17 Jun 19

Park Avenue residents are invited to local church hall summer fair

At Park Avenue Care Home recently there was much excitement as Reverend Julie from St Andrew’s Church invited the residents to the local summer fair. The Park Avenue team were delighted to see how happy they were to attend this event. They had also brought a few family members along, which particularly perked up the mood of residents such as Fred. Everyone quickly became very sociable. It was wonderful to see the residents engaging with the members of the local community as if they had known them forever.

There was a small live band that played a few old standards, and the residents and their family members joined in by singing along. Afterwards some of the other guests came to talk to the residents and they were happy to see them enjoying themselves. The guests enjoyed refreshments such as tea and coffee, which were provided with either biscuits or cake. The residents and team at Park Avenue Care Home had a great time attending this event, and were glad to have been invited along.

17 Jun 19

Etheldred House residents participate in flower arranging activities

It was a very exciting morning at Etheldred House Care Home recently as the residents set about doing some flower arranging. The residents had been looking forward to participating in this, and in particular getting the chance to showcase some of their own useful skills they had learnt at the home. One of the work experience students named Bana had the opportunity to learn a few useful tips from the residents and team members of Etheldred about the beautiful varieties of flowers on display, including learning their names.
Bana was amazed at just how energetic the residents were during this activity, and loved seeing how much they enjoyed taking part in the flower arranging. The residents were very enthused in conversation, discussing their favourite flowers and the plants that had been growing in the home’s garden. Music was also playing, which lifted everyone’s mood and spirit as they sang along throughout the activity. Etheldred House would like to give a special thanks to all of it’s talented residents, who make daily activities such as this so much fun!

14 Jun 19

Etheldred House Care Home welcomes work experience students

Recently, work experience students have spent some time with Etheldred House Care Home as a part of their coursework. This gave students like Mary and Beth the chance to participate in a particular field that they might eventually like to go into. On Wednesday they had a particularly interesting day, as they spent some quality time with the home’s residents. They got to know a bit about their history and their lives growing up. Later on, Mary and Beth did a presentation for the residents on the importance of staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids. They also encouraged and offered drinks to the residents of the home.
The residents warmed up to them very quickly and said that it was very interesting to hear their advice on hydration. Etheldred House has had a fantastic time getting to know it’s work experience students, and wishes Mary and Beth well for the remainder of their course.

14 Jun 19

Work experience students talk about their time spent at Hunters Down

Hunters Down Care Home were very proud to have been able to welcome some work experience students from a variety of schools recently. The students spent the day with the home’s Lifestyle Coordinators, learning about their roles and getting to know some of the residents. For the last two weeks, Hunters Down has had help from Reece and Jasmine from Hinchingbrooke School. They asked if they could write a few sentences about their experiences at Hunters Down.

Reece wrote: “I did not really know what to expect although I had been to Hunters Down before helping at some of the fetes in the past. I knew I would like the work that I’d be involved in. I have enjoyed my work experience a lot here. I have enjoyed the work I was doing, as it feels rewarding seeing the smiles on the residents faces when you help them or make them happy. I did not realise how many activities take place here, as I didn’t know there were different activities in the morning and the afternoon. I feel I have improved my social skills and have become attached to the residents. The team are very friendly and can easily chat to anyone.”

Jasmine wrote:
“The first time I came to Hunters Down the people were very welcoming. I enjoyed the Integrex Machine best. It projects pictures onto the table and the residents can then interact with it. One is where you have balloons and you then tap on to it and the picture splats into the colour of the balloon. It was great fun. I would recommend other students to come to Hunters Down for work experience because it is really fun and interesting.”

Hunters Down would like to give a huge thank you to Reece and Jasmine, and wish them the very best in the future! Lifestyle Coordinator Clare has said that she has seen a huge growth in both of their confidence and that they have both gelled in very well. Clare also said she would recommend them and take them on fully as her assistants.

