Residents enjoy flower arranging session at Buchan House Care Home

Due to the growing popularity of flower activities at Buchan House Care Home, Lifestyle Coordinator Debbie hosted another one-to-one flower arranging session. These activities mean whether the residents are physically mobile or not, they are still able to take part in the session.

Wini is a resident at Buchan House who is especially talented when it comes to flower arranging. She used to arrange all of the flowers displays at her local church, so this activity allowed her to engage with a passion whilst reminiscing. As she has limited mobility, Debbie went along to her bedroom and hosted the activity from there.

A selection of Pink and White flowers, which are Wini’s favourites, were handed to her and she had a great time looking, smelling and picking out the prettiest ones. As she took time arranging flowers in the vase, the discussion moved on to Wini’s past helping the church and even gave Debbie some flower arranging tips.

The bouquet looked beautiful when Wini was finished and you could see she still has the skills that she developed when helping at church.

Activities like this are a great, inclusive way of allowing residents of all capabilities to engage outside of their usual day-to-day lives, whilst supporting them with one-on-one time with team members.

Because she enjoyed the session so much, Wini has kindly offered to arrange the care home’s flowers in the future which will not only increase her sense of self-purpose but also provide more regular opportunities to practice her hobby!