When Archie came to help at Castlemead Court

Team members at Excelcare, always encourage locals or people who have some free time in the week to come and visit the residents, whether it’s for a quick chat or take part in activities, it gives them a warm feeling knowing people in the community not only recognise they are there but want to come and see them too.

During the summer holidays this year, Archie came to offer his support to Castlemead Court. Most school children wouldn’t give up their summer holiday to volunteer, but Archie asked his mum, who works at Castlemead, if he could come and help out. Home Manager, Tracy was delighted that he had offered to help and welcomed him with open arms.

Upon arriving at Castlemead, Archie fitted himself right in, speaking to the residents, team members and touring the care home to learn about the different areas. This reflected in his attitude to helping out too, as he didn’t shy away from anything and came with a can-do attitude that we didn’t expect. He was joining in with activities, handing out drinks to the residents and helping to move bedsheets and small boxes around the care home, all with a smile on his face.

The people who live at Castlemead loved his company too and was refreshing for them to mix with the younger generations. For all his hard work, residents shared sweets and other treats with him which he certainly enjoyed.

Over the course of the 4 weeks, Archie showed real dedication to the people at Castlemead Court and his mum even said he was up and ready before she was. He embedded himself into life at Castlemead very well and by the end of his time, he knew everyone who lived and worked here. His enthusiasm and kindness have certainly had a lasting impact on everyone here and we truly miss having him around.

To thank Archie for all of his hard work and dedication to Castlemead Court, the whole team grouped together to pay him his first wage packet. His hard work was also noticed by Chief Operating Officer, Sam Manning, who sent him a thank you card and voucher for helping out.

Thanks again Archie, you’re a star!