18 Jul 18

Excelcare and Guildmore Awards Ceremony Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting the Excelcare and Guildmore Awards Ceremony which took place on 22nd June 2018.

Please click here to see a list of our sponsors.

18 Jul 18

Lime Court attend Harwich Sing Summer Concert

On 14th July, Lime Court Care Home had an outing to St Nicholas Church for the Harwich Sing Choir Summer Concert. They were invited by Clare Leach, who runs the weekly singalong and musical therapy at Lime Court. Eight residents, along with their family members and staff attended the event. Harwich Sing Choir is made up of people of all ages, from young children to adults. They sang a variety of wonderful songs, and everybody said they thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The event was extra special for Lime Court resident Michael, who sang ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ with the accompaniment of the adult choir.  Michael’s daughter Kim was visiting from Canada, so she was able to watch his performance too.


18 Jul 18

Lovely morning for a skydive!

Care home operator Ozzie Ertosun and his son Sami have arrived at their skydive venue! They will be taking part in a 20,000ft jump to raise money for the Excelcare Staff Benevolent Fund. This fund has been recently set up to support our staff in their time of need.

Ozzie and Sami are gearing up excitedly – ready to go and play with the clouds! They have even sent us a video from their skydive venue, click here to watch it – skydive video 1

Good luck to them both and also to all our Care homes that have Sports Day events today in support of the Adrenaline Junkies!

We will keep you posted throughout the morning, as they send further updates on their progress!

You can still sponsor Ozzie and Sami by clicking here to donate!

17 Jul 18

Fire Safety at Park Avenue Care Home

At Excelcare, we are currently focusing on fire safety in each of our homes. We will be assessing how safe the homes are in an emergency situation, and ensuring that staff know how to respond in these situations.

On Friday, Bromley Fire Brigade visited Park Avenue to give a Fire Safety talk to staff and residents. At the end of the talk, everybody was invited to ‘climb aboard’ the fire engine and spend time with the firefighters. Park Avenue resident Jim was the first eager one up into the fire engine!

The event was enjoyed by all, and more importantly it was very useful and informative! Staff now feel more prepared and knowledgeable about the risk of fire. They commented:

  • “Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and I will do my part in keeping Park Avenue safe”
  • “That was fun, it’s a good way to learn and I learnt something new. I understand now how the doors work to  hold the fire back and what we should do if there is an alarm”
  • “You never expect a fire but its important that we are prepared and know what to do “

Many thanks to Bromley Fire Brigade for their time!

17 Jul 18

Sports Day Fundraising at Excelcare

At Excelcare this week we are fundraising for our newly set-up Excelcare Staff Benevolent Fund. Whilst Care Home Operator Ozzie Ertosun and his son Sami are gearing up for a skydive, the rest of us are embracing the sunshine and getting outdoors to take in a variety of sponsored Sports Day activities!

The Excelcare Staff Benevolent Fund was set up to help our hard-working members of staff in their time of need. Excelcare will grant them a wish from the Fund to give back the care that our staff always deliver in our homes. Tomorrow, Wednesday 18th July, Ozzie and Sami will jump 20,000ft out of a plane in a sponsored skydive. They have already exceeded their initial target of £1000 and hope to raise even more before the jump tomorrow! You can read about their skydive and donate here.

Today and throughout the rest of this week, our Head Office and Care Homes are joining Ozzie and Sami in their fundraising by holding various Sports Day activities! See below for a list of what is happening:

Head Office

  • Staff going to nearby outdoor space to take part in a variety of sponsored races and events!
  • Departments competing against each other to win prizes
  • BBQ to follow
Longfield Care Home
  • Team Challenges, Egg & Spoon Race, Dress Up Race, Target Game, Relay Race and more!
St George’s Court Care Home
  • Karaoke afternoon at the home with props, drinks and food!
 Lime Court Care Home
  • A day of activities, games and exercise, including inflatable skittles, basketball, table football, darts/target games for residents (chair-based so everybody can enjoy)
  • Staff races – Egg & Spoon and Relay
Sweyne Court Care Home
  • Zimmer Racing, Apple Bobbing, Wheelchair Egg and Spoon race, Ball and Hoop, Fishing, Judge the PAT dog… and much more!
 Goldenley Care Home
  • For residents – Hook the Duck, Throw the Wet Sponge, Hoopla.
  • For staff – Fancy Dress Relay Race, Pass the Water Bucket, 3-Legged Race.
  • Staff and residents together – Egg & Spoon race.
  • Refreshments available throughout the event.
Okeley Care Home
  • Ball in the Net, wheelchair and walking Egg & Spoon races, Hoopla, Bean Bag, Musical Statues.
  • Staff 3-legged race and Relay Race.
  • Medal presentation ceremony.
  • Fundraising – pay a £1 Staff dress up day and Raffle
Ashlyn Care Home
  •  Egg & Spoon Races for residents and staff, balance a bean bag (for those residents that cannot mobilise), Balloon Tennis and more!
  • Staff to come in dressed in sports wear
  • Mocktails to keep hydrated
  • Prizes for both staff and residents
Sherrell House Care Home
  • Connect Four, Egg & Spoon Race, Volley Ball, Bowls, Badminton and a sponsored walk on a treadmill.
Abbot Care Home
  •  Fun-filled sports including Egg & Spoon race, Sack Race, 3-legged race, Toss the Hoop and more!
  • Residents, families, friends and staff from each unit are invited compete against each other, or cheer from the side-line! Visitors welcome.
Westport Care Home
  • Indoors sports day using a running machine and various sports equipment
  • A dance-off!
 Peartree Care Home (joint event with Castlebar Care Home)
  • Panthers Junior Football Team and Cheerleaders
  • Egg Spoon Race, Sack Race, Tug Of War, Wheelchair Race Medals
  • Trophies for the winners, and BBQ refreshments
Queens Oak Care Home
  • Various games –  Egg & Spoon race, Bowling, Throwing Games, Quiz, and Basketball
 Etheldred House Care Home
  • Holding a Sportfest with a variety of games, activities and refreshments!
Windmill Lodge Care Home
  •  BBQ, Table Tennis, Table-top Football, Egg & Spoon race and Darts
Park Avenue Care Home
  • Football, Egg & Spoon Race, Tin Can Alley, Tug of War, Basketball
  • Raffle and Win a Hamper
  • Refreshments including Ice Cream, Cake and Drinks!

