14 Nov 18

Buchan House Residents Reminisce on Wartime Memories

Residents at Buchan House Care Home made art to mark Remembrance day, including banners and poppies. Whilst doing this, they discussed their memories and feelings of their time during the war. Many residents spent time on the front line, or supporting the war in other ways. They therefore have very vivid memories and stories to tell of this time.

Staff said it was a wonderful experience to listen to the residents’ stories and memories. The residents really enjoyed this reminiscence and craft activity.


14 Nov 18

Remembrance Service at Etheldred House

Last Friday, Etheldred House Care Home held a Remembrance Service commemorating 100 years since the end of WW1. Residents were joined by their relatives, and shared stories about the war. Everybody then participated in poem reading, dedicated to those who lost their lives in war. A resident named Douglas, who served in the Marines added that women should be recognised for their role in the war. In particular, mothers who looked after and raised their children alone without knowing if their husband would return.

Afterwards, the kitchen staff provided a delicious poppy cake which was enjoyed by all.

On 11th November, Etheldred had a Remembrance Sunday event to remember all those who died in war. Mr Frank the Trumpet Man played a selection of “Songs that won the War” which everybody enjoyed.





14 Nov 18

Westport Resident Granted Special Wish

A Westport resident named Tony was diagnosed with mouth cancer in May, after a routine visit to the dentist. Tony was originally only at Westport until a place became available in sheltered accommodation in Islington, where he is from. Since his diagnosis, Tony has chosen to stay at Westport as he has made his home there.

Because Tony’s health has been deteriorating, together with staff he has spoken about a “wish list.” Tony said he would like to see an Arsenal match, because he is a big fan of the team. Sezen at Head Office managed to get four VIP tickets for Tony and his family. The game was Arsenal v Wolverhampton on Sunday 11th November.

Tony was escorted to the match by care staff member George, Tony’s ex-wife Betty and his brother Mick. They all said what a wonderful time they had at the game!

Afterwards, Tony couldn’t wait to see Denise the Home Manager to tell her about the match. He said he really enjoyed it, and brought her a programme which she will treasure.

Tony is regularly supported and visited by his sister Cathy, ex-wife Betty and their daughter Sally, and he looks forward to their visits.

14 Nov 18

Harvest Time at Buchan House

Over Harvest, residents from Buchan House Care Home enjoyed putting together food parcels. These were then taken to the local foodbank at The Church of the Good Shepherd.

Residents at Buchan House already know Terry the priest because she regularly visits the home; performing mass and one-to-one prayer.

The residents chose to decorate the package with butterflies, the emblem of Excelcare. They chose these because they signify the start of a new beginning for those that will receive the donations.

Pauline and Maureen got the chance to meet some of the people the foodbank helps. They attended a coffee morning at the church and heard all about how people came to need the church’s help.

Everybody was very grateful for the parcels that Pauline and Maureen delivered.


13 Nov 18

Excelcare Attend The Great London Care Awards

On 10th November, staff from Excelcare attended The Great London Care Awards at Hilton Bankside in London. This event is part of the Great British Care Awards, which recognises people who make a difference in peoples’ lives through the care they provide.

 Of 1500 homes in the London region, Excelcare was chosen as a finalist in two categories:

 Excelcare for The Care Employer Award

“This award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate employers’ commitment to care and how this is achieving success in delivering an excellent service. Employers should be able to demonstrate considerable acumen and entrepreneurial flair whilst at the same time having a sustained track record of delivering high quality care and managing improvement.”

Aditee Naik for The Care Home Registered Manager Award

“This award will be given to the Registered Care Home Manager who has demonstrated a high level of expertise together with exceptional skills in managing the complex business of running a care home. A Manager who shows vision in developing person centred care and supporting staff to meet the ever changing needs of the residents.”


Although we were not chosen as winners, we are very proud to have been selected as finalists, and pleased that our hard work to make a difference in peoples’ lives  has been recognised. Everyone attending the ceremony had a fantastic time with great food and entertainment from Chico!

 Congratulations to all of the London winners, and good luck to them in the Great British Care Awards finals in March.

13 Nov 18

Hunters Down Attend Service of Remembrance

Hunters Down Care Home were invited by the Mayor of Huntingdon, Sarah Gifford to attend the Service of Remembrance. The service commemorated all those who died in war, and was co-ordinated by RAF Wyton.

Two residents, one family member and two staff members went to Market Square for the service. It was a clear day with blue skies. Hunters Down have always supported these events, however many more people attended this year to show their respect because it was 100 years since the end of WW1.

A resident named Reg along with staff member Pearl laid Hunters Down’s wreath beneath the soldier statue. It was a very respectable service, and also emotional for many.


13 Nov 18

Wanda Returns to Lime Court

Lime Court Care Home had another visit from Wanda, a Therapy Dog for Canine Concern. The residents love Wanda’s visits; petting and stroking her when she visits them in the lounges and their rooms. It was such a lovely November day that they also had a lovely game of catch outside in the sunshine!

Wanda and the other animals that visit the home are fantastic at calming residents, encouraging activity and reducing stress!

13 Nov 18

Fireworks at Buchan House

Last Monday, the care staff at Buchan House Care Home hosted a firework display for the residents to celebrate Bonfire Night. They were able to enjoy the display without having to leave the Sunflower Lounge! Everyone loved sitting in the lounge enjoying a cup of tea and watching the fireworks. The fireworks included Roman Candles, Catherine Wheels and Sparklers!



13 Nov 18

Lime Court Design Flags for Community Project

Lime Court Care Home had a visit from Harwich Haven volunteers. Residents helped to create flags for their ‘Surrender 100 Commemoration’ project. This is a two-year project exploring two significant dates in history; 100 years since the surrender of German U Boat fleet in 1918, and the first Jewish refugee children in 1938.

Lime Court’s flags will be displayed on a replica U Boat on Harwich Beach. Other flags have been designed by local schools and groups, so this will be a fantastic community project.

Lime Court would like to thank the volunteers from Harwich Haven Sanctuary for involving them in their project.

13 Nov 18

Glennfield Care Home’s Remembrance Service

To mark Remembrance Day and to remember all those who died in war, Glennfield residents had their Remembrance Service on Friday. They heard a reading of a very touching poem, followed by a two-minute silence.

Afterwards they listened to wartime music, and both residents and staff danced and sang the morning away. It was a lovely occasion to mark 100 years since the end of WW1.