21 Feb 18

Bertie Visits St Fillans

Bertie the Pat dog visited St Fillans today much to the delight of the residents. The residents in the home enjoyed being able to stroke him and say hello. One said Bertie is lovely and friendly and we love having him here.

21 Feb 18

Teen Talk Visit

Last Friday we had a local youth community group called ‘Teen-Talk’ come to Lime Court. They had kindly baked some homemade cakes for all the residents which they gave out to them. They also joined in with bingo and chatted to the residents. Teen-talk come to the home on a regular basis and in the Springtime we are hoping they do an ‘outside’ activity with the residents planting flowers.

16 Feb 18

100th Birthday Celebrated at Lime Court

A great grandmother who helped the war effort during WW2 has celebrated her 100th birthday. Mary of Lime Court in Dovercourt marked her special day with more than 25 members of her family including two children, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren on Tuesday. Mary received her card from the Queen and enjoyed a piece of birthdate cake. Lime Court put on a special buffet for her family and friends so they could mark her special day.

16 Feb 18

St Fillans Dementia Complex

On 20th September 2017 St Fillans opened a specialist Dementia Complex needs unit within the homes setting and opened its doors to its very first resident.
The Seven bedded unit provides care to residents that are living with a Dementia who may present behaviours that challenge the service and may also have mental health needs.
All Seven beds are occupied and due to the continued success of the unit we will be adding an additional three beds to the unit, with plans to extend further by another six beds in the coming months.
The unit is staffed with RMN’S who have extensive experience working with people with complex needs and staff have received advanced Dementia training and breakaway training to equip them for any eventuality.
Every day is different, it’s a busy unit but a calm unit where staff focus on enhancing the well-being of the resident’s, it a “feelings matter most unit” a unit filled full of love and laughter, staff and residents are constantly engaged in meaningful occupation, staff are always seen wearing hats, scarfs, feather boas in fact anything goes.
The design and layout of the unit is fit for purpose and is bright and cheery, decorated in calming but stimulating colours, a unit full of rummage boxes and stuff hanging on the walls for residents to touch, feel, and wear, there is never a dull moment.
Although it’s a unit that presents challenges for the staff and residents the significant changes to people’s well-being cannot go unnoticed, the staff are a credit to the home.

One recent visitor had this to say: “Had a good visit to St Fillans today, however, I need to tell you the joy of visiting the new unit. What a breath of fresh air walking into the unit. Not just the decoration but the person centred care. The atmosphere was calming, you really didn’t want to leave, you really couldn’t put it in writing how relaxed, happy and calm it feels. One of the best I’ve seen Chaps were wearing caps, ladies feather boas, washing airier and laundry basket for sorting socks, one lady brushing the floor. For a complex needs unit you wouldn’t know, I’m sure there are times when behaviours change, I still think I wouldn’t want to leave”.

Makes me very proud to know that the team we are making such a massive difference.

16 Feb 18

Country and Western

Kylie and Pesh warming up for our Country and Western event on 24th February 2018 at 15.45pm , Dolly Parton tribute will be entertaining the residents and families followed by a “Wild West hot buffet” Bound to be a bit of Line dancing and working “9 to 5”

Tickets £5 including all in aid of the residents amenities fund.

16 Feb 18

Husband & Wife

St Fillans have created a Husband and Wife wall and asked relatives to provide us with wedding photos of the residents so we could put them on display in time for valentine’s day.

15 Feb 18

Hunters Down Celebrate Valentines

Hunters Down residents married couples had a special treat arranged for them, as LOVE never grows old. One of the dining rooms was decorated for this special Valentine event. Red cloths and table runners with scattered red rose petals, beautiful aromatic jars of fresh red roses. Best china for the tea with fancy cakes and chocolates laid out on all of the tables, balloons and decorations to set off the mood.

Residents arrived to the event with Sean the Banjo Man playing and singing love songs as they arrived. The entertainment became livelier as the afternoon went on with lots of singing together and dancing to Lambeth Walk.

A former resident that use to be at Hunters Down came with his wife to enjoy the event and to see some of his friends and staff who were really happy to see him again.

Residents and their loved ones said that they had really enjoyed the afternoon and said they would be back next year.

15 Feb 18

Lime Court do Crafts for Valentines

Lime Court was decorated with hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day. We had an Arts and Craft session with Creative Mojo making a ‘Heart Tree’ with many residents taking part and their designs being part of the finished piece. We had a Valentines Music Therapy session with Kidley Divey which included lots of music and exercised themed fun using props of balloons, instruments, roses and plenty of singing.

15 Feb 18

Valentines with Some Friends from the Farm

Longfields Care Home in Maldon opened its door on Valentine’s day to some friends from the farm. The home had goats and chicks visit the residents for the afternoon, the residents thought it was lovely having the animals in and giving them cuddles.

15 Feb 18

Cupid Paid a Visit to Okeley Care Home

The visitors to Okeley were greeted with chocolates & flowers on entering the building today, several commented on how lovely the home looked with the flowers and lights. The Chef had made special cupcakes to bring some love into everyone’s day which not only looked nice but tasted delicious has one resident said.