Excelcare team members refresh their training to ‘Stop the Pressure’

Team members across the Excelcare Care group recently engaged with ‘International Stop the Pressure Day,’ by taking part in a refresher training course. The course aimed to remind team members about the dangers of pressure sores and update their existing knowledge with information about the new signs, symptoms and treatments.

Pressure Sores typically affect people who are less mobile or elderly, making the residents of care homes much more at risk. Extended time in hospital is also a big cause, so this training also covered ways to deal with pre-existing sores on people when they move in.

The course took place in London, Essex, Milton Keynes and Cambridge with morning and afternoon sessions so as many staff as possible could attend.

Using a mixture of classroom learning and practical activities, team members were questioned and challenged throughout the session to test their knowledge. One of the activities that people found particularly interesting was when they were asked to mark the most at-risk areas of pressure sores occurring on their partners using circular red stickers. Team members enjoyed discussing and learning from each other as they marked the areas on their partners. This aided with understanding as it gave people a familiar visual-aid to refer back to.

Over 70 team members from all regions took part in the training on the day. One member of staff who was at the training said they found it “informative, fun and interactive.” Other feedback included, “Very good session – took away lots of new ideas and knowledge,” and “It was absolutely great! I learnt a lot of information.”

This course was a great success and very beneficial as it helped to update team members with the latest findings. Before leaving the course, people were encouraged to share everything they had learnt with their colleagues and others who were unable to attend, adding to the consistency of care provided across the group.

We hope this has helped all of our team members to feel much more confident when dealing with pressure sores and we hope the residents feel the benefits!