19 Sep 18

Park Avenue Residents Meet Some Furry Friends!

This morning, residents and staff at Park Avenue Care Home were treated to a visit from a local animal rescue. Staff at Second Chance Animal Rescue in Crockenhill brought in a ferret, Bengal cat, 2 rabbits and a barn owl to meet the residents!

Thunder the Bengal cat was the crowd favourite, as he settled down in everybodys’ laps for a snooze. The residents loved stroking his soft fur and talking to him – he kept miaowing! Afterwards, residents were reminiscing about their own cats that they used to own.

Everyone couldn’t believe the size of the two giant rabbits as they hopped around the room. They made Bear the albino ferret look tiny! All of the animals were tame and calm, and happily got passed around the room for each resident to hold.

The animals also made their way round our residents bedrooms to meet them. Thunder the cat was happy to make himself at home in their beds! Lots of people commented on how beautiful Lenny the Barn Owl is, and some relatives even got to hold him for a photo.

Overall, it was a lovely morning which our residents and relatives really enjoyed! We hope to have Second Chance Animal Rescue back again to visit again!

17 Sep 18

Park Avenue’s Garden Boosts Residents Health and Well-Being

Park Avenue Care Home offers a beautiful and peaceful garden which is overlooked by residents’ rooms. Many visitors to the home comment on how lucky we are to have this garden.

It is a wonderful space for residents, staff and visitors to sit, eat lunch and take in their surroundings. The main attraction is the bird feeding area, which attracts a variety of birds, including magpies, blackbirds, blue tits and beautiful green parakeets! There is also a family of squirrels who visit every day without fail to try and eat from the bird feeders! Residents love coming outside and watching the wildlife.

Much research suggests that getting out in the fresh air can reduce stress and anxiety. For our residents, the garden provides a tranquil place to relax outside of the home. The garden is particularly valuable for residents with dementia, because the sounds, smells and sights can stimulate their senses. This can be a valuable reminiscence activity, as garden activities can trigger past memories. Keeping active is also proven to slow the progression of dementia.

Over the coming weeks we will be organising activities for residents to make the most of their green space!


14 Sep 18

Namaste Programme Improves Quality of Life for Park Avenue Residents

Park Avenue Care Home have long been using a holistic approach to improve the quality of life for their residents. The Namaste programme is used in care plans – incorporating physical, sensory and emotional approaches to care. Research shows that Namaste care can reduce anxiety and improve sleep and appetite of residents.

At Park Avenue, staff combine compassionate nursing with music, touch, smells and colours to stimulate the senses. For example, residents may sit and get their nails painted as a therapeutic experience. The Namaste programme also allows care staff to spend time with residents in a comforting setting.

14 Sep 18

Peartree Celebrate Marshmallow Day 2018!

On 30th August, Peartree Care Home celebrated Marshmallow Day 2018.

Residents made colourful kebab skewers with marshmallows and fruit, which tasted as great as they looked! All of the residents loved making them, and enjoyed eating them even more!

13 Sep 18

Park Avenue Step Back in Time with ‘Golden Era’ Jazz Singer

Today, Park Avenue Care Home were treated to some musical entertainment from a visiting singer. Lots of our residents and their family members gathered in one of the lounges to listen to the music.

Viki sang a variety of songs, including ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, ‘Blue Skies’ and the crowd favourite, ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’. Two residents even requested to hear this one again at the end!

A few residents got up on their feet to dance, whilst those sitting down were tapping their feet and clapping along. One resident named Vera got star of the show as she sang a few solos – she knew all of the words to every song!

Everyone loved the entertainment, and said it was a lovely way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Afterwards, Viki asked if everyone enjoyed the show and residents said it was ‘absolutely lovely’. We hope to see her back again soon for another show!

13 Sep 18

Westport Residents Attend Ex-Sevicemen’s Social Club

Last month, three residents from Westport Care Home went on a social outing. Doris, Dorothy and Richard attended Doris’ son’s ex-servicemen’s social club, which had an Elvis impersonator providing some brilliant entertainment!

The residents enjoyed red wine, lager and nibbles, and had a dance to the music! Doris and Richard were both showing off their moves on the dance floor – Richard is never shy when it comes to getting up to dance!

When they were all partied out, they returned back home via McDonalds for a bite to eat. They all said they had a brilliant time at the social club!

11 Sep 18

Forget-Me-Nots at Hunters Down

Hunters Down Care Home have been fundraising for World Alzheimer’s Month, which takes place in September. They have made some clay Forget-Me-Not flowers, which residents painted as a creative activity! These are now on sale to visitors in reception for £1 each, which will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.


11 Sep 18

Stray Cat Finds Home at Westport

As some of you may know, Westport Care Home is the proud owner of a cat! The home took in a pregnant stray cat two years ago, and would like to update everyone on her progress.

Ginger now has the full run of ground floor and the garden at Westport. She is often found at 7.30am waiting in reception to be fed! When it’s hot, she likes to lounge under the palm tree in the garden, where all she needs is a cocktail and then she is well on her way to a tropical paradise!

Ginger doesn’t care where she sits, as long as she is comfortable. The residents love seeing her wandering around, and the visitors often ask after her as well! She knows her food is kept under the reception desk – Caroline often gets a shock when Ginger sneaks under to ask for more!

She has such a gentle nature, and loves a good stroke and belly rub from anyone that gives it to her. For a stray who didn’t want to leave the garage, she certainly made herself at home at Westport!

11 Sep 18

Castlebar’s ‘Grease’ Party!

Castlebar Care Home held it’s yearly summer party on 11th August. This year, the theme was ‘Grease’ so everyone looked forward to going back in time to the 50’s/60’s with music and decorations in the home. The staff were all dressed up for the occasion in Pink Ladies jackets and silk scarves!

The fireplace was the centre attraction as people walked in, with posters, records, sunglasses and wigs setting the scene. Entertainment was provided by The Candy Girls, a glamorous professional vintage group who sang modern and classic songs! They have performed at many places such as Goodwood Revival Festival, Chelsea Flower Show and more, bringing joy to young and old! Everyone was singing and dancing along, and residents had the chance to interact with the singers.

As the party got started, friends and family arrived dressed up in wigs and sunglasses. One of the residents looked amazing in a white John Travolta suit, and his wife in a lovely pink dress.  During the day, everybody enjoyed unlimited ice cream with a  choice of different toppings! There was also a hotdog stand which went down very well with residents, as well as a buffet! Afterwards, a raffle was drawn with gifts from the local community shops. It was wonderful to see the residents as well as their guests winning gifts!

There was a lovely mood in the room with smiles and laughter as everyone enjoyed the music and food! Staff received some marvellous comments from the family members that joined them for the special event.




10 Sep 18

Limetree Care Home Visit Herne Bay

On the 21st August 2018, residents of Limetree Care Home went on an outing to Herne Bay!

In the morning, a picnic was prepared for them before residents excitedly waited for the coach and their relatives to arrive. After a slight delay, they eventually seated on the coach and set off in good spirits!

Once there, residents were able to walk along the bay and visited the band stand where they ate their picnic, had a hot drink and chatted away.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the residents, staff and relatives that visited! Mary, a relative of Jimmy, thanked the Lifestyle Coordinator that attended for a lovely day-trip. She said that it was an absolutely great day – Jimmy loved it!