18 Apr 19

Excelcare’s Head Office receives a visit from the Easter Bunny

There was a lovely surprise today at Excelcare’s Head Office, as the Easter Bunny hopped into the building for a visit! The Easter bunny had been cordially invited to help the staff hand out Easter Eggs to the team, which had been generously gifted by Excelcare’s Chairman, Ozzie Ertosun and Chief Operating Officer, Sam Manning!

The team were sure to shake the rabbit’s paw and posed for a photo with her when collecting their yummy egg-cellent Easter gift! There were smiles all around, when everyone got the chance to meet the legendary bunny!

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18 Apr 19

Etheldred House Residents Parade their Easter Bonnet Hats

The residents and team members of Etheldred House Care Home recently had a trip through Histon Village, which gave them a good opportunity to parade their self made Easter bonnet hats. First, they stopped at The Green in Histon, enjoying the beautiful weather watching the ducks, who were on the water and on the grass. After that they headed to the high street where people passing by were fascinated by their lovely and creative Easter Bonnet hats, waving to them with a smile and wishing them a Happy Easter!

The residents very own hat parade continued and finished near the Methodist Church cafe, where they stopped for some refreshments. At the Church entrance, more passersby loved seeing the Residents wearing the Easter Hats they had made. One Resident had a look at an older car by the Green and said with a smile that ”he used to have the same car a long time ago.” After the afternoon winded down, the residents were offered a cup of tea with a delicious cake, and talked all about what a grand day out they had. Etheldred House hopes everyone a very happy Easter!

18 Apr 19

Brook House Residents enjoy afternoon getting their Nails Done

At Brook House Care Home many of the lovely ladies of the house always love to get their nails done. Clare brings out the nail bar every other week to give them a chance to get their nails cleaned and painted in their choice of colour. This is a fantastic way to boost residents confidence, as well as encourage communication between the home and it’s residents. Also importantly, it’s another way for the residents and staff to have a great chat and a cup of tea!

Brook House Care Home always loves to treat it’s residents to something special, and great opportunities like this are another way to help build positive relationships between everyone.

18 Apr 19

Excelcare’s Wellbeing Technology Fundraising

Over the past two months, the Excelcare team have been working hard to raise funds for a cause very close to our hearts! The team’s efforts have helped towards funding electronic tablets for each and every one of our care homes. This technology will enable those living at our care homes to use our bespoke interactive lifestyle system, which will enhance their quality of life by enabling them to play games, listen to music, view memorable films and photos, connect with their family and much more!

Across the Excelcare Family, many events have been held including our Walk for Wellbeing, where our Care Homes, Regional Offices and Head Office team joined in to raise money for innovative digital lifestyle tablets for all 33 of our care homes.

So far, we have raised an amazing £2,127 towards our goal!

What’s more, Excelcare’s Chairman, Osman ‘Ozzie’ Ertosun has generously pledged to double the amount raised by midday on Wednesday 24th April!

If you would like to support this worthy cause, or find out more about the system, please visit our GoFundMe page by clicking here:

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in fundraising and donated so far, your support is greatly appreciated!


18 Apr 19

101 year old Hunters Down Resident meets Newborn Baby

Once a month at Hunters Down Care Home the residents take part in a baby gym class with Kim, an instructor of their very popular Love to Move activities, Kim combines the baby gym class with the Love to Move activity for an inter-generational class. This gives the chance for more residents to spend some time with the children from the baby gym. The residents really enjoy seeing the babies, and had a great kick out of entertaining them with some well known nursery rhymes and games such as peek-a-boo.

The atmosphere in the room was beautiful, laughter and smiles all round as bubbles were blown and balloons floated through the air. As the residents watched them play and chatted with the Mothers, some of them were given the chance to hold the babies. One resident in particular asked for a picture with a 4 month old, which was a lovely moment. Especially interesting was her bringing up that she was 101 years older than him! She then said that the baby was absolutely “lovely” as she held her, and the room filled with loving smiles all around.