14 Jun 19

Ashlyn residents take part in charity bake off for National Cupcake Day

Over at Ashlyn Care Home there was a very special event yesterday in celebration of the Alzheimer’s Society’s National Cupcake Day, and their residents took part in a charity bake off, just for the occasion. Residents Audrey and Rosemary in particular were both very happy to take part in the competition, as they were both already a part of Ashlyn’s baking club. The care home also sold a fine selection of cupcakes that had been made by their residents and team members. They all had so much fun and were very happy to bake their own cakes. This day was extra special as it was held to raise money to help the fight against dementia.
This competition was judged by residents Robert and Tessa from the Alzheimer’s Society. The winner of the competition was Linda Lewis who had made a unicorn themed cake. In total, Ashlyn raised £79.61 yesterday, everyone who tried one of the cakes said that they were amazing. Well done to the residents of Ashlyn Care Home for contributing to the bake off, especially Audrey and Rosemary!


13 Jun 19

Buchan House residents relax in their classic style pub room

At Buchan House Care Home, the residents are fortunate enough to have their very own pub style room to enjoy, and many of the residents absolutely love having the chance to sit back and relax in the afternoon with a cheeky pint or two!

The residents of Buchan House often like to go to the room and listen to music or watch a film. They also having a chance to chat amongst themselves and play games. The room features sets of beer mats and pint glasses for residents to use and enjoy a real pub like experience. For many residents, activities such as this bring back memories of going to a local pub on a Sunday for lunch or for a pint in the evening. It’s a great way for them to unwind at the end of the week.

13 Jun 19

Lime Court residents enjoy baking for National Cupcake Day

On Tuesday, residents of Lime Court Care Home spent time baking and decorating cakes to celebrate the Alzheimer’s Society, National Cupcake Day. This is held on the 13th June every year, although it can also be celebrated in the days leading up to it. Children from the nearby Spring Meadow Primary School were also invited to decorate with the residents. Everyone had a great time baking for this activity, and by the end of the afternoon, many more cupcakes had been made than first expected!

Lime Court Care Home held a special raffle to support the Alzheimer’s Society. The first prize will be a giant cupcake made specially by the home and the draw will take place on Care Home Open Day on the 28th June.

13 Jun 19

Resident of Longfield Care Home celebrates her 99th birthday

Yesterday at Longfield Care Home there was much to get excited about as resident Sylvia celebrated her 99th birthday with her family in the home’s music room. They all enjoyed a nice meal together with a mix of flowing wine, good conversation and quite a few laughs. Sylvia was later presented with a lovely birthday cake made by the home’s Chef Anna.

Sylvia has seen a lot of changes during life and on her 99th birthday she was very glad to be surrounded by friends, family and the Longfield team. Later on she said, “What a wonderful day it’s been”. Everyone nearby then gathered around her table and sang happy birthday to her. Longfield Care Home would like to wish her all the best and they look forward to celebrating many more of her birthdays in the future.

12 Jun 19

Castlebar Care Home enjoys an outing to Mudchute Farm in London

The residents of Castlebar Care Home recently visited Mudchute Park and Farm. This is the largest city farm in London with over 32 acres of countryside. It has also become a very popular place for the residents to visit. The farm was established in the 1970’s on a derelict land on the Isle of Dogs in East London. Today it is a hugely popular community site with many animals including rare breeds of birds, pigs, llamas, sheep, goats, and horses.

The residents said that it was a nice relaxing place to be on a sunny day. They enjoyed having a hands on experience feeding the sheep and birds. The residents also loved getting to see the baby pigs. During the trip everyone sat down and had a packed lunch followed by ice cream from a nearby stall. The day went very well with everyone from Castlebar Care Home having a great time interacting with all of the animals. They hope to make a return to Mudchute Park and Farm later in the year.

12 Jun 19

Balloon tennis proves very popular at Etheldred House Care Home

Daily sports based activities are always very popular at Etheldred House Care Home, especially games such as balloon tennis. For the residents this is one of their favourite ways to keep active, and it’s always wonderful to see them so actively wanting to join in and keep fit. Activities such as this are always full of interaction and participation. They had great fun taking part in balloon tennis, and took great joy in a bit of friendly competition with the team members of Etheldred House.

After the game had winded down, the residents were very relaxed as they enjoyed listening to their favourite songs. All of them were very energised throughout the remainder of the day and many of them loved talking about just how much fun they’d had.