Autumn inspired arts and crafts at Aliwal Manor Care Home

The change of seasons throughout the year brings delight to each of the residents here at Aliwal Manor. They enjoy watching the outside environment slowly change and seeing the new wildlife and plants that appear.

The transition into autumn is the resident’s favourite seasonal change, as colourful leaves drop from the trees and transform the garden floor. Lifestyle Coordinator, Deborah, decided to use these leaves to inspire an arts activity with an autumnal-theme. She used leaves from the garden and recycled some old jigsaw pieces, meaning all materials in the craft session were reused. If you look around, Deborah said, you can always find something to reuse and turn into a unique craft decoration.

During the session, residents were tasked with creating a picture of an autumn tree, using the recycled materials available. Residents loved the fact they were using real leaves from trees outside and helped to immerse them in the task. It was great seeing people focussed on the activity and connecting with the changes in the outside world. This is really important for people who live with dementia as it helps to keep them living in the moment.

This was a really great session and one that encouraged the residents to show their creative side. Proud of what they created, the artwork has now been hung on the walls around Aliwal Manor for some home-made, autumn décor!