Fred’s Story: A Life Fulfilled

Fred was born in 1982 and grew up with his family in Whittlesey, Cambridge, where he attended Whittlesey Senior Boys School. He was a keen sportsman and enjoyed playing in many of the school teams.

Fred got his first job as an errand boy, delivering groceries to different stores around the area. It was during this time that Fred met his wife-to-be, Betty, at a Perkins weekly dance. They both enjoyed dancing a lot, so when they met and spent some time with each, they realised there was a connection and never looked back. Fred was so happy and felt lucky to have met her as she was originally from Leeds, but moved to Whittlesey with work to help the farmers milk the cows and maintain the land.

After some years together, the couple happily married at Low Church in Whittlesey. Fred wore a grey, pinstriped suit whilst Betty wore a beautiful, long white dress and he still recalls how pretty she looked to this day.

Fred and Betty went on to have two children together named Stuart and Chris. After both were born, Fred spent his days working for Kings Dyke Brick Yard whilst Betty would stay at home and look after the kids.

His job at this time involved removing bricks from the press, but after changing positions and the company being taken over, Fred left to join the British Armed Forces. He was stationed in the 1st Battalion, 3rd Division in Suffolk and remembers the ‘extreme amount of marching’ he had to do. During his time in service, Fred went to serve in Belgium and had to sleep in a tent for weeks on end as they made their way from Belgium to Germany. He remembers having to fight the whole way and got into some close encounters with enemy bombs.

Outside of the Army, Fred had a passion for pigeon racing. He once owned 40 Belgium Pigeons, as they were the fastest, and received a large trophy after winning competitions at the Peterborough and Woodston flying club for three years in a row. The trophy still makes him proud and has pride of place in his room at Aliwal Manor.

Now 92 and proud, Fred spends his days reading cowboy books and enjoys watching TV, especially ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. His passion for dance has stayed with him throughout his life and still influences his hobbies and interests at Aliwal Manor. Another of Fred’s favourite activities is heading to the local fish and chip shop with a team member, to pick up some fresh cod for dinner.