Care for People Living with Dementia

If you or your loved one are living with dementia, there may come a time when, as the condition progresses it becomes necessary to consider a move into a care home on a respite or permanent basis. You will need to find good quality care, from a care provider that preserves dignity, treats people with respect and promotes independence. A well-chosen care home can improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

We at Excelcare take a person centred, feelings based, approach to caring for people with dementia. By concentrating on individual abilities, rather than disabilities, we aim to support each person to maintain and maximise their independence.

Our dementia strategy encompasses staff training, the design of specialist environments in services and most importantly promotes a culture where people living with dementia are encouraged to live active and meaningful lives with support from not only staff but also family, friends and loved ones. We are members of the Dementia Action Alliance and work closely with Dementia Care Matters and maintain a commitment to providing research based care.


Our newer homes are designed and built to specifically reflect the latest innovations and very best practice in dementia design. Our older homes have been carefully upgraded to meet the ongoing needs of people living with dementia and reflect the expectations of care homes in the 21st century. Our dementia environment features include:

  • Clearly signalled communal areas to help individuals find their way
  • Sensory gardens
  • Feature areas and rooms
  • Homely environment
  • Electronic care plan system

Our dementia Nursing care provides the highest level of care and support for people who are living with dementia, need assessed physical assistance and competent care support.

At Excelcare we see everyone as an individual

  • We take the time to listen and get to know each individual’s likes, dislikes, wishes, needs and history, so that we can provide meaningful personal care.
  • Everyone with dementia is an individual and the type of care that people may need depends on their general health and identified care needs. Dementia-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s are progressive and care needs increase along with the need for specialist care.
  • It can be as simple as staff spending time to listen that will encourage a sense of self-worth, pride and dignity.

Support for a wide range of dementia diseases and conditions

Symptoms can range from memory loss, extreme changes of mood and communication difficulties.

Our care homes provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for people that use our service and their family and friends.

Our compassionate and professional carers are trained to care for people living with dementia and aim to support people to live a stimulating, meaningful life.

We encourage family involvement as much as possible, to suit everyone’s wishes. This is vitally important in order to gain information about each person’s life history. Better knowledge about how someone has lived their life in the past enables us to provide care in the future-based on personal wishes, habits and needs – we encourage everyone to retain their identity.

Commitment to the reduction in the use of Anti-Psychotic medication

We monitor the use of anti-psychotic medication on a monthly basis. As our care has moved from being task orientated to feelings based, we have seen a reduction, month on month, in the need for such medication to be prescribed.

Specialist dementia training and education

It is our person-centred approach to our staff that enables us to care effectively for people with dementia, and ensures that we create the best quality of life possible. We ensure that our staff understand, through dementia care training and education, the importance of each person’s specific needs being known, in advance of their placement and during the time they live with us.

Our Dementia Steering Group leads the Company’s Dementia Strategy. The Dementia Steering Group comprises of staff from all sectors of our care service. Each home has at least one member of staff who is identified as a Dementia Champion. We hold regional meetings, which enables each team to share best practices and support each other through every challenge that is met in providing services which are flexible, quality driven and responsible to the wishes of those who use our services.