We look forward to hearing how all these events go – please keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page to see photos and read the stories!



16 Jul 18

Hunters Down Summer Fete

On Saturday 14th July, Hunters Down held their annual Summer Fete. In this summer heatwave, everyone appreciated some clouds in the sky which cooled the air to a perfect temperature.  There were also lots of shaded areas and a large gazebo in the garden.

The garden looked spectacular (despite some dead grass!) A lot of hard work has been put into this space, with colourful and scented flowers all around which many people complimented.

Dave Parry opened the fete, singing a variety of songs. Afterwards, a dozen members of the Huntingdon Ukulele Group played! They got everyone involved with singing, clapping and swaying. They have visited Hunters Down a number of times, and the residents always thoroughly enjoy them. There was also tombola, refreshments and games for people to enjoy throughout the afternoon.

A game of heads and tails took place, which was a fun activity to raise money for the Residents Comfort Fund. This fund enables residents to enjoy outings and activities. Dave Parry continued to sing and entertain the crowd before the event ended with a raffle.

Everybody had a brilliant time at the Fete, and there was a great turnout. The Mayor of Huntingdon Cllr Sarah Gifford attended, and said that it had been a wonderful afternoon. The event made  a fantastic £225, which will go straight into the Residents Comfort Fund.

16 Jul 18

Canine Concern visit Lime Court Care Home

Lime Court recently had a visit from Wanda, who is a Therapy Dog for Canine Concern. Canine Concern is a registered charity that provides visiting therapy dogs to care homes and hospitals.

The residents loved meeting and petting Wanda.  Wanda showed her appreciation by giving her paw back to them! Interacting with animals is thought to be good for residents, because it can reduce stress and bring back fond memories of having a pet.

Wanda will be a regular visitor to Lime Court, so everybody looks forward to her next visit!

13 Jul 18

Hunters Down Memorial Evening

On Friday 29th June  at 5.30pm Hunters Down Care Home held their first ever Memorial Evening. Relatives of Hunters Down residents who had passed away were invited to the event to remember and celebrate their loved ones.

The home were also celebrating their magnificent BEACON status for Gold Standard Framework.

The evening began with a short service from Jeff, the Rector at Hartford Church in Huntingdon.  After this, everybody watched the hanging of  lanterns by the relatives and the GSF team whose loved one had passed away in the last six months. The lanterns were hung onto a beautiful willow tree, which has now become the home’s Memory Tree.

Afterwards, everybody enjoyed wine and fruit juices with cheese and biscuits, dips, carrots, celery, pickles and fruit on offer. These were displayed wonderfully by one of the Chefs at Hunters Down.

The families at Hunters Down all get to know each other when they come to visit their loved ones. Therefore the families said it was lovely to see some of them again, as well as catching up with staff.

It was such a relaxing evening. Every relative who attended felt very thankful to Hunters Down for organising the event. Some said they felt really good for attending and that the evening has given them inner peace. It was a great celebration of life.

The memorial evening was such a success – meaningful and very worthwhile for everybody. Hunters Down plan to repeat this event in the future.

13 Jul 18

School visits and American Independence Day at Lime Court

Lime Court Care Home have had a busy few weeks of activities! Over the past 6 months, students from Windsor Community ‘Smile’ Team from Harwich and Dovercourt High School have been visiting. They have taken part in various active games and a horseracing afternoon. Most recently, they played inflatable skittles, ball games and hoopla with residents. Even though some students were shy to begin with, they soon gained confidence interacting with the residents. One resident said ‘I love this’, demonstrating how much everybody enjoys the school visits! Everybody was sad when the session ended, but look forward to the next visit.

Lime Court also celebrated American Independence Day on the 4th July.  To mark the occasion, they had Clearer Productions performing their ‘On Broadway’ Show with songs from the musicals.  Residents also enjoyed a beautiful cake decorated with the American Flag for tea.


12 Jul 18

Cheese and Wine Night at Lime Court

Lime Court Care Home held an evening of Cheese & Wine and Bingo on 21st June.  Family, friends, residents and staff were invited, so there was a lively atmosphere in the home!

Everyone sampled the Cheese Board, which consisted of various cheeses from around the globe.  This included Jarlsberg, Cheddar with Caramelised Onion, Mexicana and Danish Blue. As a result, everybody found something they liked!

Later, Lime Court held a few games of prize bingo, in which resident Michael Barrago was the caller.  Resident Mavis Chase won the top cash prize! It was a fun evening enjoyed by all.