Crochet items made by talented resident of Stanley Wilson Lodge

Charita, who lives at Stanley Wilson Lodge Care Home, has developed a hobby in making fantastic crochet items, gifting them to residents, family and friends. Charita has also crocheted little bags, hats, fingerless mittens and colourful flowers for some of the other residents to use when decorating their walking frames. This allows them to tell at a glance which frame is theirs. Crocheting is beneficial for older people as it provides a great outlet for creativity, and in turn keeps the mind active.

As you can see in the picture, Charita is very proud of the items she has made, including a lovely warm lilac scarf and a cushion featuring brightly coloured flowers and motifs. These have all been expertly crocheted and sewn on. Stanley Wilson Lodge is very glad to have Charita be so generous when making new crochet items for the other residents. She is very inspirational with her dedication to her craft.