‘Bling my Zimmer’ returns to Goldenley Care Home

Faith is a Lifestyle Coordinator at Goldenley Care Home. She spends her time finding fun and fulfilling activities for the residents to take part in, regularly guided by requests from the people living there.

Last year, Faith hosted an activity called ‘Bling my Zimmer’, where residents’ walking aids got a colourful makeover. This activity didn’t just allow them to get creative but also made it easier for people to identify their Zimmerframe’s, aiding independence at the care home. It was very much enjoyed by the group, so much so that two of the residents recently asked for some new ‘bling’ on their Zimmers.

Elsie was one of the residents that requested an update, asking Faith to add some Christmas ribbon and a red bow, while Irene asked for a colourful design with an assortment of flowers. While Faith gave their walking frames a makeover, the group spoke about their favourite flowers and which parts of Christmas they were most looking forward to.

Faith then revealed the re-designed Zimmer frames to both residents and their faces lit up. They were really pleased with how they turned out and were excited to show their new bling off to their friends at Goldenley.

Team members at Goldenley see the positive impacts that these types of activities have on the residents. By embracing their Zimmer frames and encouraging their use, it means people are more likely to want to use them, which in turn increases their independence levels, provides a boost in wellbeing and most importantly, keeps them safe!

It was really heart-warming to see the residents reactions to their newly blinged Zimmerframes and excited to use them at the care home. It’s the little things that can sometimes have the biggest impact!