activities for the residents, they are available in the reception area of Hunters Down Care Home.

11 Mar 19

‘Elvis’ visits Okeley Care Home for Rock ‘n’ Roll afternoon

Rock ‘n’ Roll fans at Okeley Care Home had a lovely surprise on Friday as Elvis was in the building! His afternoon visit was followed on from a week-long trip back to the 40’s and 50’s, culminating in the appearance of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as a grand finale!

Good Rockin’ Tonight!

Elvis has long been a favourite of Okeley Care Home and the residents loved the chance of reliving many defining hits of their younger days. Residents sang, danced and clapped along as the King performed an hour long set of music anthems, including ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, ‘Hound Dog’ ‘Suspicious Minds’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’.

The set flew by, and after it had finished, there wasn’t a resident in the crowd that didn’t have a big smile on their face! Okeley Care Home is very much looking forward to welcoming Elvis back soon!

11 Mar 19

Etheldred House residents take a trip to the Scotsdales Garden Centre

On Thursday residents of Etheldred House braved the wind and rain to visit one of Cambridgeshire’s favourite garden centre’s, Scotsdales. The first stop was the aquarium where everyone marvelled at the various colours and sizes of the fish enjoyed watching the huge carp being fed. In the spirit of Spring, the second stop had to be the flower section. Beautiful daffodils, tulips and peonies were already in bloom as the residents made their way through the aisles. The group commented on how they loved the fresh smells and wide variety of flowers, some of which they’d never seen before.

Some of the residents were eager to buy a memento of the trip and so they explored the shelves to find the perfect keepsake. An adorable ceramic bunny was the talking point of the day and now is sitting happily with its new owner at Etheldred House!

After all that shopping, everyone enjoyed a rest in the Scotsdale café where they tucked into coffee, Victoria sponge cake and some lovely, crumbly scones.

The residents of Etheldred House had so much fun, and are already looking forward to their next trip!