Team Members at Glennfield ask residents ‘what makes you smile?’

Team members at Glennfield Care home provide person-centred care to the residents, ensuring the things they do are exciting and beneficial too. This week, the residents of Glennfield were asked, ‘what makes you smile?’, when a smile jar was introduced at the care home.

Team members have asked everyone to write the things down that make them grin on a piece of paper and in a couple of weeks, they will be able to read all of the things that make the people living there smile.

Not only could this be used to create a homely piece of art, but will be informative for the Lifestyle Coordinators as they will be able to further tailor their schedule and activities towards the things that bring people joy.

Those who work at Glennfield know that smiling has a range of benefits to a person’s wellbeing and can be enough to brighten someone’s day. Equally, this jar will provide valuable information that can form interesting conversations with the residents about the things that make them happy.

It’s already helping to spread happiness around the care home and the team have found that just mentioning the smile jar is enough to crack a smile. As the weeks go on, we hope to fill the jar with the positivity that flows around Glennfield each day and encourage everyone to keep smiling.