Aliwal Manor residents reminisce during a Flower naming game

Pat and Freda are both residents at Aliwal Manor Care Home and this week, enjoyed a game of ‘Flower A-Z’ with the Lifestyle Coordinators.

The aim of the game is to go through the alphabet and name things relating to the subject theme that start with the chosen letter, for example, ‘A’ could stand for African Daisy. The pair would then make their way through the alphabet and see how many flowers they could name.

As Pat and Freda worked their way through the alphabet, naming flowers and plants they occasionally stopped to share a related story or fact. For example, when they reached the letter ‘M’ and Freda said Marigold, she told them that cats do not like the smell of Marigold and act as good deterrent plants.

As they reached the final letter (z) everyone was struggling to think of a flower until Pat said Zinnia and told the group it’s a multi-petaled flower that looks similar to a Daisy. The whole group gave her a round of applause for thinking of a plant on such a difficult letter and helping to finish the game.

Simple games like this don’t require any equipment, but help the residents to engage with each other and remember things from their past. It also brings back many happy memories and is something they all enjoy being a part of.