17 Apr 19

Castlebar Care Home takes part in Dulwich Picture Gallery Workshop

Castlebar Care Home recently were visited by activity workers from Dulwich Picture Gallery, the world’s first purpose-built public art gallery that was established more than 200 years ago. The gallery runs an extensive programme of learning and engagement activities for visitors of all ages. Their programme titled Good Times: Aging Well, has been running for over 10 years now, and residents of Castlebar have been involved in many stimulating daily art activities workshops at the gallery.

The Workshop Coordinator also runs sessions for residents such as Art in Day and Community Centres, as well as offering an exciting and accessible programme of guided tours, creative arts workshops, projects and outreach sessions of art-making and discussion. Castlebar residents enjoyed spending the afternoon with Nikki and Jo, along with some of the gallery’s volunteers. There was much interest in the workshop as residents listened and learned about one of the new exhibitions showcasing original landscapes of Norwegian symbolist artist Harald Sohlberg. The residents were intrigued by this, and asked some interesting questions about the paintings.

Everyone had a good time during the workshop and later on enjoyed using pastel paint colours as they engaged with the activity and worked towards creating their own pieces of artwork. After the session was over refreshments were served, and the leader of the workshop said that she “has worked with the residents for many years and it’s a truly welcoming place the residents have created for themselves. It’s a wonderful space to gather, ideal for running workshops and I love working at the home with you all.”

17 Apr 19

Brook House Care Home Residents enjoy weekly Sweet Treats

The Jolly Jacks sweets trolley goes around once a week each Monday, giving Brook House Care Home residents the opportunity to enjoy some of their favourite tasty treats. Residents are given a choice of old fashioned sweets, sugar free sweets, chocolates and crisps. The colourful sweets trolley was built from an old medication trolley that had been out of use for a while.

The residents love seeing it get rolled out with some of their choice treats, and sometimes they will request for it to go around the home more than once a week. While going around the home with the Jolly Jacks trolley, the Lifestyle Coordinator discusses with the residents what kind of different activities they would like to see, as well as to let them know what has been planned for the week ahead. The mobile trolley is very popular at Brook House Care Home, and it’s lovely to see the residents smiles as they see it rolling along.

17 Apr 19

Folk Dancing Activities go down well at Hunters Down Care Home

The residents enjoyed an afternoon of folk dancing on the Saturday Afternoon. The weather was just a little too cold to enjoy in the garden, so they enjoyed watched from inside the Pepy’s house lounge area instead. The residents really enjoyed the performance, with one gentleman in particular also singing songs for all of them to join in with.

The folk dancers used poles and ropes in the performance and they were all dressed for the occasion. Dancing is a good way to put people in a good mood and can generate much laughter and joy for the residents. Folk dancing in particular is a great way to emphasis the dancers various figures and patterns, which can help with spatial awareness for residents. Activities like this also encourage social interaction. Hunters Down are looking forward to seeing them later in the summer hopefully in the garden if the weathers permitting!

16 Apr 19

Animals Visit enjoyed by residents of Queen’s Oak Care Home

Recently, residents of Queens Oak Care Home had an exciting afternoon with the animals from the Zoolab company. Everyone enjoyed finding out about all the different creatures they had brought in such as snakes and lizards. The residents took turns touching the animals and were told by the handlers how they live from day to day at the Zoolab Handling company. Some of the residents were anxious to touch and feel them at first but were quickly overcome with excitement.

As the day went by more of the residents joined in on the activity, this was a therapeutic afternoon for the residents at Queens Oak. All were alert and watched with a look of excitement in their eyes, listening to every word that was being said. Everyone had a fantastic time, not just the residents living in Queens Oak but all the staff, friends and relatives said how relaxing the activity was.

16 Apr 19

Buchan House make Easter Bonnet Hats to Celebrate the Season

Yesterday, Buchan House Care Home spent their afternoon getting into the spirit of the season by making their annual Easter Bonnet hats. Lifestyle Coordinator, Debbie, spent her time in the home’s Iris unit with the residents designing three beautiful designs just for the occasion.

They had all sorts of crafty materials to work with from sequins to pom poms to foam shapes, with lots of ribbon to spare. The team of Buchan House Care Home would like to thank their models, who did a wonderful job of showing off their wonderful Easter Bonnets. They would also like to add that the hats look fantastic and have put everyone into a great mood for the Easter holiday!