Love to Move Pioneer, Kim, wins at the Living Sports Awards 2019

Love to Move pioneer, Kim Hall, recently took home the Sport Project Award at the Living Sports Awards 2019 for her seated-exercise scheme.

Love to Move was an idea that Kim came up with to keep the elderly and those with mobility restrictions active. Sessions are hosted in care homes across the country which are centred around chair-based exercises. The classes are light, fun and stay entertaining through the introduction of props and resistance items. Familiar music is also played in the background which helps people to stay engaged and keep the rhythm.

Love to Move has been at the heart of many success stories. It has helped to increase activity participation, improved body control, boosted self-confidence levels and had positive impacts on the mental health of many.

Kim is a good friend of Lifestyle and well-being lead, Pearl, so when she came up with the idea four years ago, Hunters Down Care Home were one of the first to try and give feedback on the session. Team members and residents from the home feel very privileged to have been part of the testing phase of this now nationally recognised scheme and joined in with congratulating Kim on this achievement.

Many care homes across the group now host Love to Move sessions and team members are beginning to train as instructors so they can host regular sessions for the residents.

We would like to thank Kim for coming up with and championing a scheme that has changed the lives of so many. The award is very well deserved and we wish you every success in the future.