Residents at Goldenley Care Home celebrate World Animal Day

Faith is a Lifestyle Coordinator at Goldenley Care Home and this week, hosted an ‘African Animal Quiz’ to celebrate World Animal Day. Africa is home to a wide variety of big cats, reptiles and other interesting animals, making for an exciting quiz topic.

In preparation, Faith printed off some images of the different animals that live in Africa with some facts below each. This helped to provide residents with a visual prompt and the opportunity to learn more about each animal after the session.

As the quiz started, residents enjoyed naming the animals that live in Africa as well as a few that are now unfortunately extinct. Other questions followed that tested the resident’s knowledge of the biggest animals in Africa and which were considered the most dangerous. It was great hearing how much they knew and stories of times they have been face to face with these animals, from family days at the zoo to safari trips abroad.

After the quiz had finished, Faith began showing the residents some pictures of different animals and sharing interesting facts about each. Connie was one of the residents who took part and was shocked when she saw the size of the Hippo in the photo, as she didn’t realise how big they were. Leopards and Lions were also discussed and the group were impressed to learn that Leopards can run at speeds of up 60 km/h.

We all had a great time celebrating World Animal Day as they are such an important and loved part of our planet. Residents enjoyed testing their knowledge and learning some new facts too, which they said will be helpful during future quiz sessions with their family and friends.