Keen gardeners at Aliwal Manor propagate African violets

Many people living at Aliwal Manor Care Home are keen gardeners; they love caring for plants and watching things grow. A small group took the opportunity to work on a green-fingered project, in propagating some beautiful African violet plants. They have taken cuttings from some of the leaves, planted in damp soil and covered to create a mini greenhouse. Over the next few weeks they will be watering the cuttings and in the next 2-3 months will hopefully see the beginnings of a new plant beginning to grow.

Pat, who lives at Aliwal Manor, used to work at a plant nursery called Delamore, in Wisbech, and told us that they used to pay her and the other workers on a piece-rate pay, which made them work very fast. Pat said, “It was a huge place and the water sprinklers would come on automatically, so you’d have to move out of the way very quickly if you didn’t want to get wet!”

The team at Aliwal Manor encourage everyone to continue their hobbies and support them doing what they love and this has been a popular task all round. Everyone is looking forward to seeing how the cuttings progress and eventually sharing the plants with others as gifts. If you want to follow their lead, have a go yourself by following this helpful ‘how to propagate African violets’ article.