Chickens come home to roost at Brook House

In April 2019 Brook House took in 12 tiny chicken eggs, incubating them until they were ready, and looking after the chicks as a joint effort between residents and team members once they hatched! When they were ready to go to a new home, four of the chickens were adopted by Brook House’s Deputy Manager, Jessy.

In the three months since they hatched, the hens have all grown and flourished into a flock of friendly chickens! This week, Jessy bought in the hens to visit the residents again. Everyone living at the home was amazed to see how much they had grown and were delighted to pet and feed them!

While providing a common interest for all residents and stimulating social interaction, looking after chicks each year also tends to bring back memories of the ‘good old days’, when many families kept chickens in their gardens.