Cheesecake making at Aliwal Manor Care Home

On a windy Sunday afternoon in Cambridge, the residents at Aliwal Manor were keeping warm and making cheesecakes with the Lifestyle Coordinators. The group decided to make a snack for everyone to enjoy with their afternoon tea, making this a fun and fulfilling session for all.

The group started by crushing up Kitkats into small pieces, which would then be combined to form the base. Some residents couldn’t resist the temptation and helped themselves to a KitKat, making other group members laugh.

Next, they had to prepare the cream, so residents were handed a large mixing bowl and asked to whip the cream cheese and cream combination until it was thick. Residents took turns doing this as it can be tiring on their arms, but also beneficial as it helps to build strength. While people were taking turns mixing the cream, they all enjoyed sharing conversations about their own baking from the past and how methods have changed. Many remember that everything used to be done by hand, but now there are machines and equipment that save people time and lots of arm ache! Some even recalled recipes they used to make with their parents and enjoyed talking about the times they baked together.

Cheesecake making was a huge success – everyone had an enjoyable afternoon with lots of laughter and story-telling. As they sat down for tea, residents were handed a slice and commented on how nice it tasted.

Since the activity was enjoyed so much, there are plans to bake different flavours of cheesecake and other tasty treats at Aliwal Manor.