Chloe’s Dance Company host a colourful Exercise Class at Aliwal Manor

Chloe is a dance instructor who visits Aliwal Manor Care Home every fortnight to host chair-based exercise sessions with the residents. Chloe’s class differs from many others though, as she introduces colourful props and interactive items to the class. This shifts the focus away from the actual exercise to the individual’s movement with the props.

Chloe started this week’s session by sitting the residents in a circle and had them hit a balloon across the room to each other. This is a warm-up exercise that introduces light movement and gets people interacting with each other. Other balloons were then introduced to add excitement and variety until five were being hit around the circle. This also creates moments of comedy, such as when more than one balloon heads to an individual and they try to return both to the circle.

The second activity involved Chloe handing out foam tubes to each of the residents, so they had something else to hold and hit the balloon with. This creates a colourful and engaging exercise as multiple balloons and foam tubes are in the air – something the residents enjoy taking part in and watching.

One by one balloons were removed from the circle and residents were asked to copy Chloe’s movements using the foam tube. This prop provides support to their movement and everyone enjoys the light exercise while familiar music plays in the background.

Other activities in the session involved, throwing toy dinosaurs around and cheerleader arm movements using pom-poms. These activities help to engage different parts of the body and improves hand-eye coordination.

To close the session, Chloe introduced Hawaiian themed props such as colourful garlands and played hula music in the background, whilst residents copied a routine that she had choreographed.

Residents love these sessions as they are full of excitement, enthusiasm and always a positive approach to exercise. Everyone leaves the session feeling refreshed and looking forward to their next colourful class with Chloe.