Castlebar residents relive past moments at the Museum of London

A group of residents from Castlebar Care Home took a trip down memory lane this week during a visit to the Museum of London. The museum has over 16,00 items on display that date as far back as the 1930s, helping residents to reminisce about previous jobs, homelife and historical events.

Castlebar Care Home runs a scheme in which residents take a trip to places of interest or attractions they have requested on a monthly basis. This helps to keep everyone engaged with the community, curious to learn new things and up to date with culture.

During their tour of the museum, residents were attracted to a section displaying memorabilia and showing film clips from previous Olympic games. As they were exploring, they noticed a film clip showing how the metal sculptures for the 1948 London Olympics were made. They found it very interesting and watching the clip bought back memories from the games. After looking around, residents moved on to the next area of the museum, a section displaying costumes from the past.

While walking around, people enjoyed looking at the traditional dress and trying some of them on, making their friends and team members laugh in the process.

Another standout moment from the tour was when the guide told residents a story about the great fire of London. The residents were really interested to hear about how it started and the way it affected people, a story that some said they will share with their friends back at the care home.

Before heading back to Castlebar, the group stopped at the on-site café for a snack and hot drink. They enjoyed chatting about the day as well as their favourite parts, before thanking team members for a fun day out.

Everyone had a great day learning new things and experiencing reminiscence at the Museum of London. We look forward to staying curious and visiting another interesting attraction next month.