Evelyn’s surprise birthday party at Goldenley Care Home

A big part of providing person-centred care is celebrating things that are important for the residents, including birthdays, life achievements and overcoming any challenges they face.

Lifestyle Coordinator Faith, always ensures when residents reach these momentous stages in their life, they are properly celebrated. The most recent resident to receive one of these special celebrations was Evelyn, who had a birthday approaching. Since arriving at Goldenley, Evelyn has made some close friends, who can usually be found chatting and laughing together in the communal spaces. Faith wanted both Joan and Maureen to be part of her special day and so decided to host a surprise afternoon tea party in their cosy, on-site tea room.

Faith started preparations by decorating the room with banners and balloons, before letting Joan and Maureen in on her surprise plans. They were delighted to be invited and promised to keep it a secret.

On Evelyn’s birthday, she had a great morning with the residents, relatives and team members all wishing her a happy birthday and giving her cards, gifts and messages. As the afternoon approached, Faith asked Evelyn to come along to the tea room to help her with something. As she entered, Joan and Maureen shouted ‘surprise!’ which brought a big smile to her face. She had no idea that this was being arranged and was very grateful to Faith and her friends for putting it on.

They enjoyed cream teas together whilst having a chat and a good laugh. As Evelyn was born in Dublin, Faith sang her an Irish song and before long, everyone had joined in.

We hope you had a great day celebrating with us Evelyn and we look forward to celebrating together again next year!